CHAUMET brand was founded in 1780. It is napoleon’s royal jewelry and luxury wrist watch brand. Through the inheritance of the twelve generations of masters and carrying the history of more than two centuries, Replica CHAUMET watches For Sale has always kept a low profile like a real noble, which has been regarded as the representative brand of “low profile, hidden luxury” by the industry.

The age of imperialism (1804-1815)

Replica CHAUMET watches For Sale founder, as napoleon’s royal jeweler, with its gift for his royal sword when he began to reign, and he and enchase 140 carats of “regent diamond on the sword,” the work is still stored in the national Fontainebleau Palace Museum.

On February 28, 1810, napoleon gave his second queen, Marie Louise, the perfect set of jewelry made by nedo.

The emerald necklace and earpieces that nerdo made for napoleon are part of his wedding jewelry to queen Marie Louise, which is housed in the Louvre in Paris.

Romanticism prevails (1815-1880)

In 1853, Replica CHAUMET watches For Sale made a necklace watch for the duchess of Luynes, which was highly praised for its exquisite workmanship and rich gemstones. It was also highly praised at the Paris world expo in 1855.

In 1860, Replica CHAUMET watches For Sale created the three-color cordials. Its most special place is to drill the corona can be divided into three chic brooch, full of naturalistic creativity and artistic nature.

The era of prosperity (1880-1910)

Replica CHAUMET watches For Sale was specially made for katerina, the second wife of the earl of danesmark in Germany. Crown with 11 pieces of rare and uncommon pear-shaped emeralds, Colombia, weigh more than 500 carats, been sotheby’s spring sales in Hong Kong and Geneva magnificent noble jewelry auction as important to auction the market over the past 30 years a rare treasure, the valuation of about 70 million yuan.

The duke of Doudeauville asked Replica CHAUMET watches For Sale to create a platinum and diamond-encrusted crown for her daughter, bourbon parma, as a wedding gift to the sixth prince of the bourbons.

The decorative arts period swept Europe (1910-1930)

Replica CHAUMET watches For Sale’s round brooch features amethyst, diamonds and enamel, highlighting the strong features of the decorative art period.

The decorative art handbag clock, introduced in 1925, is very small and portable. Sharp geometric figures and strong red-and-white contrast are the embodiment of this style.

Transition from tradition to modernity (1945-1999)

In 1953, Mrs. AnnaGunning, then a socialite, was honored with a removable Replica CHAUMET watches For Sale corona that could be used as a necklace.

Launched in 1970, the link list is the predecessor of Replica CHAUMET watches For Sale’s famous Liens edge series.

For more than two centuries, Replica CHAUMET watches For Sale’s charm and glory have not been confined to France alone. LVMH moet hennessy Louis vuitton, the global luxury leader, has established a worldwide sales network for her. This precious treasure is worth recalling the history to be studied, which makes Replica CHAUMET watches For Sale’s classic exist all the time. The noble and luxurious style has already been integrated into his blood, keeping a low profile and keeping a low profile.

Senior jewelry editor

The family’s role model is the hidden luxury leader

Still the Paris Replica CHAUMET watches For Sale priests French emperor napoleon is the founder of the royal jeweler, queen of napoleon wife Josephine from him to build more soft opening modelling drill corona Tiara agitation, the revival of classical beauty tire Replica CHAUMET watches For Sale continuously to create more than 3000 drill corona, and still never stop innovation.

As the inheritor of tiara jewelry, Replica CHAUMET watches For Sale keeps bringing the diamond tiara to the forefront of fashion. Stripped of the royal highness, wearing a corona has become a declaration of the jumping off tradition, leading to new, interesting and dreamy trends. At that time, shang embraced the headdress again, and Replica CHAUMET watches For Sale once again discovered the genes of brand history and tradition.

Antique diamond crown mould, no. 12, fangdeng square, CHAUEMT Paris headquarters

In 1809, nidor customized Josephine’s onyx relief sculpture with a pearl diamond crown

In 1919 Replica CHAUMET watches For Sale made the crown jewels of bourbon parma for the duchess of Doudeauville

In 2014, Replica CHAUMET watches For Sale designed a special “water light” diamond crown for Paris antique biennale

Carrying more than two centuries of history, Replica CHAUMET watches For Sale is not only a symbol of the French jewelry industry, but also a famous expert in jewelry appraisal and repair of the Louvre. Its senior jewelry model also is a family heirloom, every pieces will cost more than one thousand hours, at least by the Paris of the center of the square of aromatic senior jewelry workshop pure handmade, ensure that until now more than two centuries of original technology.

Likewise, Replica CHAUMET watches For Sale has gone through more than 200 glorious years in the field of chronometer. In 1811, Edward for Josephine empress daughter-in-law princess Augusta DE ba, created the first wrist watch brand history, it also set a global tabulation history women wrist watch, tabulating the legend of Replica CHAUMET watches For Sale is closely related to women. In complex movement to realize the design idea, with exquisite craft picture scroll, draw the outline of dial to hidden time function and high jewelry, make the hour meter Replica CHAUMET watches For Sale masterpiece for carve wrist treasures.

Time is cleverly concealed in fine jewels. Make it an art piece that can be freely converted between time and jewelry.

