The Rolex brand combing history and combing watch series

Rolex has the legendary watch brand with the precision of a durable good reputation in the industry.I have heard of such a word.The world most understand watches and most do not understand the people will buy Rolex, which also indirectly illustrates the success of Rolex.

Today the watch house will bring you the Rolex brand in the history of major events from the watch series brand speaking.
Rolex brand founder Wilsdorf Hans (Wilsdof Hans)
Rolex was founded in 1908 by the German Wilsdorf Hans (Wilsdof Hans).Its predecessor is british Davies in partnership with the and Davis Wilsdorf (W&D) company. Rolex is the famous Swiss brand, according to legend in the quartz storm period.The Swiss government moves to keep the two watch brand.One is a Patek Philippe, also a brand is the Rolex. Now it is said that Rolex has a certain Swiss official background.

All shares of the company in the Rolex by wilsdorf fund will hold, and wilsdorf fund will is Rolex brand founder Hans wilsdorf Hans Wilsdof) after the death of his wife in established fund, to ensure the company to remain independent, not to be rival or to become a public company.But now that the Swiss National Bank has Christopher fund shares, but the specific situation is what we don’t know.
In 1926 Rolex launched the first oyster Watch
Said Rolex will have to mention is the unique oyster watch, oyster case in the history of contemporary tab a important milestone is Rolex invented in 1926, mainly with screwing type outer ring, a bottom cover and middle case to the crown, greatly increased the watch in the proof above water capacity. Today, oyster watch the lowest standard of waterproof are 100 meters, only authorized Rolex watchmaking division side in a particular assembly tool movement.

In 1927, Ji Mei Saidisi Liz wearing Rolex oyster watch across the English Channel
Waterproof performance to prove that the watch must be able to provide conclusive evidence. In 1927, young British woman Meisel Di Sgillis (Mercedes Gleitze) wear a Rolex Oyster watch successfully crossed the British Strait. After swimming for ten hours to reach the end, she still wear watches intact, running as usual.
Rolex’s 1931 launch of the first watches
Rolex in 1931 launched its first oyster perpetual watch, the biggest feature is equipped with a perpetual pendulum Tuo, along with the wearer’s wrist activity in two way around a central shaft wheel swing naturally, watch to provide sustained and swatches source of power. This is also the first watch can watch movement on two-way chain, the significance is self-evident.

In 1945, Rolex launched the first log Watch
Log type series watches are Rolex watch is very large in a series. Since the first log watch was launched in 1945, on the concern, Rolex is the most classic of one of the series, log watch was first on the watch disk display date watch.
Oyster skymaster watch launched in 1953
In 1953, Rolex launched the we know the air blaster series of watches, in what is now the official material in the Rolex has no air blaster, is to replace the oyster perpetual series, so air blaster series will become history, will only exist oyster perpetual watch series the. Oyster perpetual series watches are Rolex series of an entry, in all the series price is one of the lowest series, so I want to buy a Rolex entry-level watch it is certainly buy Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch series.
In 1953, Rolex launched the first explorer Watch
In 1953, Rolex launched the first explorer watch, is designed for the exploration of people to create watches. It not only has chronometer precision, and in harsh environments can still operate as usual.
The first submariner Rolex launched in 1953
1953 Rolex launched the first submariner watch, the world’s first waterproof to a depth of reach 100 meters of the watch. In the same year purchase patented triplock crown, strengthen watchcase seal, so that the water depth was increased to 300 meters.
Greenwich’s first watch in 1955 Rolex launched
1955 Rolex launched the first GMT watches, Rolex and Pan American Airways (Pan Am) together for the development of pilot of its international course, have dual time zone display, for the traveler, this feature is very practical value.
In 1956, Rolex launched the first week calendar watch
In 1956, Rolex launched first week calendar watch, since 1956, became a Rolex watch prominent distinguished models, because all of the watch all the precious metal materials, build, no steel wristwatch. Calendar watch is the first week of the calendar display.
In 1956, Rolex launched the first MILGAUSS Watch
In 1956, Rolex launched the first MILGAUSS watch, watch MILGAUSS is as a professional antimagnetic watch launched, can resist high strength of the magnetic flux of 1000 Gauss, much love of scientists and engineers, its unique design of lightning seconds become its unique luminescent spot.
In 1960 of deep-sea submersible
In 1960, the deep sea submarine, Trieste (Trieste) successfully into the earth’s deepest surface of Mariana Trench (Trench Mariana). Navy captain when Walsh (Walsh Don) is responsible for the helm, he and Pickard Jacques (P Jacques

