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The Swiss watch industry was at a low ebb in the 1970s when a wave of quartz watches from Japan swept the world. At a time when the traditional watch industry was facing an important turning point, Mr. Gerd-rudiger Lang, the master of watch making, reverse-operated, founded Replica Chronoswiss watches For Sale in 1983 and quickly became a leading figure in the revival of mechanical watch. Over the past 30 years or so, Replica Chronoswiss watches For Sale has operated independently in the form of a family enterprise and has contributed a lot to the development of mechanical watch art, such as the three-pin Regulateur, Repetition a quarts second watch, etc., the flagship style of the brand.

In late February 2012, the couple, a Swiss entrepreneur, acquired the company and moved its headquarters to lucerne, Switzerland. Treasure watch become pure Swiss machinery wrist watch brand, brand will continue to DNA, and the brand founder Gerd – Rudiger Lang, also will be with him in the clock production field and professional knowledge and rich experience, continue to support the development of the brand.

Brand history /Replica Chronoswiss watches For Sale

Replica Chronoswiss watches For Sale red treasure watch founder Mr RON (Gerd – Rudiger Lang) cachet in watch fan, watch fan around the world in a different language all intimacy to call him “Mr. Chronograph”, namely “Mr Timing clock”. In the 1980 s, Mr RON in Munich base often become a fan of watch by pilgrimage places – even in desperate situations, watch as long as to Mr RON, can to properly assist their mechanical watches. Mr. Long’s expertise in chronometer technology has brought back many valuable chronograph cores. Even if you have a seemingly “hopeless” wrist watch, trying to persuade Mr RON, he would probably from its private treasure collection timing clock component treasures of a suiwatch alternative. That’s why the nickname “Mr. Chronometer” has gone the wrong way.

Born in Braunschweig, Germany in 1943, Mr. Long’s watch making career began at the age of 15. Young RON was urged by his father to learn how to make watches in his hometown’s Jauns clock shop. He learned to use various instruments to grind, punch and grind metal materials, and then use gears to splicate and tenon to form the machine core “There was only air in my hands, and then everything came out, from nothing to something, and I made it myself, and eventually it became a living thing.” Since then, the pleasure of creating and exploring the watch has been deeply rooted in RON’s mind.

Mr. Lang’s 1983 timekeeper ID

Mr. Lang’s 1983 chronograph ID atlas

In 1964, Mr RON at the famous activity brand tag Heuer (Heuer) watch factory, one is more than a decade, was later sent to in Munich, as a subsidiary of the factory in Germany’s authorized representative. The timing and the car is full of enthusiasm, in 1971, RON and Steve McQueen (SteveMcQueen) cooperation, participated in the film shooting speed/Le Mans, Steve McQueen wore in the movie the famous Heuer Monaco watch; In the 1970s, Mr. Long worked as an official timekeeper for formula one events in various locations and at the Moscow Olympics in 1980.

In the 1970s and 1980s, the rise of quartz electronic watches in the global market brought great impact to the Swiss watch industry. Many of the centuries-old labels went out of business, and the 37-year-old was forced to resign. Although traditional watch industry is facing the important turning point, for the love of the Swiss tradition tabulation technology and faith, RON asked tag heuer factory to mechanical timer clock remaining inventory as their severance pay, at the same time, start from the collapse of the factory for the surplus inventory and bought a watch machine core parts. In 1981, RON opened a shop in his basement in Munich to repair and make mechanical watches.

In 1983, Munich Replica Chronoswiss watches For Sale watchmaker was established

In 1983, the Replica Chronoswiss watches For Sale watch factory in Munich was established

With these inventory cores and friendly relations with watchmakers a.rochat and Kelek, Mr. Long began selling his own mechanical wristwatches in an effort to revive traditional watch making techniques. In 1982, he first launched a mechanical chronometer with a lunar display function under the brand name Replica Chronoswiss watches For Sale, which is uniquely equipped with a crystal glass base cover. In 1983, he established Replica Chronoswiss watches For Sale watch factory in Munich, Germany and established global sales network.

