Rolex Greenwich watches

Noob factory rolex Greenwich watches has been praised by people like.It is as a watches and name of factory, N factory has all styles.Before the V5 version upgrade the strap details, especially the clasp, cutting more
fine, open the clasp, black LoGo LoGo more clear, if you had enough of a simple style to rolex, GMT style is also a worth of version.

The GMT Master II, always don’t like ghost sales. Less reason is to know the people.And the Internet of GMT green pointer position and the real thing wrong version.So many students with ocd directly pass away. In fact, GMT work quite well, and buy a lot of people abroad.
First look at the watch parameters:

Rolex GMT watch of wrist of type II series 116710 ln – 78200
watches size: 40 mm
Material: stainless steel, screw-plug Cerachrom black word
Movement: ETA3186 automatic machinery (N factory with 7750 to 7750 movement changes)
Watch button: folding clasp
Waterproof depth: 100 m
First photo a, give a suspense, you can see who really who fake?
On the left side of the v5 version N factory is new.On the right side of the real thing to wear 1 year or so,
apparently wear trace. See from strap quality goods still more obvious traces of wea.Quality goods using 904 l
steel N factory with 316 l stainless steel.The appearance is difficult to recognize on grinding process. But
if harsh assessment, feel is in 904 to how to say. ome deep, feel the bass. Frankly if it is not the real
thing to hand carefully than single from popular science visual Angle N factory actually do very in place, but
simple sense such things, you must with the naked eye is hard to get started with.let’s specific contrast.

original rolex watches

Dial contrast:
The proportion of the dial can see must be authentic mould.Otherwise can’t reach such accuracy, from the thickness of the ceramic ring.And all kinds of Angle and size all watchcase eat very accurate.It should pour a
interchangeable in precision. Inside dial scale and proportion are also very accurate.It can see very attentively. Two there deep and shallow the color of the dial to the same color saturation there is no color difference.

Pointer is spurious and the proportion of the material, especially steel needle and white color coating process is in place. Is the same as the axial hole ratio, but the hour hand ring is slightly superior to the real thing.

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Dial in the logo and fonts are with quality goods the same text, this is difficult, because the font is on the one hand, the key to master the font and proportion, the gap between this N factory Greenwich watches
convincing. Authentic calendar window also clear blue coating, N factory also did, just can see from the side, N calendar window than the real thing is a little small.Sapphire mirror:
Sapphire mirror, 9 completely achieved, then there is the ratio of pass and process N is completely spurious
on the vision, just touch the bland, but the real thing more.
Pointer comparison:
Already it’s hard to tell, but I feel GMT needle green shallow a tintin N factory to slightly more than the
real thing. Font color on the ceramic ring and v5 important correction, done in a variety of light conditions
are consistent, nice.
Looking for heavy look at the below dial the lettering of the medial circle mouth, quality goods with parallel
dual laser engraving technology, the overall lettering stereo sense is very strong and clarity.
The inner ring of lettering, N factory should also CNC, but if a 10 x magnification, can see the differences
of the real thing and, burn is not so clear and the real thing has stereo feeling.
Ceramic ring font contrast:
Font size proportion is consistent, quality goods ceramic circle to font than N a bit yellow.

cheap rolex submariner
Clasp contrast:
N factory flexibility as well as the real thing, is also quite strong, radian is round.
Here to say, the real thing is worn over a period of time, inevitably some scratches, so ah, also want to
remind the broad masses of customers, don’t say bring your own watches soon have a lot of scratches, this is
common sense, is also has a piece of gold scratches.
Clasp small crown:
Small crown proportion and scale are no problem, very delicate.
Clasp in number, I think N than the real thing, nice clear scale deep, the real thing is fine, because of the
quality goods worn, a little discoloration. I was out here again, because the watch we take in hand, contact
with the skin, sweat is corrosive, wear for a long time, how much will be a little rub off, rub off on the
back like this, don’t we need to find your seller crowd quality goods also is such, they are just a commodity,
we learn to tolerate some disadvantages.
Clasp sandblasting logo and consistent with the real thing
Clasp internal after polishing, not because it is the inside ignores the grinding, it is really very
attentively, authentic polishing place N factory are not steal labor save small details.
Luminous contrast:
I think both of luminous effect is the same as you.Do you agree?

