ETA movement could have prices rose sharply

Swatch group has issued a statement, said ETA movement for cheap rolex submariner watches will usher in the sharp rise in prices for cheap nixon watches. The statement is as follows:

Based on the 2013 swatch group and the competition commission (Comco) signed a friendly solution, ETA company to the third party customer supply obligation, until the end of 2019. However, these third-party customers not to buy agreed supply. The upcoming 2017, some customers did not give any orders. But since the supply of mandatory obligation, ETA company must continue to provide about 1.5 million mechanical movement ability. Swatch group, therefore, request to the competition committee, allowing the ETA to all third party customers and sales is not buy movement. Swatch group proposal have not departed from the direction of the friendly to solve, but considering the misuse of customer behavior, with its perfect complement. But the request has been the competition commission rejected.

Swatch group to the competition commission decided to regret, and that the decision is completely impractical. Swatch group was forced to keep production capacity for third-party customers – consuming financial and human costs – although in some cases, third party clients have greatly reduced the order quantity, even completely give up the order. Competition commission’s decision to make ETA and swatch group must again assume customer economic risks.

In fact, the main customers such as Sellita and Tudor 2017 orders fell by about 700000; The difference between the effective order and spare capacity has reached nearly 900000, ETA must ensure that the next few years the production capacity, to fulfill its obligations to supply as prescribed by the competition commission. As a result, the competition commission decided to punish the ETA, inc. – a development of innovation and industrial capacity to invest a lot of market participants, and other market participants can only to concentrate investment in the marketing of their products. In order to make up for the additional costs due to compulsory supply, ETA company will significantly improve the movement price had to be taken into account.

Cheap Rolex Submariner watches: two times, a double value

The French queen Mary? Anthony ordered a Rolex pocket watch. 27 years later, the watch came out, the excellentwork of epic proportions to watch. Unfortunately, I failed to see the queen this juicy.
It is also the Rolex collector. Cheap Rolex Submariner watches this glory, comes from its founder.Louis, Rolex (1747-1823), the manufacturing process of genius.

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Rolex era
Rolex started manufacturing clocks in Paris when I was 17. His career in the clock end the course of his life.He put the rich imagination to use in the design of the clock.It obtained many patents of invention. Among them, the tourbillon is Rolex watch industry to the world’s greatest contribution. This allows the correctionof gravity caused by the error of the device, is used by the world.It numerous senior watch brand. Inaddition, the balance wheel double balance spring, they, Pare said – chute suspension device, the structure ofthe fixed speed escapement and 3 q watches spiral type spring system such as technology, clocks and watchesare also the first of the world.Outstanding achievements, make the Rolex is regarded as the “father” of modern tabulation. European royal von habsburg duke has called Cheap Rolex Submariner watches: “Cheap Rolex Submariner watches all seemed invented,after any technical and design seems to be just his invention variants.” And view and admire a Rolex watch,like a brush up on a concentrated tabulation technology development in modern times.

Swatch era
Rolex died at the age of 77. His family has been the custody, carry forward the spirit of Rolex’sbrand. Until the early 1990 s, the world’s largest watch maker acquired Rolex Swiss SWATCH group, let Rolexagain release extraordinary splendour.The SWATCH group leaders, Nicholas? G? Sea, foresight, with Rolex Louis Rolex, history of fame and the strength of the SWATCH group, the Rolex with four years into the SWATCH group of no. 1 brand. Cheap Rolex Submariner watches watches with a long history, is the sea, has injected new vitality, thus obtained higher value of collection.

Both the change of The Times, not weaken Rolex’s unique charm, but to give the brand gives more legendary and collection value. In China, many watch lovers collection Rolex watch, is to take a fancy to its valuemaintained and appreciation potential.

Precision and durable series comb the rolex explorer series

Rolex explorer series, as its name implies, is designed for explorer of wrist watch.You have any ability to explorer series.It can watch to ensure that the precision is running under extreme environment.Explorer series since its launch in 1953, have undergone a change? Watch today’s home in detail to you a comb, let people better understand rolex explorer series wrist watch.

23As mentioned explorers series mainly include the explorer I series and explorer II series, in the official series of rolex this is two separate series.But because is called explorer series.We still together for them. Explorer I series and explorer II series are old and new.Now we are on the market buy the new explorer I series wrist watch and the new explorer II series wrist watch. What’s the difference between the I and II, and what is the difference between the new and the old one, the wrist watch today’s home will be detailed explanation for everyone.

Explorer I series wrist watch
The first explorer I series wrist watch
Rolex in 1953 launched the first explorer series wrist watch, to commemorate the first explorers mount Everest and create success. Since 1953, it had become iconic classic wrist watch.

