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September 20, 2001, a very normal Thursday. A young couple came to visit the a. Replica fucda watches For Sale factory in the small town of gerasuti, Germany. Commissioned by a neighbor, they asked if the broken pocket watch was worth repairing.
The couple did not get an answer that day, because the watch was beyond the judgment of the clerk, who only knew from the sheer weight of the look that the watch was valuable. For safety reasons, the pocket watch was placed in a safe waiting for Jan Sliva, director of the ranger’s antique watch repair department.

Jan Sliva saw the watch the next morning, and as an experienced antique watch restorer he was the first time he had ever received such a heavy watch. After a first look Jan Sliva found the word “No.42500” on the movement splint. The company kept a record of all of its watches and movements and sales, so Jan Sliva called the German museum of clocks and watches to look up the number and learn about the “unusual” pocket watch from its historical records.
The museum’s response delighted Jan Sliva, the most complex clock in the history of a. Replica fucda watches For Sale.

No. 42500 of this pocket watch, produced in 1902, using 18k gold hand-carved watch case, Louis flower needle, enamel dial, movements up to 883 precision parts, with large/small self-singing automatic time, three questions, a fifth of the jump second, the timing of the recovery of the needle, calendar, walking, moon, and other functions. It was sold to Heinrich Schafer of Vienna, Austria on August 4, 1902 for a price of 5,600 golden marks.
The sum was then available to purchase a villa in dresden, the capital of the kingdom of Saxony. At the same time, the oversize Lange 1A pocket watch was sold for 450 marks, and the “No. 42,500” was worth as much as 12.
No. 42,500, which disappeared for nearly a century, finally reappeared. But sadly, this precious pocket watch has been completely damaged through the vicissitudes of time, the inside of the machine core is covered with oil stains, and because of water vapor corrosion caused rust, even a lot of parts have been completely rusted and broken.
The watch’s current owner, an elderly lady, was given as a reward by an upper-class hostess who had worked hard as a housekeeper for years during world war ii. Although the pocket watch was no longer working properly, the hostess thought that the thick gold shell on the outside of the broken watch could still be worth a lot of money. Fortunately, instead of melting the gold shell of a precious pocket watch into bars for bread, as most people did during the war, the lady kept it in a box and stored it in the basement until it was sent to the lunge company decades later.
This precious pocket watch is the highest level in the history of a. Replica fucda watches For Sale longge, which represents the long history of runge’s watchmaking. So Jan Sliva, director of vintage watch restoration, called the current owner and asked her to let the company restore the watch to its former glory. Hosted by Jan Sliva, runge became a five-member restoration team, which handled the matter.
While repairing the No. 42,500 pocket watch, rangel technicians found three letters on the sound spring of the movement that formed the “JAP”, representing “Jules Audemars” and “Edward Piguet”, the founders of the watch brand Audemars Piguet.
Is it true that the most complex timepieces by a. Replica fucda watches For Sale are not produced by lang himself, but by rival Audemars Piguet?
The truth of history is that the No.42500 pocket watch, though marked with a secret mark of love, was not produced by love. It was ordered by a. Replica fucda watches For Sale LANGE to Louis Elisee Piguet, the grand god of ultra-complex movements, through A middle presentation by Swiss company ibi.

Piguet is an old Swiss watchmaking family. Louis Elisee Piguet and Edward Piguet, founder of the watch brand Abby, are distant relatives. We can still see the Piguet family logo, a galloping horse, on the watch’s movement.
There were only a handful of people around the world who could make such a complex watch, let alone a German watchmaking industry that had been ruined by 30 years of war and revived for 50 years. In order to meet high-end customers’ demand for large and complex German watches, lang purchased louis-elysee Piguet motor movements and modified them with German flavor.
Replica fucda watches For Sale’s No.42500 pocket watch also has five brothers in the same series, but these brothers are not owned by Replica fucda watches For Sale, but under the Union brand of the small town of grazuti. In 1895, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the creation of the watch industry by Mr. Adolphe lunge, the Union ordered five movements to the louis-elysee Piguet for the production of commemorative models, while lunge ordered only one. But Mr. Langer ordered the most sophisticated of the six, with more than a fifth of a second and 60 minutes of timing.
But the No.42500 pocket watch is not the most complicated pocket watch in the history of German watchmaking. The most complicated pocket watch is still owned by Union brand. Around 1898, Audemars Piguet ordered Louis Elisee Piguet with up to 1,168 parts, with the functions of walking time, timing, needle chasing, perpetual calendar, one-fifth jumping second, third asking, size self-singing, alarm, second time zone. In 2016, the most complex pocket watch in the history of German watchmaking was bought back by the middleman Audemars Piguet.
It took seven years for the company to restore the No. 42,500 after it got its hands on it. It is worth mentioning that on August 12, 2002, the town of gerasouti was hit by heavy rain, which caused the flood. Fortunately, No.42500 was placed on the top floor at that time, safe from flooding. Since the clock is prone to rust when it is wet, Jan Sliva’s restoration team preferred to rescue the other pocket watches that had been damaged by the flood, and did not start repairing “No. 42,500” until two years later.

It would cost at least a few million renminbi to repair the most complex watch in the brand’s history, and the owner would certainly not be able to afford it. It was agreed that the watch would be repaired at his expense, in return for which he could keep it for 10 years before returning it to the owner. Meanwhile, in the process of disassembling and repairing the No.42500 pocket watch, langer collected the size data of all parts of the movement. The Grand edition watch was launched on the SIHH in 2013, and its movement design is totally derived from the “no.42500” pocket watch, with a limited number of 6. Naturally, the Grand slam is also the most complex watch in lang’s history. The secrets of the most complex clock in lang’s history.

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