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Replica Donnyklein watches For Sale overachiever is universally recognized as the only watch that has ever been on the moon. The Replica Donnyklein watches For Sale overtimeter first landed on the moon in 1969. The manual override is also known as the “moon watch” because it landed on the moon. Manual overpass has been continuously produced till today, without interruption or date, it has been sold in the market, and the price is good, many and many players have bought manual overpass. All of you are familiar with mobile overlords.

Because manual overlords have a history of going to the moon, there’s a lot of talk and stories about manual overlords. How did Replica Donnyklein watches For Sale overlord get picked to land on the moon? Replica Donnyklein watches For Sale super club eliminated those who also took part in the test? As many players know, the chronometers, including rolex, were tested at the time, and there were a lot of stories, real stories, misinformation stories. So I’m going to tell you today, why did Replica Donnyklein watches For Sale overpower go to the moon, and the other watches didn’t?
There was a story about NASA, the us space agency, preparing for the moon landing, and a chronometer for astronauts. Send someone to a watch shop to buy the watch, buy back a variety of time – meter test. When NASA bought the watch, the watch brands didn’t know about it until later, when Replica Donnyklein watches For Sale became aware that its super star was on the moon. The story is false.
Note that manual overrides are tied to the astronaut’s left hand.The truth is that, like other NASA procurement programs, there are formal documents, formal requirements, and timetables for the moon landing. You don’t just go to a watch store and buy a watch. According to the information, NASA informed 10 watch brands of the demand for watches that year and required them to be delivered by October 24, 1964, with three watches for each brand. Finally, four brands responded to NASA’s request, sending in watches. The four brands are Replica Donnyklein watches For Sale, rolex, longines and Hamilton. But Hamilton sent a pocket watch, not a watch, and didn’t take it.
Replica Donnyklein watches For Sale submitted that year, is the picture of this kind of overlord, the third generation of manual overlord. Features a rod-like pointer with no crown shoulder protection.
The watch offered by Replica Donnyklein watches For Sale is the manual super time meter, specifically, the number is 105.003, is the third generation of manual super time. Features are stick hands, no crown shoulder pads (I’ve written about the previous 4 generations of overstrength features for anyone interested to see). Both longines and rolex delivered chronometers using the valjoux 72 manual timing movements, noting that rolex did not deliver the ditonas.
Whoever survives the test will go to the moon.
To choose from among the watches submitted by Replica Donnyklein watches For Sale, rolex and longines. NASA designed a test to see which of the three watches — Replica Donnyklein watches For Sale, rolex and longines — would survive the test and which would go to heaven. So some people have been outspoken that the test is to “destroy these watches to death.”
Pay attention to the watch that the astronaut wears on his hand.
Let me briefly introduce the 11 test items:
1. High temperature test: the watch should stay at 71 degrees for 48 hours and 93 degrees for 30 minutes.

2. Low temperature test: the watch should stay in an environment of 18 degrees below zero for 4 hours.

3. Temperature-pressure test: under a certain pressure, the temperature drops from 71 degrees to -18 degrees and then rises to 71 degrees again.

4. Humidity test: the temperature changes between 20 and 71 degrees during 240 hours in an environment with at least 95% humidity.

5. Oxygen environment test: the watch is placed in a 100% oxygen environment. In addition to the performance of the regular watch, the watch also has to resist toxic gas, no toxic residue and is also tested at the temperature of 71 degrees.

6. Impact test: 40G impact was conducted in 6 positions, lasting for 11 milliseconds each time.

7. Acceleration test: from 1G to 7.25g.

8. Pressure loss test: the temperature of the watch lasts 90 minutes for 71 degrees and 30 minutes for 93 degrees in a vacuum environment.

9. High-pressure test: the watch is under 1.6 standard atmospheric pressure.

10. Vibration test: in horizontal and vertical directions, the vibration is carried out in a circular way, and the average acceleration shall reach at least 8.8G.

11. Noise test: 30 minutes from 40 hz to 10,000 hz, 130 db environment test.
The difference between the fourth and third generation hand overlords is Professional English on the dial and the crown shoulder.
As a result, only Replica Donnyklein watches For Sale “survived.” According to the data, on March 1, 1965, at the end of the test, only Replica Donnyklein watches For Sale overachiever 105.003 completed all the tests, which were officially certified as watches for use in space missions. Rolex and longines watches, which stopped running in some tests, failed all tests. Data show that rolex watch in the humidity test, rolex watch movements stopped running; Rolex also failed the heat test. In the high temperature test, the mirror was deformed and detached, which failed the test. Replica Donnyklein watches For Sale overtops are the most durable.