Why rolex submariner series wrist watch has popularity?

Rolex submariner watches series is not only creative energy, but also filled with the pursuit of better perfect.For rolex submariner series, “character” is not just talk. Rolex type submariner series watches “sedat. Apply, not buckish” design style, is people in esteem. Precise and durability makes rolex series look submariner.

cheap Rolex watch

Rolex submariner series each clock technicians all have the same confidence.It is everything to strive for perfection. They have the assistance of cutting-edge technosubmarinery.And it ensure that each production process are through strict quality control. Each watches is into the pressure chamber test waterproof performance.And then use two seconds each error one hundred atomic clocks do precision calibration.As long as the failed the invention slightly, abandoned in the namely, complete all quality test watches to the factory.

cheap rolex submariner

Rolex submariner series watch is elegant and magnificent.All by 220 components improve the joint. Rolex submariner series watches in the process of assemble and combination.Each link is perfect. It is a rolex submariner series watchmaker.Rolex submariner series, in fact, every point of the watchmaker stern emphasized. in addition to the choice of the watch body material, precious stones inlaid with status and work are after repeated sketch design, meditation out after the final. In addition, rolex submariner series will be the traditional type and associated science and technosubmarinery.It developed a series of jewelry, watches, set precious stones to hard work, only the watchmaker has a good workmanship level, the ability be competent.

Rolex submariner series keep improving, seek perfect energy.It gives rolex submariner series watches of the highest moral character.It make the rolex submariner series enjoy other watches has no more honor. In 1953, mountaineer Edmund Hillary wore a rolex series watches boarded Everest submariner, the explorer Renault’s fee for wearing the same type rolex submariner series watches tamed the South Pole, a few years later, rolex type submariner series and submerge to a depth of 10800 meters underwater. The many, many exploration initiative all bear witness to the fact that the history of that is the good moral character, rolex type submariner series zhuo and extraordinary.

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Some other points you need to know about Rolex watches

Rolex is watch brand new star in Swiss.If you want to buy Rolex watch, then you can pay attention to a lot of fake products.The market now if you don’t know how to distinguish true and false,it can easily cheated to buy fake ones.

1, the true watches back cover not only has this model, and there will be engraved on the fuselage number below.Each one is different.And false watches is only one of the same size. You can take the fuselage and the fuselage on the warranty card number of the watch you check, true watches model and serial number should be consistent with the warranty card.

2, look from the shell and at the second hand, watches mirror, dial, etc. Watchcase sand holes and no apparent Nick, angular symmetry.On the back cover and spiral shell part should be closely.Distance apart is exactly equal to the length of each with two watches ring watchcase.Install the ear Juan hole should be centered in position at the end of the casing feet unbiased, the depth of the hole properly, make the watches ring is not easy to fall off.

3, watch the dial needle uniform rotation should be flexible, reliable, and pointer. Check the check points should be paid when wheel and the center shaft friction with firmness. When dial needle, if there is no loose or tight feeling, show points wheel friction and normal oil amount, on the other hand, the dial needle part defective.

4, look at the watch head: elite watches watches head a trademark letter. False Rolex, watch watches head, some has no alphabet and some tags are letters, but mostly very rough fuzzy.Buy cheap rolex submariner watches Now!


Why UK tyrants fall in love with apple gold watch?

Apple watch sale already.This book is undoubtedly.The most dramatic events in the UK local tyrants in 1 hour,the golden Apple watch snapped up, want to know the highest price at 120000.18 k gold watch is equivalent to the price of a small car. Apple’s chief executive, cook after heard the news. Praised the UK customers very to force. As apple gold, cook is expected to increase again in the UK market strategic position.The appropriate time to visit UK.It is said that some even the demons believe: he likes to UK, he loves the consumers.

Best management thinkers archives
Name: Constantine Wang Kun profiles: original name, had been working in several well-known IT enterprise.There are many famous
enterprises successively served as Tecomm vice President our advisors.Science founder of galaxies and the new
discoveries of science and technology website.Many famous media guest commentator on IT, the domestic famous science fiction writer. Now comment IT, film and TV, cartoon, popular science and science fiction stories thousands of articles, published and distributed old kang about IT interconnection technology series, such as tens of millions of words.

