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At the beginning of the 20th century, Europe was full of vigorous new atmosphere, the rise of prosperous cities, the development of exquisite culture and art, vibrant trade, advanced technology and comfort watches life. Many of the works of the century appeared in this period, and the Swiss Replica Ebel watches jade watch was born in such a prosperous era.

1951; Alice and EugeneBlum set up the Replica Ebel watches jade watch factory in lachaux-de-fonds, the heart of Swiss watchmaking. The outstanding technology and design fully show the perfect combination of art, function and value, and the legend history of Replica Ebel watches jade watch was born.

The perfect shape can always inspire designers with endless inspirations, especially in modern architectural art. One of the most important works of the legendary architect LeCorbusier, VillaTurque, is the spiritual symbol of Replica Ebel watches jade treasure and the public relations center of jade watch.

Under the direction of renowned interior designer Andr ‘eeputman, the renovation has returned to its former glory. Here, new ideas and ideas are born, and the spirit of the great age is immortal – just as Replica Ebel watches’s top watch maker leads us to the realm of truth, goodness and beauty.

Exchanges 1914 awarded the Berne national exhibition gold medal award.
ExpositionDesArtsDecoratifs award winning Paris 1925.

Visi1933Replica Ebel watches yubao watches became the first manufacturer to use Vibrograph to allow the watch movement to vibrate regularly.

Also known as the “Caliber96” -world’s thinnest watch movement (1.7mm, 14K gold).

Achievement 1961 first prize in “chronology jewelry” at the Swiss national exhibition.

Industries 1968Replica Ebel watches yubao meter development day a new lubricating method is used to increase the stability and accuracy of the engine core.

Also, in 1977, the first Monocoque case in the “SportClassic” Replica Ebel watches jade watch was released with wavy leather straps.

In the 1980s, Replica Ebel watches yubao meter sponsored sports competitions — tennis: Davis Cup, MonteCarloOpen, Boris Becker, and AndreAgassi. Golf: Ryder Cup, Replica Ebel watchesEuropean masterscrans-montana, Payne Stewart, SandLyle.

Visiager Voyager was first published in 1989 and the first to display 24 time zones.

In 1995, the “LeModulor” series was published for the first time, becoming the automatic Chronograph with the certificate of Replica Ebel watches yubao watch’s self-created research and development.

After the completion of the assembly, and after seven days of rigorous testing, such as pressurized water tank, temperature test, three dimensional motion simulation, the accuracy of inspection and a variety of force, erosion and vibration testing, after all quality is perfect, to the factory, be sure to do it “is not a perfect factory” quality standards, but also an unprecedented attached yubao watches five years international guarantee, the guarantee for the watches is rare, because treasure jade watches believes that “when the meter building great master” reputation is accumulated.