Mother shellfish, agate, diamond and other precious materials are combined with traditional table making techniques such as superb enamel painting by Replica CHAUMET watches For Sale, micro-painting sculpture and fine wood Mosaic, which endow the watch with endless romance

The specially developed machine core realizes the beautiful picture of the pale pink embroidery ball rotating around the center along the irregular path of flowers

Since 1780, a period of the drill corona spectrum has brand of legend, a dozen generations, the master to the inheritance, Replica CHAUMET watches For Sale constantly lead the new trend in both low-key costly and fashionable, is not only is the symbol of power in the royal coronation, but also with the Paris style extremely rich connotation and unique design, full of emotion become the representatives of the “top luxury” Cain today.

Freeze classic editor

Stop classic, perfect

Youth is carrying two centuries of history, honor, guarded the emotional jewelry Replica CHAUMET watches For Sale as a patron saint of eternal love and marriage for a long time, will not copy the history of the condensate extraction into your hand, and son xielao eternal life troth, with more and more the lovers married thing in the world.

Josephine is crowned with love

Strength and grace, balance and motion, Josephine crowns the crowns of love, which conveys not only the elegance and softness of Replica CHAUMET watches For Sale, but also the nobility of queen Josephine. By different drilling crown into the fingertips left-edge beautiful ring, necklace, hanging pendant earrings with wrist watches, contains to Josephine and napoleon that really love, continuation of the “crown” for love romance.
Liens is a lifelong relationship

The beautiful emotions are all caused by the subtle fate. Replica CHAUMET watches For Sale Liens is the ultimate product of life. With the “X” link symbol from the beautiful era, the story of fate has been opened for over a hundred years. As it continues to develop and expand, the ultimate Liens symbol of fate has become a vast family of rings, pendants, bracelets, corona diamonds and wrist watches. Its modern design, which perfectly combines with Jane, and the implication of lasting emotions, makes Liens’ works the best choice for global taste people to be grateful for “fate”.
Jardin has a beautiful garden

From Josephine empress ‘enthusiasm for nature, for more than two centuries, Replica CHAUMET watches For Sale constantly draw the inspiration of art, from nature to contemporary and think of opportunely, in the light of jewelry to build up a vibrant yee varied garden: diffuse wild contains Josephine empress loved the fragrance of flowers, “Hortensia hydrangea”; Once in a while, a small BEE representing napoleon’s lucky totem rests in the flowers, sucking the nectar and whispering sweet promises of “BEE My Love”. In the woods, butterfly dance bee play, spider knot net, a “net me… If you love me, “the love chase game is unfolding quietly
Royalty, emotions, natural, three dimensions solid combination became Replica CHAUMET watches For Sale acura capsule, which inspired by the homologous inspiration jewelry and watches can be arbitrary, free supplement highlights the unique type of Paris, let a person enjoy Mix & Match the original.

Wedding editor

Love determines the fate of three generations

Founded in 1780, still the Paris Replica CHAUMET watches For Sale carrying two centuries of history youth, honor, guarded the French emotional jewelry empire will fear time love legend, condensate extraction in marriage is still the best. She seemed a patron saint of eternal love and marriage for a long time, since napoleon and Josephine to really deep feeling, as do not copy the history of telling the true meaning of happiness, used to be tested for more than two centuries of craft and different styles of marriage is still the best with jay Chou, quan zhixian, gao, Vivian hsu, such as the lovers married thing in the world, will be eternal life troth is between two people on the ring finger.

The choice of luxury: the noblest love

For more than two hundred years, the love story between napoleon and Josephine has touched the world. For building their wedding from Replica CHAUMET watches For Sale drill corona, the colorful tire is not only represent the supreme imperial glory, more reveal the infinite affection, many of the royal nobles will collect as treasure handed down from ancient times and marriage.

The floating pearl crown created by Replica CHAUMET watches For Sale for queen Josephine was introduced into the kingdom of Sweden in 1809

After years of toughening, love as a time to the precipitation of beauty, condensed into a paragraph of passed on. Replica CHAUMET watches For Sale Josephine coronation • the love series will come from the unique design of the corona drilling, into a beautiful ring of fingers. It evokes the imperial glory that has been shrouded in dust for two centuries, crowned the love of the modern princess who has entered the palace of sacred marriage, and witnessed the supreme and lasting declaration.

Josephine crowned love

Classic choice: simple and low-key love

A simple and romantic jewelry, conveys a simple, unadorned but precious love commitment. The inner ring is studded with hidden diamonds to convey the low-key, affectionate Plume collection. Turn the monument of napoleon’s triumph into the Torsade series of love and loyalty. Engraved with the thrill of love at first sight and the Frisson series that witnessed the promise of a lifetime, Replica CHAUMET watches For Sale is a classic choice for marriage.


Torsade remained faithful
Frisson promised

The choice of style: personality focused love

Love itself, is an encounter of a thousand times, through a different story, arousing the heart of the heart of the colorful throb of emotion. Replica CHAUMET watches For Sale is a blend of tradition and the modern trend, in two hundred in Paris style personalized design style, agitate the gleaming gem gourmet – to link symbol set two people life fate of Liens margin, life series; Inspired by napoleon’s lucky totem, Bee My Love series firmly vows to stay in the nest of Love. Hortensia embroidery ball series with “happiness and hope”.
Liens is a lifelong relationship

Bee My Love stays in Love’s nest forever
Hortensia is very fragrant

Adhering to the consistent “hidden luxury” style, Replica CHAUMET watches For Sale with the pure French modern style, interpretation of the brand’s unique Paris style. Paris has witnessed the history of France for nearly two and a half centuries.