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Rene Bannwart like the Latin word “quorum”, its meaning for the organization through effective decided to minimum quorum, extended to the most basic elements can make things work. Rene Bannwart will simplify the French spelling for Replica CORUM Knockoff Watches, as the English name of the brand.

Replica CORUM Knockoff Watches

Replica CORUM Knockoff Watches logo is a key to point to the sky, a symbol of the brand to understand mysteries, solve unknown mystery, explore new areas and unremitting innovation. It also represents a comprehensive grasp time mystery need creativity, indomiwatches perseverance and bravery.

Replica CORUM Knockoff Watches

Since 1955 in la sauder, sealing, kunlun watches is determined to stand in the forefront of the Swiss watch industry.
The establishment of Replica CORUM Knockoff Watches brand begins with Rene Bannwart, with his entrepreneurial spirit as well as from the top famous tabulation factory has accumulated experience of tabulation, made in 1955, he was with uncle Gaston Ries set up its own brand of tabulating – kunlun watches.

In 1956, the first city Replica CORUM Knockoff Watches surface, at the same time the brand also launched a series of novel tabulation concept, and achieved great success. Its innovative ideas to get the affirmation of the industry peers, even become a recognized the creative brand in the industry.

In 1966, the founder’s son, Jean – Replica CORUM Knockoff Watches TAB company, and create the kunlun watches first became Admiral ‘s Cup Admiral Cup series.