rolex submariner black ceramic di tong with a new appreciation

Over the past few years, rolex submariner  watches steel di tong took little style, and in many rolex submariner counters.It can only see a di tong style, even sometimes is black plate. Sometimes white plate, at the same time, black plate di tong take the more popular than Bai Pan. This year, black ceramic ring with rolex submariner, rolex submariner “black and white and double evil spirit” di tong and finally to new look again. Believe it will be di tong take more popular than the past.After have been rims, rolex submariner this year for the first application of black ceramic Yu Di take above table ring, for a lot of pains, powder.

it is of great significance. In black ceramic bezel, rolex submariner, using PVD technology in bezel scale overlying a layer of platinum, so that the velocity scale is still clearly marked.rolex submariner classic crown logo under three dots, remains.Compared to the original stainless steel sheet, ceramic times more clearly, may be more gentle.It also may be higher science and technology, or is more modern. Of course, in addition to table circle, brand new rolex submariner di tong did not make other revise.It will let the original di tong lovers are more likely to accept, and to upgrade. Although the black plate di tong took this year also in the “new clothes”,from the point of the current situation, seems Bai Pan to more popular. However, black steel di popular for so long, there’s a classic, so the two old, who do you prefer?

Is your “pretend bility” — Rolex Submariner Watches mark

For a long time, we just mention Rolex Submariner Watches, we can very naturally think of a word: expensive!

No matter what, everyone’s first impression is the Rolex Submariner Watches watch prices. Rolex Submariner

Watches is not the average person is able to collect, hearing this, you might be scoffed at, but still have a

point: one reason because the price of its nature; Another reason, it is to be patient.

Rolex Submariner Watches
Rolex Submariner Watches has been also called “watches king” of the industry, it pursues a limited production,

annual production of 50000 only. In more than a half century, Rolex Submariner Watches (limited number of

watches, may also offset some fashion wrist watch production, and only in the sale of the world’s top shops.

High prices do not necessarily represent the high quality, but your Rolex Submariner Watches, but your sense.

The observatory certification
Know some knowledge of wrist watch will know some watches mark and certification, which is compared with

typical observatory mark certification and Geneva. Personally think that today’s observatory certification is

the “dying”, relatively, the industry recognized industry standards is Geneva seal. Before, Rolex Submariner

Watches also advocates of Geneva’s mark.

Geneva seal
Today, however, there are more and more won the Geneva seal watch brands. Although, for some new brand, this

is an opportunity to improve their social status. Rolex Submariner Watches was beginning to think that the

entry of some brands, makes the Geneva seal has the authority of past, no longer continue to use the mark in

Geneva is a matter of “insulting” aristocrats.
Rolex Submariner Watches’s mark
Rolex Submariner Watches watches have Geneva seal, is the real “blue blood”, also because of this, there will

be someone to Rolex Submariner Watches as a “reference”. Our king “watches” can’t stand, so the Rolex

Submariner Watches has decisively out of the Geneva seal. And announced in 2009 for mechanical watches a new

quality standard, Rolex Submariner Watches mark (Rolex Submariner Watches Seal).

Rolex Submariner Watches
All the standard into the Rolex Submariner Watches tabulation process and characteristics, excellent timing

precision and lifetime warranty service, thus far beyond the Swiss watch all existing standards. Through the

integration of professional knowledge, bold innovation and technical progress, Rolex Submariner Watches stamp

to ensure the Rolex Submariner Watches chronometer works have lasting quality. Rolex Submariner Watches’s mark

is suiwatches for the wrist watch, it is the only one can monitor the stamp of the wrist watch for life

quality, and production date without considering the wrist watch. It has a detailed implementation rules, and

managed by an independent regulator. In combination with other quality standards, the “mark” represents a

Rolex Submariner Watches.

Rolex Submariner Watches
This mark for Rolex Submariner Watches manufacturing since 1839 when each meter works provide life-long

maintenance and repair services. As a family business, stearns family are the guardians of the quality

standards. Symbol of “Rolex Submariner Watches” again to prove its will never sacrifice the quality of the

hour meter. So with the help of the “mark”, Rolex Submariner Watches to ensure timely meter works can be

handed down from generation to generation.

