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After the European Renaissance, Replica Chopard Knockoff Watches world bright cultural artifacts abound.

Replica Chopard Knockoff Watches

The watchmaker is, as always, the pursuit of perfect and pure. In 1860 AD, talented, process of wicked Louis Julius, Replica Chopard Knockoff Watches, the Jura region in Switzerland is famous for its watchmaking (Sonvilier), in a small village sandvig created his workshop, to start producing precision clock. Because the family has long famous for manufacturing watches, plus Chopard himself think of opportunely alone, the company quickly established reputation, and to produce a highly accuracy pocket timer is most famous, the Swiss railway company, who were invited Replica Chopard Knockoff Watches as a supplier. Since then, the company situation has greatly reduced the train being delayed, let the world see watches accurate tabulation technology to Replica Chopard Knockoff Watches. After operating export watchest, Chopard decided in 1920 to start design gems that watch, and the factory from the sandvig migration to watch industry of the national capital, capital of Geneva began production of gem watch.

Replica Chopard Knockoff Watches

Although Louis Julius, Replica Chopard Knockoff Watches in watchmaking scored brilliant achievements, his children do not want to share their love of clocks and watches. Paul Andrew Chopard in the 1960 s, the last one in the name of Replica Chopard Knockoff Watches  maker, has to face such a reality: his son no one willing to put his traditional inheritance. Meanwhile, Germany’s Scheufele family, as manufacturers of production and operation of jewelry watches, are actively looking for the breakthrough. Then, after one hundred years of Chopard, in 1963 by Karl · Scheufele, to make this brand.

Chopard still exists in the form of family business. Management of Replica Chopard Knockoff Watches company is Karl Scheufele President and Mrs Karin, their children Karl Friedrich and Caroline are two vice President of the company. Scheufele family of outstanding creativity in product design, and has always been special attainments in the field of jewelry, make the connotation and characteristics of Replica Chopard Knockoff Watches a good continuation, glows the new brilliance and vitality. Chopard in more than a dozen countries set up subsidiaries, and watch stores all over the world. From the warm sunlight beach of the Caribbean, playing to the cherry blossoms of Japan hot spring, and then to France’s champs elysees, even at the foot of the pyramids in Egypt, you will find the Chopard watches elegant and fashionable. Chopard watches’s brand is not much, not one of the most classic first L.U.C series and Happy series of Diamonds. In addition to the outstanding reputation and popularity, they and the special source of the Chopard, also laid their status as the main watches.

Chopard launched a man watches series, and named L.U.C — in memory of the company founder Louis Ulysse Chopard. This watch of the original creativity and Chopard also at the beginning of the entrepreneurial idea about Mr. L.U.C series watches using the traditional way of production, for the return uncut jade to put in effect, and, more importantly, the development of this series of watches, for Chopard watch technology achievement a milestone.
Watch with breguet balance springs and 22 carat gold mini core, it passed the strict test. Only through the test, are allowed on the watches by the Geneva watch manufacturing bureau authorization “specified in Geneva watch” the words. In 1997, “1860” L.U.C man watches recommended by professional journalists and watch retailer, was elected to the year’s best watches.

L.U.C Tonneau cover series is the world’s only with the micro gear automatic movement of the watch. Its crust is curved, clockwise plated with gold, silver dial used for L.U.C consistent style. The development and production of this unique watch represents the Chopard crafters active challenge ability. In terms of combining movement and technical qualities, they also make the same effort. In the invention of this special automatic machine core, Chopard greatly retained its original traditional style. Carl in Xiao Erfei le evaluation, bush, said he was “really became a watch maker, make our company in the men’s watch market repositioning and Replica Chopard Knockoff Watches manufacturing.”