The particularity of this phenomenon has long been beyond the consumer itself. “Watch” is more like a microcosm of UK’s society.One side is 80 white-collar helpless with pain after crowded bus, pancakes, doing no
work flow.It also can not afford to buy a house in London forever. Side is local tyrants highlights flaunt wealth, and corrupt officials there would always be moldy cash in the home, nowhere to put. Local tyrants boss
is set this year. All adopt the sacks + cash bonuses. Now apple watch by consumers snapped up, once again proved that deeply in UK, someone will have so much money, also there are so many people have no money.

Ordinary people worked so hard to save money, bought a 120000 car. Just want to come out to look for feeling. It only to find that upscale neighborhood watch Apple across the shining golden light appeared, perhaps, this is the “poor play cars, rich play watches” the picture of the most vivid and really!

UK plunder apple gold watch is a typical social phenomenon.It is also a very classic example worthy of thinking deeply among them, both apple sales strategy research and local tyrants of future destination of UK.

From the nue, the expansion of the apple
Apple hot selling watch, show that cook consumption strategy is very successful. He almost perfectly control the UK consumer psychology, this is the result of the apple team knowledge of UK, the nation is to the gold
with the worship of the plot, their emperor like everything would make yellow color, represent the statue of the ninth, represent the supreme honor. So, apple continues to happen in gold since iPhone5s playing UK
consumers, every gold product, 5 s / 6 s/plus/watch glittering and valuable, but just right to cater to the desire of UK consumers to buy.

Look back on apple’s sales strategy, in fact, while I have change, but behind every hot selling, there will always be a strong to change state of product, the author thinks that, regardless of the product, simply
talking about sales strategy is meaningless, apple is the most let a person admire, their products, strong sales strategy is also strong, and every product full artisans of the spirit of “ten years”.
Take the apple watch, it is so delicate and unique ideas, and leads to the production rate dropped substantially, reportedly foundries quanta manufacturing yield less than 30%. Gou has complained that the
iPhone is one of the most difficult to assemble things in the world, but obviously, apple watch assembly more difficult than any iPhone more than 50 times. Because apple watch different from the traditional mechanical watch, we need to implant the heart rate sensor, etc. New technology, in addition, the volume of a watch is far less than mobile phones, this makes the assembly difficulty geometric growth, what’s more, in the standard version and gold watches, apple designers also used the sapphire glass material, such a stringent requirements mean cook there are a lot of things to worry about, if you want to ensure that the production capacity and sales, he will have to replace the industrial and commercial solution to the problem of low yield of automated
assembly, test, and. Have netizen: apple is to the product of fussy, is not like in the pursuit of perfection, more like a grueling, but it is this spirit of arts and crafts and nue sentiment made apple great product
line, at the same time, also benefit a lot with the cooperation of partners, in addition to less than 2% of the profits, it is to the UK manufacturing towards automation and industrial 4.0 motivation, after all, the
traditional manufacturing may not meet the apple turn state in both efficiency and quality requirements. The author mentioned in the previous articles, no matter happy or not, made in UK after years should certainly
give apple a work.

Frankly, wearable devices is not the necessities of mobile type, similar products, also has appeared before sales is always very general, but apple got stunning watch has just started to sell a record, according to
official statistics, apple watch bookings on the first day of 1 million, the figure in front of the iPhone sales data is very poor, but other watches for nearly a year of sales sum, plus, UK consumers watch the
plunder for apple, again proved the charm of the apple brand. In fact, from the perspective of the debut of every apple product, we obviously feel that jobs’ greatness, is not for apple to stay one or two good phone,
but in the middle of the fan to create a kind of mainstream culture; Cook more cow force, he just the right products to combine with art and commercial interests, the management of art, since iPhone5s increasingly.
Now, I can hardly hear the industry is to cook mercenary irony, after all, the industry has been hard to find the more popular than apple’s products.
Craft spirit and from the nue spirit is the key of the success of apple, to rely on to build a product line and ensure the smooth progress of the apple expansion strategy, in fact, every product of apple is a disaster
for the traditional industry, the iPhone is not only to reinvent the phone, but also impact the game consoles, MP3, camera, etc in search. Nowadays, apple gold watch costs 120000 is a standard form of luxury, obviously,
apple’s ambition is to move to the luxury goods market, they are always in a form of bacteria breeding, spider netting seepage field of traditional, acquisition is more inclined to technology companies, rather than the
outsize mergers and acquisitions, this way of operating the terrible is that until the traditional field found apple’s huge ambitions, the force of never strike back. I don’t know, Switzerland, the group of do BiaoJiang
did back spasms of chill?