Rolex Submariner Watches’s mark
Geneva and twelve criterion, Rolex Submariner Watches mark also has its own unique standards. Rolex Submariner

Watches’s mark is not suiwatches for machine core, it involves: atlas, dial, pointer, buttons, strap gave

birth to the ear, etc., involving even finished watches the aesthetics and function of standard.
1. For wrist watch machine core diameter greater than 20 mm, the accuracy must be walking in every 24 hours –

3 / + 2 seconds.
2. For wrist watch machine core diameter of less than 20 mm, the accuracy must be walking in every 24 hours –

5 / + 4 seconds.
3. During the final testing using kinetic simulator must be measured when precision in every 24 hours – 2 / +

1 seconds.
4. The average travel time of all six test position accuracy and precision when the maximum deviation between

each position shall not be more than 4 seconds every 24 hours.
Rolex Submariner Watches
Each Rolex Submariner Watches the tourbillon wristwatch as precision are recorded on a wrist watch while on

the certificate issued by independent. More important is: to achieve internal precision when the standard,

different from the shell machine only for which the traditional test method, Rolex Submariner Watches walking

the final test in all assembled on the wrist.

Rolex Submariner Watches
If the mark of the Geneva is the manufacture of watches brand “upgrade” “necessities”, then Rolex Submariner

Watches’s mark is the family business owner for every Rolex Submariner Watches’s eternal commitment. Not all

brands can be a Rolex Submariner Watches, maybe the quality first-class, skilled watchmaker, but Rolex

Submariner Watches is a truly responsible for their own tea, be responsible for its own brand “aristocratic”.

“Aristocratic” have their own pride, Rolex Submariner Watches has “watches” king “pretend bility,” after all,

not everyone could rebel against authority, because it is his authority.

An aerial “comeback” appreciation of rolex submariner watch

Mentioned type air overlord, believes that many old fan can tell me a story of a popular. Once pay tribute to the pilot’s rolex submariner watch of aviation products, after the silence for many years.Unlike in the past, this
time, the air fighter type wrist size increased to 40 mm, movement using a rolex top observatory attestation of type 3131 automatic winding machine, air master both in design and performance than the old, have improved.

cheap Rolex watch

The new type air overlord wrist watch case is 40 mm in diameter, with 904 l steel forging. Black dial rich individual character, 3, 6 and 9 o ‘clock position marked extra-large digits, minute scale conspicuous prominent, so that can clearly read when sailing.

“submariner” on the dial (Air fighter type), the font used in the 1950 s for the original watches and design.The new type air overlord rolex watch reflected in the 1930 s contact with the industry’s unique. In the
golden age of aviation, aircraft performance with each passing day, expanding route, long-haul flights are also introduced.

Air fighter type wrist supplement 904 l steel solid link oyster type strap, equipped with folding oyster type buckle, buckle is installed easy adjustable link. This rolex patent extension device design is clever, can
easily let wear about 5 mm longer strap, in any case, wearing comfort.
Hot submariner, there is another important reason, is the first to use the golden crown and rolex green trademark such classical collocation.

There is no doubt that the new type air overlord will like other oyster type wrist to attention, and will be one of this year’s annual hot money, its position in the rolex entry-level pricing, will also attract a lot of
young people loves rolex watches.

Rolex watches’s mysterious

When I was child, there is a very popular sitcom called “I love my family”. Whenever this is a summer vacation homework must review, accompanied by laughter. When more than 20 years, so far those characters in my heart can not go beyond. This is a kind of authentication, experience and common growth after 70, 80, 90 or even have some feeling. I always remember when fortune after Zhang (played by nanny a corner of a word lines: “hand wear a Rolex watch, lying in the Simmons bed”.
A generation of memory situation comedy “I love my family”
At that time. Rolex gave me a dream feeling, the reason is very simple.I did not wear the watches, but the bed you sleep every day. That era of popular soft mattress, very comforwatches. This is also a kind of brand awareness of the enlightenment. I think that time for advertising implants is not very investment, perhaps this is a real natural social situation.

