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Started in 1830, brand founder louis-joseph Replica baume mercier watches For Sale opened the first watch dealership in the zulo district in the small town of Les Bois. His sons went on to develop the family business under the name Freres Baume. They focus on exquisite and excellent tabulation technology, and adhere to the relentless pursuit of perfection, so that the family business rapid development, which has become the brand proud of the tabulation concept.

To the world

Louis Victor and Celestin are the most outstanding of the four boys who have inherited the business of clocks. Louis – Victor professional technology, actively involved in the tabulation in Switzerland Celestin, then with the pioneering spirit of adventure travel to the UK brand expansion, his second cousin once removed after Arthur also help in the past, and in London to “Replica baume mercier watches For Sale,” the name of the branch established, with their original keen business vision, the company since 1851, international reputation, has made them champions of a free clock and watch industry.

Genius era

Then came the era of awards for extraordinary tabulation and virtuosity: after 1876, the second generation of the Baume family took charge of the business and quickly established divisions in Geneva and Philadelphia. At that time, the brand was famous for its timetables and pocket watches with complex functions including three questions, calendar display and tourbillon movement. At the end of the 19th century, brands won ten awards and seven gold MEDALS at international exhibitions held in Paris, Melbourne, Zurich, Amsterdam, London and Chicago, including the top prize in the prestigious royal observatory precision timing competition of 1892. In this regard, Baume watch house has established the leading position of the brand in the world of clocks and watches, which has won great fame and become a leader in the world of watches.

Fate met

In 1918, William Baume met Replica baume mercier watches For Sale, and the fate of the brand was closely related to them. With William Baume’s forward-looking watchmaking philosophy and Paul Mercier’s boundless passion for art, they jointly founded the brand of Baume & Mercier: it keeps pace with The Times and keeps up with the trend of fashion aesthetics. It can foresee the popularity of wristwatches and the outbreak of women’s watch market, and perfectly adhere to the brand’s insistence on excellence and pursuit of perfection. With their efforts, the brand became one of Geneva’s most famous watchmakers and was given the Geneva Seal in 1919.

Jewelry era

By the late 1930s, another pair of famous duo inherits the business: the extraordinary Italian goldsmith Ernesto Ponti and the aristocrat Constantin DE Gorski. Under the leadership of Constantin DE Gorski and his supervisor Marc Beuchat, celebrities introduced the concept of a jewelry watch. The Marquise, launched in 1946 after the end of world war ii, was a true representation of the brand and was an amazing success. The watch’s dial was completely built into the band and remained the star of the brand until the late 1960s. For celebrities, women’s wear watches are not simply miniaturization of men’s wear watches. Women’s wristwatch is an important part of brand culture and inheritance, and it is the best embodiment of famous people’s modern awareness and attitude.

Age of bold innovation

In the early 1970s, celebrities ushered in an era of extraordinary and creative development, and launched avant-garde watches with aesthetic design on the market, such as women’s watch Replica baume mercier watches For Sale Galaxy and Stardust, and men’s watch Riviera, with its unique 12-sided case design, became the pioneer representative of refined steel sports watch style in the leading era. Brands establish a unique vision of being an affordable luxury brand.

Classic retro era

Since 1988, rifeng group has been joined, and several famous classic watches have come out, which has further strengthened the noble status of the brand. In 1994, fame debuted the hamptons collection (Hampton) as one of the brand’s flagship watch models. Since then, the Linea series, Capeland series, Classima series and Clifton series have been launched one after another, each of which has achieved indisputable success and demonstrated the brand’s ability to satisfy unique tastes of different customers. In 2002, the celebrity went further on his own innovation trail, buying the watchmaking workshop in Les Brenets, Switzerland, which marked a return to the roots of geography and emotion.

From family affection to friendship, from delicate and excellent complex tabulation technology to farsighted and innovative idea, the great dream of a famous person has been realized. Each outstanding work of the brand demonstrates the infinite pursuit of perfection and the persistence of excellence.

Product editor

Cliton series

A collection of traditional craftsmanship and modern styles, the new men’s wear collection takes inspiration from the looks that were all the rage during the golden fifties. In the 1950s, vintage watch designs kept popping up and were seen as the golden decade of watches. Replica baume mercier watches For Sale the continuation of the essence in this era, the classic circular dial, unique in the tables of ear and double side slope design is from an antique watch was gained by the delicate lines of inspiration, carry on the automatic mechanical movement or mechanical movement on the special manual chain (used for star table of 10060), is equipped with stainless steel and 18 k red gold case and a crocodile leather strap or stainless steel bracelet, both classic and elegant, contains the advanced the essential characteristics of the clock, and reflects the strong urban style restoring ancient ways with lasting appeal. Most of the models of this series are equipped with swiss-made mechanical movement with outstanding quality, which is the ideal mate of elegant gentleman with excellent watch making technology inherited for 183 years. It not only condenses every precious time of life, but also witnesses every important moment of urban elites’ rising in the workplace.