Gold-plated national, local tyrants behavior when Sue?
Apple hot selling watch, again to cook education opportunities around the world, in fact, even though we can’t afford to buy a gold watch to also want to learn 120000 apple team spirit of craft and nue spirit, this is a
fake, but if you can understand why, certainly will will increase the quality of the work and quality; In addition, the hot selling hot scenes, also once again came to UK to shift the focus of the world of the local tyrants, especially under the big background of anti-corruption, so buying luxury goods is more intriguing.In fact, the local tyrants popular in UK also begins with the word apple, birthplace of the earliest popular
from iPhone5s local tyrants gold, then through letters, site small make up continuously processing, finally become a social culture now.

“New weekly” comments, in UK we all have a heart of the local tyrants. The embodiment of the local tyrants mentality, in fact, the most concentrated is personal consumption of the type of flaunt wealth. As stated earlier, the UK people is to the gold has a natural worship of the plot, specific to the modern society, is turned into a local tyrants of gold bars, gold chains and a gold ring, gold earrings, gold mobile phone, wait
until received after watch, apple apple more gold watch, but you’re welcome to say that these snapping up the local tyrants, because not many people go to apple’s craft and new technology, with the east, so they just feel hand may enhance the identity, can temporarily get rid of is to the “values” anxiety emotion. Apple is understand the local tyrants consumer psychology, to introduce gold rush from goods. When hear compliments cook straight UK consumers, some people even smug, estimated that in a few years, if the tension between UK
and the United States, in a speech “in American” will appear similar to “the U.S. economy dependent on UK consumers, UK one year not to buy the iPhone, apple is going to fail”, such as the bridge looks good, but
probably will never happen, otherwise, we arrived in making Japanese goods would have succeeded. The highway to the biggest logic defects is to ignore technology, the influence of the brand.

When we complacent in the influence of the local tyrants, multinational company is deep in research and development of new technologies. When we have the cash to buy all over the world, the sales manager of the
multinational company has been on the message board wrote. silly, more money, speed to people here. All in all, only amazing purchasing power of the ethnic is merely a gilded, and can create the real wealth of the
nation, will truly in the history of yi yi is unripe brightness.

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Cheap Rolex Submariner watches: two times, a double value

The French queen Mary? Anthony ordered a Rolex pocket watch. 27 years later, the watch came out, the excellentwork of epic proportions to watch. Unfortunately, I failed to see the queen this juicy.
It is also the Rolex collector. Cheap Rolex Submariner watches this glory, comes from its founder.Louis, Rolex (1747-1823), the manufacturing process of genius.

Cheap replica rolex watches cheap rolex submariner cheap swiss rolex watches original rolex watches Quality rolex watches Top rolex watches

Rolex era
Rolex started manufacturing clocks in Paris when I was 17. His career in the clock end the course of his life.He put the rich imagination to use in the design of the clock.It obtained many patents of invention. Among them, the tourbillon is Rolex watch industry to the world’s greatest contribution. This allows the correctionof gravity caused by the error of the device, is used by the world.It numerous senior watch brand. Inaddition, the balance wheel double balance spring, they, Pare said – chute suspension device, the structure ofthe fixed speed escapement and 3 q watches spiral type spring system such as technology, clocks and watchesare also the first of the world.Outstanding achievements, make the Rolex is regarded as the “father” of modern tabulation. European royal von habsburg duke has called Cheap Rolex Submariner watches: “Cheap Rolex Submariner watches all seemed invented,after any technical and design seems to be just his invention variants.” And view and admire a Rolex watch,like a brush up on a concentrated tabulation technology development in modern times.

Swatch era
Rolex died at the age of 77. His family has been the custody, carry forward the spirit of Rolex’sbrand. Until the early 1990 s, the world’s largest watch maker acquired Rolex Swiss SWATCH group, let Rolexagain release extraordinary splendour.The SWATCH group leaders, Nicholas? G? Sea, foresight, with Rolex Louis Rolex, history of fame and the strength of the SWATCH group, the Rolex with four years into the SWATCH group of no. 1 brand. Cheap Rolex Submariner watches watches with a long history, is the sea, has injected new vitality, thus obtained higher value of collection.