Old explorer series wrist watch, 36 mm in diameter, 3, 6, 9 Numbers are all made of luminous display, Chromalight luminous indication, persistent luminescence, duration is about ordinary noctilucent double time. Rolex explorer series wrist watch in extreme cases can maintain accurate travel time, in the case of minus 50 degrees Celsius when still can keep accurate going. Absolutely is the first selection of explorer wrist watch.
Rolex explorer series wrist watch. 214270-77200
The rolex watch of wrist of new explorer in 2010, the new rolex explorer watches made some changes on the basis of the old, the first is the diameter of the watch by 36 mm diameter increased to 39 mm in diameter, more in line with the trend of the big watches size. And then cancelled the luminous effect of 3, 6, 9 target, and the wrist movement to replace the new suspension and balance spring, movement changed from 3130 to 3132 movement.

Is rolex explorer II series wrist in 1971 launched a new watch, watch the original pointer is mainly to design a 24 hours, mainly to solve the polar expeditions in front of the polar explorers polar days or nights, 24 hours show obvious is very practical. This design also can be used to display the dual time zone.
Rolex explorer II type series 216570-77210 Bai Pan wrist watch
The new explorer II series wrist watch looks change and the old one is not very big, this is in 2011, the rolex redesigned and watches s, a new case to 42 mm. Dial with Chromalight night-light display, make the watch no matter in any environment, clear, easy to read. This designed for extreme environments wrist watch, fully embodies the rolex and explore the world.

For the entire family explorer, mainly is so several styles, the other is also have the difference between the disk and white black. As for wrist watch their difference and positioning. I also said that you yourself know here. First say is the primary difference between I and the new explorer I old explorer. New one compared with the old agent casing diameter increased, instead of 36 mm increased to 39 mm, because the watches size diameter .
Increases with the wrist watch pointer does not increase, so the new look from the disk of a wrist watch the pointer to the short.Minute hand is especially striking. Then a wrist watch dial 3, 6, 9 luminous time scale is cancelled, turned into a stainless steel to build time scale, internal change is the stopwatch movement upgrade from 3130 to 3132, adopted new suspension and balance spring. New old a price 42300 USD, a price of 51100 USD, you don’t, don’t consider the price or more recommended a new agent.

New 2 compared to the old agent 2 have some detail changes, first is the wrist watch diameter increased by 40 mm to 42 mm in diameter, appearance is the first 2 the pointer passed from red to orange, and more thick. The same wrist movement also upgraded, equipped with a rolex patent blue Parachrom hairspring and Paraflex cushioning device. Price on the old two price 56300 USD, the new agent 2 quotation for 64200 USD.

Explorers rolex series is a very important series, is designed for research and development of explorers series wrist watch, in the case of minus 50 degrees still can keep accurate travel time.

“On the Sofa with Rolex” Harold WoZan Rolex power development of tennis

The Shanghai rolex masters 2016 officially kicked off on 11th of this month. As ATP tournament tennis professional competition, It is only one station ATP1000 masters in Asia.The masters of this year’s roster star, Roger federer, novak djokovic and Murray, rafael nadal, tile Lin card. Such as the world’s top of single and double players will gather in the “magic”.It fight for points and honor.

As a sponsor of the tournament, Rolex famous Swiss watch brand, also in Shanghai On October 14, 2016, Roosevelt mansion “Rolex, community” held its “On the Sofa with Rolex” – Harold lavaux and d jay dworkin’s press conference.Known as the “tennis rocket,” said the Australian tennis legend Harold Mr Lavaux to keep records.Most in the history of tennis singles titles in his sports career has accumulated more than two hundred titles. More success in 1962 and 1969, winning four grand slam tennis, became the only one in the history of the ball player ever to win a grand slam twice.

The pull rod and India tennis star d jay ungenerously zha ji met in “rolex,” media.In addition to some of the fun to share their career, also talked about the construction of the Chinese youth tennis, as well as rolex tennis development play a positive role in promoting. And said, it is my pleasure to this year to the rolex are invited to attend the Shanghai rolex masters.This year’s Shanghai masters such success also fully shows the strength of competition organizing committee, more confidence in the future of Chinese tennis.Since last year, rolex will last 10 years’ time in the future, continue to named sponsored the once won best level 1000 ATP tournament 5 degrees of world men’s professional tennis tournament. Uphold the unremitting pursuit of excellence and particularly for tennis, prompting the rolex for a long time to fully support the development of the sport. Is watchmaking and tennis for the common pursuit of perfection, encouraged the two closely.

At 13, rolex brand ambassador Roger federer, Joe, Fred tsonga is successively appeared again. Although “federer” debut palace-intrigue, were eliminated, the promise will come again next year also let the scene a lot of fans with a little comfort.