The name of Replica Chronoswiss watches For Sale is full of enthusiasm and profound implication. Chrono represents Mr. Long’s favorite Chronograph, and Chronos means “god of time” in Greek mythology. Swiss not only pays tribute to the traditional tabulation technology of Switzerland, but also represents the country of Mr. And Mrs. Long.

The watch was known for the use and transformation of antique Enicar automation and Marvin manual cores, but that did not limit Mr Long’s creativity in inventing and making mechanical watches. Despite numerous made famous red treasure watch watch, such as the specification pointer is first applied in the production of wrist watch dial “Regulateur three needle one line”, the first double after injection timing clock Rattrapante, the first production of hollow out timing clock Opus, unique Delphis fly back jump when the wrist, and so on, red treasure watch for Valjoux 7750 adds additional gem bearing, and replace the Lemania plastic material in 1873, these measures are ETA and Lemania as standard and finally adopted.

More than 30 years later, the Swiss watch still adheres to the Swiss watch making tradition, and Replica Chronoswiss watches For Sale has become the favorite of millions of watch lovers and collectors around the world.

Rudiger Lang, 1981 – gerd-rudiger Lang, Germany, established a professional meter shop in Munich, Germany.

In 1982, with Replica Chronoswiss watches For Sale as the trademark, the first batch of mechanical chronometer watches with the function of lunar display were launched, and the watch was uniquely equipped with a crystal glass base cover, thus starting the revival of mechanical wrist watches.

Rudiger Lang, 1983-gerd-rudiger Lang, founded Replica Chronoswiss watches For Sale watch factory in Munich, Germany, and established a global sales network. Ruibao watch brand was officially established.

1984 – “Replica Chronoswiss watches For Sale” is registered as a protective trademark.

1985-the first phase of Replica Chronoswiss watches For Sale product catalog was launched, including mechanical watches and pocket watches made in Switzerland, selling a. Rochat and Kelek brands. And participated in the first Munich Inhorgenta jewelry wrist watch exhibition.

1987 – the first batch production of the manual on – chain three-pin line (Regulateur) wrist watch worldwide debut. In the same year, the watch case with the logo of ruibao watch came out: coin ring, onion crown and screw watch button.

1988-issue of the second Replica Chronoswiss watches For Sale product catalogue, which includes the self-developed three-pin Regulateur and Pacific, and participate in the first Swiss jewelry and clock exhibition in Basel, Switzerland.

1990-with a Replica Chronoswiss watches For Sale special core c. 122, the three-pin, full-automatic wrist watch Regulateur Automatique was launched worldwide. In Munich, Germany, ruibao watches have been specially designed and produced.

1991- Kairos Chronograph was released worldwide. This is the first fully automatic chronometer with hours and minutes scattered on the dial.

1992-the first dual-track chronometer Rattrapante (Swiss patent no. 682201-0) was introduced. Lang and Mr. Meis jointly wrote the Chronograph Wristwatches: To Stop Time. In the same year, the third issue of Replica Chronoswiss watches For Sale product catalogue “Replica Chronoswiss watches For Sale-faszination der Mechanik” was published.

1993-cabrio rotating wrist watch (European patent no. 0562522) was introduced. The first batch production of white enamel dial wrist watch Orea by modern technology.

Grand Regulateur

Grand Regulateur atlas

1994-launched the Grand Regulateur (international patent no. 030021) with three needles.

1995-launched the first batch production of fully automatic hollow-out chronometer, or Opus. An automatic Chronograph Lunar Chronograph with the function of Lunar phase display was also released.

1996-delphis made an international appearance and applied for a Swiss patent. It is the only watch so far to combine analog, digital and reverse – hop displays. Watchmaker Thomas Schnelle won the first national and federal Watchmaker apprentice award from the Central Association of the German Watchmaker Craft.

