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In 1910,Carl f.bucherere‘s two sons realized his father’s vision. His brother Carl Eduard was trained as a goldsmith in London, England, and his brother Ernst became a professional watchmaker in st. Imier. They inherited their parents’ insights and led the company to a new career peak. In keeping with their father’s instructions, they set up distribution centers throughout Switzerland. In 1919, Carl and Ernst Buchere established their own Replica Carl f.bucherere watches For Sale factory and brand more formally, realizing the vision of their enterprise.
Between 1915 and 1923, the Bucherer family’s reputation for watches and jewelry quickly swept through the upper classes of Germany. This was the logo of the famous Bucherer shop, symbolizing the royal watchmaker’s high status.
In 1967, the Bucherer group purchased the Credos watch factory in Nidau(near Biel), the center of the Swiss watch making area, and renamed it Bucherer Montres S.A. Over the same period, Bucherer invested with nine other watchmakers to develop and manufacture Switzerland’s first quartz movement, Beta21. From 1968 to 1976, the Bucherer group was one of the world’s leading watchmakers and ranked among the world’s top three certified by the official C.O.S.C. observatory in Switzerland. During this period, the Bucherer group produced nearly 15,000 watches each year that had been certified by the O.C.S.C. observatory.
In 1978, the Bucherer group was one of the first manufacturers in the world to produce quartz watches certified by the official observatory. For nearly a century, pozillai has been a creative and professional watch maker
Art enables a unique combination of modern design and mechanical process. Baozeli also has the outstanding achievement in the jewelry wrist watch aspect, all the gemstone inlay is in the strict careful hand-made completion, the baozeli wrist watch interprets is the noble exquisite masterpiece. At the helm of the Bucherer group is the third-generation scion of the family, j. g. Bucherer, who has become one of the world’s leading watch and jewelry manufacturers. The odd mead 18 k rose gold calendar automatically table phases of the moon Has a long history and highly renowned in the European jewelry watches and retail dealers Bucherer group is not only strong retail dealers, is also a successful watch and jewelry manufacturers.
Since 1888, Bucherer group has started to set up their own retail network, the group of watches and clocks jewelry retail business agent in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, unified with the family name Bucherer (baojia) as the name, more aromatic place in Paris in 2013 to open new stores. The group began to set up a watch – making factory in 1919. Today, Replica Carl f.bucherer watches For Sale, the high-end watch brand named after its founder, Mr. Replica Carl f.bucherer watches For Sale, has established itself in the international market and export Numbers are growing rapidly. Pozillai has been active outside Switzerland in recent years. It has been listed in Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Taiwan, Germany, Thailand, China, Hong Kong and Singapore successively.
But in Hong Kong, qi lai treasure more became the 2003 and 2004 designated the miss Hong Kong pageant watches, and one of the main sponsors of wong’s concert in 2003 and multiple concert specified watches, thunder are not two. Pocheri has always been committed to the development of precision mechanical wrist watches, which are outstanding in the Archimedes ochimede series of yunyun wrist watches. [1]
Special waterproof ring and rotary handle, waterproof 30 meters. Because of its complexity, it can produce only 25 a year. The ochimide collection is the best design by Carl FBucherer bozili designers, marking a new milestone in bozili tabulation design. Its excellence lies in the refined and meticulous structure, the design of the eternal, leading the pioneer in the trend, to give the wearer an eternal beauty. Archimedes is a representative of bozili’s obsession with clock technology since 1919, his determination to study details and keep improving, and his determination to express the brand idea of “not going with the stream”. Bozillai is not only the code name of luxury watches, but also the philosophy of life of its customers.

New ALACRIA jaazaniah the ritz-carlton series new ALACRIA ritz-carlton series absolutely let a person with amazing: manual fine watchcase, color and pleasing to the eye of the wrist strap and flashing dazzling beauty, let time deliberately indulge in the joyful atmosphere, can make more wen wan’s mature women with moving air. The curve radian design that reveals feminine charm fully, watch case matchs on 18K gold, 18K platinum or fine steel, infiltrate in tender magnificent. Two different diamond Mosaic techniques, let the dazzling beautiful diamond hair out of dazzling light, dazzling god.
And the technology that all handwork diamond inlay, let this series wrist watch more show elegiac expensive. ALACRIA is equipped with a variety of different colors and elegant watch straps for matching, so that ladies can show elegant and noble sentiment without losing their personal style. The perfect aesthetic standard of ALACRIA yali jia li can make every woman in the city with connotation deeply fascinated and deeply attached. ALACRIA yalika has been designated as Replica Carl f.bucherer watches For Sale’s key collection, a collection of classic watches.
Replica Carl f.bucherer watches For Sale pocherer continues to be the watch of choice at the 2004 miss Hong Kong election. The ALACRIA series was also selected as Miss Hong Kong watch due to its elegant and luxurious features that coincide with the elegant image of miss Hong Kong. The 18K gold diamond wrist watch, 102 VVS diamond, weighs 1.71 carats, with a brown python strap and a mother-of-pearl surface.
In October 2010, ravi parker EvoTec DayDate wrist watch, and specially designed for women of cypress ravi EvoTec BigDate large calendar ladies watch these a few representatives of bao qi lai tabulation technology will be fully listed in mainland China for the first time.