Wearing a Rolex watch on behalf of your success. Senior watches often have a symbol of identity, or that is a cause of the success of the reward.
A close-up of the Rolex watch in the Hongkong film 90 years, Hong Kong and Taiwan films are very popular in the era, I dare say that the current Hong Kong and Taiwan film is very difficult to go beyond that era. Hongkong people for Rolex submariner watches is very popular in the repertoire.There are often some close-up. For example, send a Rolex watches as a souvenir, the feeling is casual. I am not in Hong Kong, where lived, so at that time can only be felt Rolex watches badly, but human breath or whether it is a commercial operation, can not make improper comments.Rolex 16233 2000 or so.

cheap Rolex watch

I entered the watch industry. At first Rolex watch, I saw a lot of a lot of. Then give me the first feeling, just feel very old. How are the same style of oyster. Most is the model for the 16233 gold models of the Datejust log type, or else is 18238 of the double calendar 18K gold watches. Indeed, the case of heavy head, with a lock, not very pleasing. Compared to those of the ultra-thin style, the shape of some of the other brands, the appearance seems to be much better than Rolex. Generally speaking, Chinese people like things have two extremes, a kind of like particularly clever of, at a glance you can feel his intentions is exquisite, another like extremely durable, saying is very rugged, anti made, I want to Rolex should belong to the latter.
Dazzling 10 years time, circulation time, I from the early exposure to watch factory, to the watch quality performance testing division, watch appraisers, later played in Switzerland, Richemont group as a watch repairman who, these work experience so that I have a very in-depth understanding on the cognition of the Rolex. Zheng Guofan’s very good training: “there are two end, people see the near, I see it far, said the. People see its thick, I see its fine, said the smart”.

At first, the feeling is not necessarily the right feeling, just like a man to see a woman, pay attention to the appearance of more, less attention to the internal. Rolex can focus on the inner world.
Mysterious brand
Introduction to the history of the brand, I would like to now through the network access will be very simple to get the appropriate information. Rolex brand founded by time in the whole Swiss brand count time later, founded in 1905, 1926 stereotypes of oyster models watches, although it after the reform almost remain the style. This is very rare.
Early Rolex calendar

rolex watch sale
Here I would like to focus on the introduction of ROLEX this English, some English common sense of a friend. You will find that this brand of English is composed of two English words, ROLLING plus EXCELLENT, what do you mean? The direct translation of Chinese is a wonderful operation. The clever combination of the word gives Rolex a charm. Trademark crown logo is five fingers, palms evolved, represent hand-made significance. The combination of the two means that the wonderful operation of hand made. The meaning of this brand is very little of the Swiss brand.
The practical significance of the series of points – to choose suiwatches for your RolexRegardless of other brands of overelaborated series, Rolex you can simply log and Shanghai air force. This is the four series Rolex main sales, as a special Cellini and Prince watches can almost ignore the doctor. The reason is that when you visit the Rolex store, the latter is almost a special variety of species rarely seen.
Rolex 116610LV

rolex watch store
The armed forces and the log type are oyster type, the function and the crowd is not the same. Navy watches in the Rolex is called submerged person, and a call type yacht, watch function is generally with 300 meters waterproof, three needle instant needle, minute hand, second hand, plus a calendar. We are also called Hymenocallis, currently sells the fire is green dial the green ghost 116610LV.
Army in the Rolex called explorer, Greenwich, watch function is generally has 100 meters waterproof, four needle is commonly used three needle, and a root is GMT needle, the purpose is to show that the function of the second time zone, plus a calendar. I have heard some of the watches friends will be able to use the Explorer can read the function of the three time zone. Currently sold more good is the old saying called coke circle 116710BLNR. Explorer also has a common three pin without calendar style, relatively low.

swiss rolex watch 5

The most expensive rolex unexpectedly long

Many people don’t know rolex.Until now some people think the best watches, no one. And rolex than other wrist

watch with price most the place that myth is its value. Rolex has also been a thriving second-hand market.

Almost every items share even can account for most of the total. You might wonder, auction so many rolex,

which is the most expensive one, you might guess. However, it turned out to be piece of steel sheet, and

doesn’t look like rolex!!!! We come to it.