Spirit neon series

Lingni series was first introduced in 1987 and has become a model of fashion women’s wristwatch. The original ring watches have been feminine, and with the introduction of the concept of interchangeable bands, the collection has been an amazing success. Now lingni series classic reappearance, chic aesthetic feeling and exquisite craft is out. Inspired by historical classics, this series of watches is unique in the Arabic numerals inscribed on the wide circle of the watch, equipped with a beautiful circular case, elegant curve curve, and the unique idea of replaceable bands. This design exudes a strong aesthetic feeling, makes the subtle and petite dial full of vitality, and gives the whole series unique features. The perfect combination of band and case emphasizes the effect of “jewelry”. The ringy series is equipped with swiss-made automatic upper chain mechanism or quartz movement, and has both 27 mm and 32 mm case sizes available.


It is destined to be one of the most fascinating series. The popular karp blue series was inspired by a single button chronograph made in 1948. Designed with a curved glass mirror and a rounded back, the watch is considered a typical copy of the “pebble” pocket watch of the early 19th century. With both retro inspiration and modern appearance, the elegant and casual kappa chronograph is equipped with a speedometer and a rangefinder, reflecting the commitment of celebrities to excellence and design. And each star watch of this series more at the same time has automatic on – chain mechanical movement and flyback timing function. The timing mechanism with double needle tracking function Replica baume mercier watches For Salemanufactured by lajoux-perret mechanism factory is fixed with blue steel screw, and the core plate and splint are polished with circular arc, which is more exquisite and delicate. Through the transparent sapphire glass surface back, can be engraved brand name Phi and decorated with the cochlear pattern of the pendulum to show incisively and vividly.

Hamburton series

The timeless, laid-back and elegant hamptons epitomize intimate harmony. The historical watches of the 1940s above are the source of inspiration. The hamberton watch series presents a very stylish rectangular case, bringing a wonderful combination of exquisite design and attractive and relaxed life. As the brand’s only collection with both men’s and women’s wristwatches, it perfectly adheres to the traditional craft of unique art decoration, and presents perfectly from the satin polishing and polishing, the soft curve of 12 points and 6 points, the sapphire crystal glass of arc texture, and the arc window of 3 points and 9 points. Will have contemporary temperament extremely delicate design detail such as watchband to blend whole series, in order to reveal this series of high elegance acme charm. Both the women’s and men’s collections are the best interpretation of elegance and charm.

The cranberries

Perfect combination of classic and fashionable unique temperament, clemai series is a global business people unanimously recognized one of the best-selling watch. For these political and economic celebrities, the collection represents their distinctive style and unique wisdom. This series skillfully USES the exquisite Roman numerals to perfectly present the classic eternal traditional beauty, is the connotation rich symbol, does not boast the pomp, only wishes to share with the person who appreciates it. The clemai series Replica baume mercier watches For Sale equipped with automatic upper chain mechanical movement or quartz movement, and is equipped with some small and complicated functions, such as timepiece watch, power storage or double time zone display function, provides gold or fine steel case, and also perfectly displays excellent watch making skills, such as blue steel needle or line decoration.
Art concept

Famous people always adhere to the traditional and modern balanced belief, which combines innovative ideas, elegant superior Replica baume mercier watches For Sale quality and strict professional standards. All the time, the famous person watch all sticks to the faith, unceasingly studies to renew the technology, also clings to the time pulse, unceasingly brings forth the new, designs the design which is full of the modern breath but does not lose the traditional elegant design. With the development up to now, the famous watch has become the international advanced watch brand, whose sales network covers five continents, the famous person has repeatedly won the honor over the years, and has successfully developed a number of clock technology, is praised as the fashion, simple, elegant wrist watch master.

The ancient Greek word PHI, symbol of perfect harmony, is engraved on the crown or the movement of each celebrity table. This symbol represented the idea of the golden number and its perfectly harmonious proportions, which the great Darwin renamed sacred proportions in 1509. This classic code is the best guarantee of flawless craftsmanship and exceptional creativity.

Life style

“A constant flux of time”

In 2011, feeling the loss of those familiar marks, celebrities launched a new chapter to show the market the perspective of keeping up with The Times. In the face of social upheaval, grandiose times and economic depression, people are seeking for their own firm and unchanging values. They prefer products that are timeless and familiar. And a wristwatch has a real sense of connection to important moments in life: anniversaries or birthdays, graduations, weddings, freshmen, or family get-togethers. As a precious memento of a special occasion, a watch marks an important moment in life and gives more meaning to daily life. The warmth of celebrity watch comes from the gentle touch of leather, fine steel and skin, the click of hands and the rhythm of heartbeat. The famous person’s watch which accompanies in the wrist every day, carries the precious memory to the warm happy moment. The wristwatch will each profound happy memory storage, leaves the immortal memorial significance. “The precious moment of cohesion”, this philosophy of life perfectly matches the pure brand values conveyed by Replica baume mercier watches For Sale: joy, sharing and persistence. The brand’s perception of taste in life is re-communicated to consumers, and the relationship between family, friends and close lovers is the perfect interpretation of this new concept, because each precious moment Shared with friends and relatives is of great significance. In an age of upended values, a celebrity watch will become an indelible mark of a pleasant life and a tradition full of genuine feelings. [1]