Carl f. Bucherer, the world’s top watch brand, was founded in 1919 in Luzon, Switzerland. To one hundred, bao qi lai with inlaid jewelry consummate independent tabulation technology and outstanding technology, create numerous classical meter, from the birth of the first piece of quartz movement, Switzerland, to the women’s watch groundbreaking arc design; From the development of the dial window technology to the honor of designing exclusive watches for the German royal family and the queen of Thailand; Until now, the birth of CFB A1000, a homemade machine core, has shocked the watch industry. These glorious moments worth inscriptions have condensed the courage and persistent spirit of the three generations of watchmakers of the pozillai family. In the tide of globalization weaken personality, bao qi lai always adhere to the self, beyond time and tide, adhere to the family business model the traditional process with the core concept of brand precious faithfully go down.
In 2008, baozilai developed and produced the CFB A1000 automatic chain machine core release, which witnessed the development of new range of tabulation technology. The outer edge of the machine core is a thallium Peripheral chain rotor with two patented technologies: innovative shock absorber system (DSA) and dual tuning system (CDAS) are perfect. It was followed by the bellavigevotec DayDate watch, based on the CFB A1000, and the bellavievotec BigDate calendar for women.

As pozeli’s decision makers debated the feasibility of setting up their own watch factory and their own chips, they quickly realized that they wanted to move on to a very different path of independence and autonomy. Baozeli’s goal is to produce the highest quality and highly reliable professional core; To this target, Carl f. Bucherer Technologies, S.A. tabulation factory has the most modern equipment, especially the creative craftsmen and experienced technical staff, dedicated to the wrist movement and function module of the research, development and production, to ensure that every only treasure qi lai wrist watch is a great treasures.

Besides strong and powerful production lines, baozilai’s all-round “innovative Technology” has a profound impact on the development of machine core, mechanical structure and additional functions. Bao qi lai, deputy chief executive Dr. Albrecht Haake said: “our mission, not to create the world’s most sophisticated wrist watch, or highly demanding and cannot run mechanism. On the contrary, we will with the unprecedented innovation technology, provide highly accurate and reliable for the wearer’s wrist watch.

This concept with unique brand “Smart SimPlexity” theory as the foundation to develop movement, mechanical structure and the additional function modules. Smart SimPlexity technology studiously avoided the watchmaking years convinced that “the more complex and wonderful” motto. While it’s common to use complex methods to solve problems, the pozzeli watchmaker advocates finding the best solution, not the easiest. The innovative technology is also the first to be used in the CFB A1000’s home-made core, as well as in the three bellev-evotec models introduced in 2009 and 2010.
Belavec BigDate women’s wrist watch on the silver dial exquisite scale, overall concise and elegant; And black dial design is another heart to choose, use advanced black pearl mother-of-pearl dial not only burnish is pleasing to the eye, more Mosaic 5 diamond scale, and dial line fastening echo.
The best thing about the bolavotec BigDate women’s watch is that it’s bigger than a calendar in the upper left corner. At 6 o ‘clock, the shape of the small second hand disc and the surface line echo each other, opposite to the big calendar. The back of the watch is not inferior, from the crystal glass watch can see the beautiful manufacturing and dynamics of the brand’s homemade machine core.
The watch strap can be worn with brown python skin, white water snake skin, black crocodile skin or black calf skin. Concise appearance design, high quality materials and innovative mechanical functions complement each other, together shaping elegant beauty, showing the wearer’s confidence and personality.
Alacria Swann jewelry wrist watch
Alacria Swann jewelry wrist watch is a masterpiece of the “Alacria” collection of women’s wear watches by Carl f. Bucherer. The whole table is inlaid with more than 1,300 top quality beautiful diamonds, which reflects the highest level of traditional jewelry art of baoqilai brand.

Carl f. Bucherer, the luxury watch brand founded in 1894 in lucerne, Switzerland. In a nod to the pozillai family and the lucerne, the brand named the beautiful jewelry watch Alacria Swan.
Alacria Swan on the wrist watch case set with 348 diamonds, enchase 137 diamonds on the dial, bracelet, tightly covered with 844 diamonds, a diamond on the crown shining light, and each diamond inlaid by hand and all the beauty of diamond is of the highest quality, making Alacria series new luxury light.
Swiss central plateau city of lucerne, surrounded by mountains, picturesque, although in the centre of the city itself is not very big, but the city is full of joy and unrestrained atmosphere, therefore is called “the epitome of Switzerland”. In addition to impressive landmarks such as the world’s famous church bridge and the pilatus mountains, the city is filled with magical charms by the countless white swans paddling in the waters of lake lucerne.
Wandering the idyllic lakeside, blue paddle on the surface of the lake as a mirror of the carefree elves brought people into a world that is also true of the myth, clear lakes as enchanted into glittering “swan lake”.
In addition to the lake lucerne, swan (in mythology symbolizes our dream) for lucerne another gives inspiration: Schwanenplatz, started with Bucherer family in 1894 in this and in 1888 the first open in Kapellgasse clocks jewelry boutique.
Edmar’s new watch line
The Adamavi Adamavi edmar watch series, which comes from Latin and means “to love something” or “to enjoy the fun of it,” symbolizes how the watch touches the heart of its owner. The series never outdated concise design and outstanding mechanical functions in one, and pleasing to the eye visual aesthetics should not be limited by instantaneous fleeting tide, beyond the level of the wrist watch, let table master reliable in performance and value the eternal beauty. Its implication meaningful design, suitable for the watch master in different occasions wear; Pure and simple lines, not limited by the so-called fashion trend, also represent the eternal value, the table owner can experience that constant joy.