Both the change of The Times, not weaken Rolex’s unique charm, but to give the brand gives more legendary and collection value. In China, many watch lovers collection Rolex watch, is to take a fancy to its valuemaintained and appreciation potential.

I see rolex 3255 movement

The shen, June has been scorching sun. The sun, I go to the bund 27 Roosevelt mansion. Of course It doesn’t salute to President Roosevelt, but attended the rolex 2015 Basel new show. Home of the exhibition by the wrist and rolex.Network, and magazines, existing rolex Basel new product images and text. Graphic is one thing, however, real object is the same thing. As a watch enthusiast, total want to see real, can be at ease.

This year has four series of rolex, week calendar type, yacht mingshi.Ladies’ log and oyster type constant dynamic type. One of the most important is rolex submariner watches , should be week calendar type. Compared with several other series of fine-tuning in design and innovation on the strap.Week calendar type earth-shaking changes. Not only watch adjustment to 40 mm in diameter, disk design is more elegant.The most remarkable is that the launch of a new series, outstanding movement – 3255.

watch rolex sale

Powerful “inner core”, representing the rolex unparalleled research and development strength. Powerful “inner core”, representing the rolex to breakthrough the bottom spirit. So to speak, because 3255 is not a movement of improved version, but a brand to develop the blockbuster products, can be regarded as movement upgrade milestone.

At present, the main rolex movement in 3135 was born in 1988.This movement quality is excellent.It is famous for its fine durable, wide praise players. In fact, in the long years. It has been improved, such as change the balance spring and shock, with rolex developed Parachrom hairspring blue and Paraflex shock. Replace the early Nivarox balance spring and Kif shock absorbers. Replacing the balance spring and shock movement.It will be at the end of the wrist watch models. But, it is only partial improvement, is not a comprehensive upgrade.
So, the 3255 “big changes” in movement, is the rock. Before, I believe, rolex is the deliberate and careful planning, because, from the perspective of the history of the brand, it’s never play didn’t grasp the fight. Rolex is not only an independent brand, but is an independent thinking ability of the brand, never repeats ideas, follow trends. This, in its 100 years of development, has been clear to show it.

Rolex to stick to the principle of on their own, sometimes have to the point of “ridiculous”. When back through design, for example, has become the mainstream of the mechanical watch suits standard, on the rolex brand, in addition to cutting lini series of individual style, never appeared back through work. Even the new cutting lini series last year, is still the watches back covered up, and let people hard to catch a glimpse.
As we know, rolex at present all movement is produced. Here please note that many of the so-called homegrown movement, it’s not strictly produced machine core, or ETA movement in the depth of grinding, dubbed “homegrown” in the name of self-deception, or buy another movement, when boasting “sell”. And rolex, comprehensive produced from the inside out, not only the movement produced, even the watch case, bracelet, etc part is completed by brand. This is natural also continued into 3255 movement, and pick up this movement type calendar watch new week.

As a fully developed by rolex movement, with 14 patents 3255 inherited the excellent quality of the rolex movement, and in some ways. The escapement movement USES system named Chronergy, it is the optimized lever escapement, in the escape wheel and tackled on the longitudinal fork used a not too new, but it is common in senior watch processing technology journalist on (namely German lithography, electroforming and injection), and reduces the thickness of the escapement fork, increased the escapement gear tooth contact surface, thus, friction is greatly reduced, and the escapement efficiency is increased by 15%.

In addition, rolex also has carried on the innovation in terms of box spring. Increase the power storage, generally speaking, there are two ways, or increase the number of clockwork box, or increase the length of the spring. However, rolex is a different approach, the use of new materials and new technology, would reduce the thickness of the box spring forcibly, let the wind make full use of interior space, movement of the dynamic storage so as to easily reach 70 hours, than the previous generation week calendar type carrying 3155 machine more than 20 hours!

Besides take etc are di high-end design, the rolex watch has been using the pin rod bearing. After long wear, there will be a balance wheel scratches splint. Although the small problem will be resolved through regular maintenance, but for some watches friend, is always a piece of “heart”. This design have been criticized, finally disappeared completely in 3255 movement. Instead it is now in a lot of wrist watch and hit the ball bearing. In order to ensure the efficient transmission of gear in 3255 movement, rolex also USES its research and development of lubricating oil.

