What you need to do when Rolex mechanical watch doesn’t work

Automatic mechanical watches can be divided into fully automatic mechanical watch and semi-automatic mechanical. Although cheap rolex watches without batteries,have the wound.And the common manual winding mechanical watch the only difference is in the watches.It set up around a clockwork gear rotating hammer, whenever people hand in movement.It is swinging automatic watches with the hand, in the watches of the pendulum will be around the axis of rotation.It is located in the center of the watches machine and drive the gear transmission step by step.It finally turn will drive the clockwork ratchet, spring has been gradually tightening.

In the process of transmission, due to the effect of energy of the gear with shaft.Small power will be more and more big.So the pendulum will reach the level of can turn tightly wound.Its rotation range is smaller, step by step, in turn. As a result, pendulum rotation week, clockwork on only a little.But because the staff is constantly swinging, equal to one day and night constantly wind on the ground, the stored energy is sufficient watches is walking machine. watches pendulum axis in any direction (including clockwise and counterclockwise rotation has a wind-up effect of automatic mechanical watch.

The other is a pendulum turns, there is only one direction while the other effective direction is idle semi-automatic mechanical watches.Although semi-automatic mechanical watches do not contain battery,some simple maintenance is very necessary. To prolong the service life of the watch and keep good state of movement is very helpful.

Self winding the watch work lies in the motion of the arm will drive the machine core circle.So as to achieve the goal of automatic winding. Every day as long as you move the arm, it will record accurate time for you. If you want to wear every day, automatic watches, the best maintenance method is tight wind every two weeks, to ensure its normal smooth running gear. Gently rotate the crown (it can also adjust the time and date) until you can feel very slightly pressing.

If you are not wearing a automatic watch every day, and you should ensure that lacks at least once every two weeks to ensure the continuous running of watches.It guarantees the accuracy of the internal mechanism normal running. Let stand for a long period of time, mechanical watch spring nature relaxing to watch, stillness at this time, if you want to wear, you must first to wind, then the calibration time, while rolex mechanical watch at the time of spring the pine, hour hand, minute hand will appear the phenomenon of slow or fast, therefore, should first wind, lest after calibration of time, there is no standard power driven pointer, even if is automatically on the list, also should use first hand chain to eight full, and then to time calibration. Mechanical watch need not when, had better wound once a month, prevent oil set in the watches.

Composed and quiet Tasting rolex cut lini Rolex watches

The 2016 Basel and horological exhibit, rolex cut has launched a new series. Classic elegant appearance, the material of precious metals, crocodile leather strap and traditional needle buckle. All let’s closely watched these wrist watches. In this year’s Basel rolex launched four new cut lini series wrist watch. Cheap Rolex Submariner watch just to bring us a latest cutting series wrist watch.

Introduced in the watches shows four cutting lini wrist watch for gems cutting lini.18 ct with 39 mm white gold or rose gold case.Eternal and equipped with diamond single outer ring or double outer ring to choose from. Two outer design consists of a coil set auger classic triangle grooved outer ring and outer ring.

39 mm rose gold case
Cixin (model: 50605 RBR) as the eternal rose gold watches circle for the triangle grooved outer ring and lap set auger design. Tie-in black dial, extended on the hour markers are set with diamonds.Chain crown on the horn.Lini crown is very beautiful. Horn chain crown polishing grinding on top engraved rolex crown logo.Crocodile leather watchband collocation pin buckle.Black alligator leather strap with traditional pin buckle, pin buckle exquisitely.Polishing grinding and in central crown is decorated with rolex logo design.

Watches small round ears
Eternal rose gold watch case, profile curve line is soft, polishing grinding round. Sending out the rose gold unique dark light. watches ear also work, tiny sleek.Diamond and triangle grooved double outer ring
On the watches ring set with 62 exquisite diamond, cooperate with peripheral narrow “dog tooth circle”. A circle diamond plus “dog tooth circle” is still the narrow circle of the watches, make the dial looks more decent.

Black dial
Circular arch blue crystal lens, the design of the three needles.It sword form the hour hand, minute hand, black dial, extended hours a peripheral stone Mosaic of exquisite beauty, transfer printing white circle of 60 minutes and 12 o ‘clock a Mosaic of rolex big crown logo, the overall design simple and elegant, diamond added a noble style. And before the launch of the cut double time zone type dial design basic consistent.
Rolex type 3132 automatic winding machine.

Bottom of polishing bottom cover, degree of polishing can feel when the mirror. Carrying rolex type 3132 automatic winding machine, two-way winding. Equipped with paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring and high-performance Paraflex cushioning device, increase the wrist watch antimagnetic and shockproof capability. This movement is also used in the explorer type I, swatches and durable.
Rolex said cut lini is uphold the highlight in the spirit of contemporary traditional clock classical style and elegant temperament for the purpose of eternal. This series is also is one of the most classical elegance in the rolex brand series, black dial is composed of a low profile, and precious metals and diamonds inlaid make these wrist watches more noble, inside there is a strong and durable as accurate mechanical movement. Very suiwatches for business successful people wear.