1997-Replica Chronoswiss watches For Sale became an official timekeeper for the stw-cup.

1998-pathos was unveiled worldwide as the first hollowed-out dual-track automatic chronometer (Swiss patent no. 682201-0).

2000-first introduced the three-pin Regulateur a Tourbillon, the first wrist watch that combines a three-pin front-line dial with a flying stallion. In the same year, the fourth volume Replica Chronoswiss watches For Sale catalogue was published, entitled “Signs of the times-tick -Talk: A Timely Book”, which is also the autobiography of Mr. Lang, the founder of ruibao watch.

2001- Chronoscope, the world’s first single-key chronometer with a perspective pillar wheel structure, was launched worldwide, paying tribute to Adolphe Nicole, the pioneer of Chronoscope.

2002 – established Replica Chronoswiss watches For Sale branch in Niedau, Biel, Switzerland, responsible for production and logistics of noble watch.

2 q watch

List of questions and answers

2003 – Repetition a quarts, the first reed watch based on every 15 minutes, was introduced at the jewelry and clock show in Basel.

That year, Mr. Long’s daughter, Natalie Lang, joined the management of the watch company after completing a two-year training course as a watchmaker in Neuchatel, Switzerland.

Chronoscope was named best watch of the year 2003 by Armbanduhren, a wristwatch magazine.

Reihard Teuscher, a watch technician, was recognized by the Bavarian government’s ministry of economy for his outstanding contributions to education training.

2004 – three stitches line the Tourbillon hollow out wrist Regulateur a Tourbillon Squelette wrist watch in the Basel jewellery show, the wrist watch comes in three stitches a silver dial layout, is a pioneering work, because they have never a Tourbillon watch machine core, is a hollow out and manual sculpture design, this also is the most precious watch Replica Chronoswiss watches For Sale models.

2005 – introducing the Digiteur limited edition wrist watch and Perpetual Calendar at the Basel jewelry and clock fair.

In September, the first Replica Chronoswiss watches For Sale Classics classic and old sailing regatta was held at Lake Starnberg in Bavaria, Germany.

On September 23, the company held a groundbreaking ceremony in the Bavarian town of carlsfield, preparing to build a new watch factory.

Add the Signs of the times-tick -Talk: A Timely Book.

2006-introduce the Grand Regulateur, Timemaster Chronograph Date and Perpetual Calendar wrist watches of the third year needles at the jewelry and clock exhibition in Basel.

The Diners Club magazine honored Mr. Long as “the most visionary person of the year.”

In December of the same year, the company moved to the first wristwatch factory in Bavaria, Germany.

The 2007-chronoscope watch is the first winner of the golden wheel award, which is jointly organized by uhren-magazin, Ebner Publishers and Focus Online, a leading German magazine. Timemaster Day & Night wrist watch won the fifth place.

Replica Chronoswiss watches For Sale Perpetual Calendar

Replica Chronoswiss watches For Sale Perpetual Calendar

The 2008-imperia watch took second place in the annual list, which was jointly awarded by Armbanduhren magazine and Welt am Sonntag. In the same year, ruibao won the “golden wheel award”. The Grand Regulateur watch and the second question watch Repetition a Quarts tied for the third place, while Perpetual Calendar and Imperia respectively won the fourth and fifth places.

2009 – ruibao 24 hour junior wrist watch Regulateur 24 won the fourth place of “gold wheel” award. Imperia watches won the fourth place in the women’s watch of the year category jointly selected by Armbanduhren magazine and Welt am Sonntag journal. From 11 to 13 September of the same year, following great success in 2005 and 2007, the Replica Chronoswiss watches For Sale Classics and the third regatta was held.

In addition, ruibao watches and artists have won the second place in the “golden cycloidal wheel” award for both Regulateur 24 and Grand Lunar Chronograph