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ORTIS brand founded in 1912, is globally recognized and appreciated for its quality and attractive design. The spirit of innovation has been a major contributor to some of the great creative works of the past. In 1924, Walter Vogt, founder of Replica FORTIS watches for sale, met John Harwood, a British watchmaker, which was a milestone in Replica FORTIS watches for sale’s history.

Replica FORTIS watches for sale launched the world’s first automatic wristwatch series at the Barcelona trade show, known as the HARWOOD automatic wristwatch. HARWOOD wrist watch features no upper chain crown, but USES the concave teeth on the outer ring of the watch as the upper chain and adjust the pointer structure.

Then, Replica FORTIS watches for sale is committed to in aviation and space industry, since 1994, in Russia, the European space mission plays an important role, Replica FORTIS watches for sale has officially designated the astronauts timer is Yuri Gagarin astronaut training center elected in 1994 officially designated the center is equipped with a part of, and since then, the reliability of the wrist, because in the professional operation of astronauts from the space hand wrist wearing the wrist watch, and certification. It is the official list for the manned space mission MIR97.
1912 Replica FORTIS watches for sale was founded by Walter Vogt in gresham, Switzerland.

In 1924, the founder of the world’s first automatic meter, huth, and huth cooperated to produce the world’s first automatic meter.

1931 Replica FORTIS watches for sale teamed up with harrods to produce another design of the automatic table Autorist.

1937 the first chronometer was produced.

1943 production of the first water meter Replica FORTIS watches for salesimo.

1954 production and distribution of noisy watches.

1956 waterproof alarm Manager won the observatory watch award.

In 1957 Replica FORTIS watches for sale launched BEP, a new electronic calibration device.

1962 production of the golden jubilee table Stratoliner.

Made the first Swiss colour plastic watch FLIPPER in 1965.

The 1975 model Replica FORTIS watches for sale Container, with its fast-changing movement of movement, was a hit with the Rolling Stones, the director polanski and the musician Bernstein.

Automatic watches were remanufactured in 1987.

In 1992 Replica FORTIS watches for sale went into space.

In 1994, Russia’s gagarin astronaut training center designated the Replica FORTIS watches for sale chronometer as the standard equipment for astronauts.

Flying tens of thousands of feet high in 1995, Replica FORTIS watches for sale entered the guinness world record.

1997 Russian – German space programme MIR97 designated tables.

In 1998, the world’s first time meter was born, and the precision was confirmed by the Hungarian air force.

Actively participated in the development of new wireless signal systems in cooperation with major European scientific institutions in 1999.