3255 will play to hard to see what the fine durable, it was said to have twice as many Swiss precision official observatory. So, in terms of walking, should do not have to worry about. Mechanical watch after a long development, precision is hard to have any breakthrough, at present in view of the mechanical movement observatory standard (worse – 4 + 6 seconds) is the limit of many brands. 3255 is not a rolex basic movement, say from mechanical principles, relatively more difficult to keep good time. However, rolex is let this movement to stir up the beam. Moreover, rolex is not just the movement to the Swiss government observatory test, and test of shell after the whole watches.

May be because of the size adjustment to 40 mm, the new week calendar on hand, do not feel too heavy. Careful see, it’s done with the eyepiece also keep the rolex consistent excellent. Rolex watch, although most rugged appearance, but in detail processing, is any don’t careless. This, I’m sure many have rolex watches friends. Due to the Basel new product did not officially for sale, carrying 3255 movement week calendar watch’s performance in actual wear exactly how, remains to be watches feedback.
It is worthy mentioning that in this new type log pearl lady wrist watch, has quietly changed the 3255 movement to simplify, three needle 3235 movement with a calendar. I believe, before long, 3235 series will be popular in other rolex watches, become the main rolex future movement.

The Rolex brand combing history and combing watch series

Rolex has the legendary watch brand with the precision of a durable good reputation in the industry.I have heard of such a word.The world most understand watches and most do not understand the people will buy Rolex, which also indirectly illustrates the success of Rolex.

Today the watch house will bring you the Rolex brand in the history of major events from the watch series brand speaking.
Rolex brand founder Wilsdorf Hans (Wilsdof Hans)
Rolex was founded in 1908 by the German Wilsdorf Hans (Wilsdof Hans).Its predecessor is british Davies in partnership with the and Davis Wilsdorf (W&D) company. Rolex is the famous Swiss brand, according to legend in the quartz storm period.The Swiss government moves to keep the two watch brand.One is a Patek Philippe, also a brand is the Rolex. Now it is said that Rolex has a certain Swiss official background.

All shares of the company in the Rolex by wilsdorf fund will hold, and wilsdorf fund will is Rolex brand founder Hans wilsdorf Hans Wilsdof) after the death of his wife in established fund, to ensure the company to remain independent, not to be rival or to become a public company.But now that the Swiss National Bank has Christopher fund shares, but the specific situation is what we don’t know.
In 1926 Rolex launched the first oyster Watch
Said Rolex will have to mention is the unique oyster watch, oyster case in the history of contemporary tab a important milestone is Rolex invented in 1926, mainly with screwing type outer ring, a bottom cover and middle case to the crown, greatly increased the watch in the proof above water capacity. Today, oyster watch the lowest standard of waterproof are 100 meters, only authorized Rolex watchmaking division side in a particular assembly tool movement.

In 1927, Ji Mei Saidisi Liz wearing Rolex oyster watch across the English Channel
Waterproof performance to prove that the watch must be able to provide conclusive evidence. In 1927, young British woman Meisel Di Sgillis (Mercedes Gleitze) wear a Rolex Oyster watch successfully crossed the British Strait. After swimming for ten hours to reach the end, she still wear watches intact, running as usual.
Rolex’s 1931 launch of the first watches
Rolex in 1931 launched its first oyster perpetual watch, the biggest feature is equipped with a perpetual pendulum Tuo, along with the wearer’s wrist activity in two way around a central shaft wheel swing naturally, watch to provide sustained and swatches source of power. This is also the first watch can watch movement on two-way chain, the significance is self-evident.