Swiss cheap rolex watches industry

Since the beginning of the end of the 19th century,Switzerland has gradually become the world horological industry hinterland.Two wars of the 20th century, the vortex so that once the clock to Britain, France and
Germany have been plunged into war.The domestic industries have seriously affected.The cheap rolex watches industry isplummeting.Switzerland as a neutral country, eliminating the turmoil of war.The Swiss cheap rolex watches industry in the face of this golden opportunity, rapid development and consolidate the position of the
core of the clock and cheap rolex watches industry. Once, cheap rolex watchesmaking to manual operation primarily.behind it to rely on is strong industrial manufacture, dependent on the micro electromechanical
technology, machinery manufacturing (tabulation tool, CNC machine tools, 3D model to print, etc.) technology, with various research center of materials, structure innovation, Switzerland seems to become now the most developed cheap rolex watches the kingdom.Modern Audemars Pigeut cheap rolex watches factory workshop
The Swiss cheap rolex watches industry basically gathered in the northwest region.Where the distribution of hundreds of large and small cheap rolex watchesmaking companies, including parts suppliers, machine assembly center research center, etc., under the Scheap rolex watches group.ETA company and Nivarox company almost controlled the lifeblood of global entry level and end the movement of the market, this is very terrible, but in the high-end complex movement in the market.Any one group are difficult to grasp its throat, because its core competitiveness not only in the spring and basic structure, structure and material movement is more advanced. And we are exploring, so don’t exist which structure or material is you have no choice.This is one can compete in the market. D praz Dubois is one of the very special company.It does not engage in material research and production,nor the production of basic movement, its core business is the development of functional modules, the advantage is that time and calendar module.The origin of D praz e Dubois

D praz e
Dubois cheap rolex watcheses factory
Dubois d e praz company located in Le Vaud Jura Mountains of Liu Zhen (Le lieu), in western Switzerland, is on the side of the Ru Hu and beautiful environment. D praz Dubois company formerly known as D e praz & Cie, in 1968 renamed after today’s name, and a lot of company names.

It is also a member of the family name of the founder of the family. D E praz & CIE in 1947 by the merger of the two companies a and a is personal studio founded by founder Marcel d e praz in 1901, a is Marcel d e praz
to expand the business, and his brother-in-law, Marius Guignard force open d e praz & Guignard company, 1910, Marcel’s daughter Gabrielle and son, Roger entered the second company involved in the operation. In 1937,
Marcel in order to strengthen the two company’s operation, invited the son-in-law Reynold Dubois joined the company, and became the second generation leader, in 1956, the grandson of the founder of G rald Dubois (now the two head of the father, DD, third generation leader), but also the young cheap rolex watchesmaker, set up in the technology sector, the company in 1967 the company successfully developed and used for timing module, automatic movement in 1969.

Breitling TAG Heuer (responsible for the movement of production and marketing), B Ren (automatic chain structure research, attribucheap rolex watcheses to Hamilton and D praz) & Cie (timing module research)
jointly released the world’s first automatic chronograph movement Calibre 11 marks the arrival of the era of automatic timing.Cal 11 automatic timing movement 1970 years ago, the company has set about the research and
development of quartz movement, in the 70’s period, the design and production of quartz timing cheap rolex watcheses. Even follow the footsteps of the quartz age, but it still affected, in 1979, the two leaders
disagree, dropped to freezing point, g e rald Dubois bought the plant operate independently. In 1987, G Dubois Jean-Philippe rald’s son, Dubois joined the company, five years later, his brother Dubois Pascal also joined
the company’s operations, the former became today’s CEO, the latter is the general manager.

In 2006, Dubois d e praz company acquired the a factory in Berne arch area suppliers — DPRM (gear manufacturers), strengthen its own strength in the aspects of production parts, and today the company R & D
and production system.DPRM cheap rolex watcheses factory
Another son of the third generation leaders g e rald
Dubois’, Pierre Dubois is the edification of the family tab, since the childhood like mechanical cheap rolex watches making, Pierre Dubois had 14 years in Audemars Piguet work and served the CFO and coo, DD company purpose is only to be of service to the brand and create a brand, Pierre wanted to do their own cheap rolex watches company. By virtue of its high cheap rolex watchesmaking company’s experience and DD company’s technical support, so in 2004, Pierre founded the own cheap rolex watchesmaking brand Pierre DeRoche (founder said this is the meaning of “stone”), and DD company close cooperation, to launch a variety of exciting meter works.
Pierre DeRoche founder and TNT cheap rolex watches Has not only functional module manufacturers
company’s first generation of leaders is Marcel d e praz. Thanks to his talent in the complex mechanical cheap rolex watches making, he founded the studio, initially to help other brand production and debugging movement, he also design a timepiece, founded the company in the near future, he has developed the time cheap rolex watcheses of function modules for, which won the “Vaud Exhibition” Gold Award, I am most proud of his works is asked cheap rolex watcheses and chronograph. In 1907, Marcel d e praz want to simplify the clocks and cheap
rolex watcheses structure, decided to give up the idea in the original movement increased module, want to produce their own chronograph. So Marcel decided to set up another company to realize their ideas, and thus
was born D e praz & Guignard.In 1925, Marcel D praz Handmade asked for three hours to control the number of hammer.