In 1945, Rolex launched the first log Watch
Log type series watches are Rolex watch is very large in a series. Since the first log watch was launched in 1945, on the concern, Rolex is the most classic of one of the series, log watch was first on the watch disk display date watch.
Oyster skymaster watch launched in 1953
In 1953, Rolex launched the we know the air blaster series of watches, in what is now the official material in the Rolex has no air blaster, is to replace the oyster perpetual series, so air blaster series will become history, will only exist oyster perpetual watch series the. Oyster perpetual series watches are Rolex series of an entry, in all the series price is one of the lowest series, so I want to buy a Rolex entry-level watch it is certainly buy Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch series.
In 1953, Rolex launched the first explorer Watch
In 1953, Rolex launched the first explorer watch, is designed for the exploration of people to create watches. It not only has chronometer precision, and in harsh environments can still operate as usual.
The first submariner Rolex launched in 1953
1953 Rolex launched the first submariner watch, the world’s first waterproof to a depth of reach 100 meters of the watch. In the same year purchase patented triplock crown, strengthen watchcase seal, so that the water depth was increased to 300 meters.
Greenwich’s first watch in 1955 Rolex launched
1955 Rolex launched the first GMT watches, Rolex and Pan American Airways (Pan Am) together for the development of pilot of its international course, have dual time zone display, for the traveler, this feature is very practical value.
In 1956, Rolex launched the first week calendar watch
In 1956, Rolex launched first week calendar watch, since 1956, became a Rolex watch prominent distinguished models, because all of the watch all the precious metal materials, build, no steel wristwatch. Calendar watch is the first week of the calendar display.
In 1956, Rolex launched the first MILGAUSS Watch
In 1956, Rolex launched the first MILGAUSS watch, watch MILGAUSS is as a professional antimagnetic watch launched, can resist high strength of the magnetic flux of 1000 Gauss, much love of scientists and engineers, its unique design of lightning seconds become its unique luminescent spot.
In 1960 of deep-sea submersible
In 1960, the deep sea submarine, Trieste (Trieste) successfully into the earth’s deepest surface of Mariana Trench (Trench Mariana). Navy captain when Walsh (Walsh Don) is responsible for the helm, he and Pickard Jacques (P Jacques

rolex submariner black ceramic di tong with a new appreciation

Over the past few years, rolex submariner  watches steel di tong took little style, and in many rolex submariner counters.It can only see a di tong style, even sometimes is black plate. Sometimes white plate, at the same time, black plate di tong take the more popular than Bai Pan. This year, black ceramic ring with rolex submariner, rolex submariner “black and white and double evil spirit” di tong and finally to new look again. Believe it will be di tong take more popular than the past.After have been rims, rolex submariner this year for the first application of black ceramic Yu Di take above table ring, for a lot of pains, powder.

it is of great significance. In black ceramic bezel, rolex submariner, using PVD technology in bezel scale overlying a layer of platinum, so that the velocity scale is still clearly marked.rolex submariner classic crown logo under three dots, remains.Compared to the original stainless steel sheet, ceramic times more clearly, may be more gentle.It also may be higher science and technology, or is more modern. Of course, in addition to table circle, brand new rolex submariner di tong did not make other revise.It will let the original di tong lovers are more likely to accept, and to upgrade. Although the black plate di tong took this year also in the “new clothes”,from the point of the current situation, seems Bai Pan to more popular. However, black steel di popular for so long, there’s a classic, so the two old, who do you prefer?

Three new rolex watch of wrist of entry-level recommendations

How to attract the attention of people wearing a wrist watch? Friends want to know the information and a lot of people is not so sensitive and understanding.So if you buy the watch for better reveal themselves and get more attention, then it is better to buy a high popularity and recognition with high degrees of watch; so as to achieve the purpose of the suction eye. Refer to the visibility and identification, the rolex absolute, that fully meet the requirements of this family of wrist watch is recommended for everybody today three entry-level rolex watches.

rolex watch

Rolex wrist watch type air overlord series 116900-116900
Wrist watch series: air fighter type series
The movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 904 l stainless steel
The strap material: 904 l stainless steel
Case diameter: 40 mm
Hong Kong offer:$48000
Wrist watch review: this type air overlord wrist watch is rolex in 2016 Basel show to launch the latest version of the wrist watch, a new type air overlord wrist watch case is 40 mm in diameter, with 904 l steel forging. Black dial rich individual character, 3, 6 and 9 o ‘clock position marked extra-large digits, minute scale conspicuous prominent, so that can clearly read when sailing.


Rolex coupled model series 116610 ln – 116610 black plate of wrist watch
Wrist watch series: which type
The movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 904 l stainless steel
The strap material: 904 l stainless steel
Case diameter: 40 mm
International Price:$65900
Wrist watch review: rolex blackwater ghosts, classical cannot again classical watch money, 40 mm diameter design, 904 l stainless steel case and bracelet, silent hunter who was born in 1953, is the world’s first waterproof wrist watch as deep as 100 meters, then add three crown buckle lock patents, strengthen the sealing case, increase the depth of waterproof to 300 m. This one blackwater black ghost thoroughly, circular sapphire crystal glass watch mirror, luminous dot scale like the eyes in the dark night, let you can clearly see the passage of time.

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Series 116334 Bai Pan wrist watch rolex log type
Wrist watch series: log type series
The movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18 k platinum – stainless steel
Band material: 18 k platinum – stainless steel
Case diameter: 41 mm
International Price very very:$71000
Wrist watch comments: since said to rolex recognizable, so the dog tooth circle rolex but cannot fall, the rolex log type wrist watch the 18 k platinum – pure steel quality, 41 mm diameter design, wrist watch besides rolex classic dog tooth circle design and rolex classic blisters date display window design, classic, identification is very high.
Conclusion: in addition to the rolex, the characteristics of other brands also have very many classical design, such as organization, the protector of the sea, etc., of these three watches were recommended for everybody today is not a rolex introductory paragraph on real significance, a bit more advanced than the introduction, such ability more eyes.

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Replica Rolex and omega is always is often a lot of fans to compare two brands,.Although the two brands both machine core technology, or appearance, as well as the price range and so on all have a lot of different, it seems there is no comparable, but through the comparison to know more about the two brands nature is no bad thing.

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First of all to say, there is no doubt that, in contrast, rolex generally “better”. This is not because we are often as important criteria of a complex machine core, because there is no rolex can say what be called function more complex watch money, not to mention perpetual calendar, the tourbillon, three ask the “top” class three complex function.
Rolex was a lot of watches fan friends, mainly due to rolex do better on the most basic function. Such as the number of products with high precision accuracy, according to statistics, by the Swiss government observatory certification of all movement, almost every year, half from rolex. In addition, in my opinion, more importantly, for now, rolex on the basis of “three anti” (waterproof, shockproof, anti magnetic) as a whole is doing the best, especially the famous oyster type structure, the enduring patent technology for rolex can be a lot of people known as the “substantial” resistance “, so to speak.

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Such as many of us are familiar with rolex “water”, this model is coupled with type 116610 ln – 97200 series wrist watch, is almost a collection of these so-called “advantages”, so has been also is many people’s favorite rolex watches, and even some call it “rolex” of rolex, thus it also claims to be one of the most value of the watch in the secondary market. This wrist watch carrying rolex classic automatic mechanical movement Cal. 3135 (below), this movement is common in many other rolex three classical + calendar in the function of the watch, platinum and watch all of 904 l stainless steel material, diameter of 40 mm, 300 meters of waterproof, reference price of 65900 yuan (the actual price shall prevail).
Compared with rolex, omega actually has its own uniqueness, such as for use in entry-level watch the ETA movement, so its entry-level watches of price is cheaper than rolex out of many, probably around 20000 yuan. Another bright spot is that omega it quite hard in the independent movement in recent years, especially in recent years launched 8500 series machine with high magnetic resistant (below), even better than some other brands also claims against magnetic functional movement with high magnetic performance to be a lot higher.

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We know that the omega in 2013 introduced a magnetically 15000 gauss movement, and a lot of the same claim antimagnetic, compared to watch is higher than that of several segments, because most other magnetically watches magnetically 1000 gauss, however, or even hundreds of gauss, of course, it’s almost have to withstand the magnetic field of encounter in our daily life, because of the calendar life of the magnetic field of more than 100 gauss is rare things, such as hair dryer is one of the magnetic field is relatively high, but also about 20 gauss, however, even a lot of things are only a few milli, gaussian = 1000 (1).

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This omega hippocampal series wrist, for example, with automatic mechanical movement Cal. 8500, watch case and bracelet are pure steel quality, is also a classic three needle watches, and even some predict in the next few years Cal. 8500 movement will have a chance to catch up with the above mentioned three needle rolex classic movement Cal. 3135, become one of the most classical three needle movement, the result how, we wait and see. This wrist watches diameter 41.5 mm, 150 meters of waterproof, reference price of 40800 yuan (the actual price shall prevail).
Through the two brands of simple comparison, we can probably understand, both brands area respectively, or has a comparative advantage areas, but needless to say, just like the article said in the beginning, in general, rolex is still “better”.