This steel watch full name is called “Rolex Split – seconds Chronograph Ref. 4113”.It is the translation of

“Rolex 4113 type double track timing clock”. On May 14th auction at Phillips, this number is only 051314 rolex

Ref. 4113, 2.405 million Swiss francs, or about 16.1 million usd. Broke the rolex clap a 1.4 million dollars

last year for Cosmograph Daytona 6263 Oyster “Albino” timing code steel watches records. Below is the watch

last year:

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 6263 Oyster “Albino” timing code steel sheets
How could someone strange, now the steel watches rather valuable. In fact, it is totally “content with rare

for expensive” result. As some items in order to improve its value, even destroy another, is completely comply

with the laws of the collection market. Watch of wrist of Ref. 4113 was born in 1942, is the first in the

history of rolex wrist watch with double after timing capability, also is the only one. Ref. 4113 watches

produced 12, each one has a unique number, from 051313 to 051324. The present public appearance is only 8, the

most expensive is the Numbers for 051314. Here are some of its information:

Although the content with rare for expensive, that this watch “thin” where is it? Mainly on the function,

quantity, background and appearance. This watch is equipped with double timing functions, is the most complex

rolex function at that time. And the Ref. 4113 watches are not the rolex produced movement, but using Valjoux

production Cal. 55 movement. Valjoux you may not know, but when it comes to the famous clock movement ETA –

7750 you may know, it’s original name is Valjoux7750, merged the machine factory and ETA later. Rolex bought

later also have no what magnificent burnish. Now, because the function is rare, so the production use 40 s

Valjoux Cal. 55 double track movement of the wrist watch, even if not rolex brand, also can sell hundreds of

thousands of usd, and the price. Have a look at its movement:

Number has said the above, a total of 12, just eight appearances, the number and the background of this watch

is scarce is inseparable. These watchess should be just as a gift to the prevailing car race drivers and the

boss, and there is no sale in the market, it is said that these watchess of Sicily and Italy “Giro di Sicilia”

is closely related to the car. On May 15, 1991, for example, Christie’s auction in Geneva that Ref number

051313, 4113 from the famous driver Stefano La Motta; On October 2, 1991, Christie’s London auction out that

Ref number 051318. 4113 is provided by a member of the team’s widow.

The Ref. 4113 lover, watch case never burnish, keep the lines of 71 years ago. The dial is original, not

through writing. Although the dial of the watch has many stains and discoloration, but for collectors, even

the old original watches will is more valuable than a brand new renovated. And this watch is 44 mm in

diameter, seem nothing today, but universal watches size at the time, in the age of 32 to 36 mm is really very

rare in advance.

After watching these, whether very surprised, rolex is the most expensive watch didn’t drill didn’t gold.Itis

stainless steel watch.I think you can understand, after all, “content with rare for expensive”, some time are

also watching the news said old photos can sell millions, “wrong currency” worth millions. Imagine if you are

crossing the hero, will want to back to the ancient modern, after all, even if it’s only broken bowl is

antique, also has value.

Speak truthly, why you need to buy a rolex watch?

At the time of social progress at this stage, the rolex watch is not only for people to look at time meter.It is also one of the ornaments of wrist and it’s not necessary. For men were different from the original essentials evolved into a accessories. But still some consulting small make up every day to buy what rolex watches? Including small, with users, have the general friends, also have someone else’s girlfriend. Every time I ask them, why do you want to buy a rolex watch? I thought I fully understand the requirements of party a to better services for party.In fact is not, because they don’t really understand your needs.

Simple needs?
I just need to understand it is to see the time as the watch itself.In fact no one is pure need a watch to tell time. A sister said to me: “I want to buy a rolex watch, let everyone think I’m quite tasteful.” , I think I understand her needs, give her to recommend a lot of rolex watches, result she didn’t like it. Actually found that is not the case, why is she bought a “little bitch” opposite the longines, she can have a cover of the watch. To tell the truth this implicit demand, if you dare not say, I really can’t guess it out.

Reveal oneself grade?
This is also a series of people’s idea, “I choose to watch is different with others, I have money, grade I will”. I think in this case, that we don’t recommend too tacky bai, not bad money, buy some niche brand is good too. First recommended parma Johnny, this is the standard of niche brand, like the recommended TONDA suits, sports recommended BUGATTI and PERSHING, believe to buy this brand will not someone says you have no taste, can only say that what brand, is introduced. The absolute high-end grade atmosphere, low-key costly connotation, is a win-win situation. But maybe think too good, as a result they chose each big famous brand. Reason is it is not difficult to understand, everyone to buy this brand, I also have to buy, wear rolex watches don’t show their anyway…

This type of person, he is a good friend, demand is simple, it’s not clear, but I don’t have enough big good grasp the moth. Luckily, I have bought one rolex watches needs friends, after understanding his budget, we go to a watch shop in the afternoon. Choose rolex watches manner is very simple, is actually see style, try, finally chose a Hamilton watch. He know what brand is not, nor value technology, just want to on budget choose their loved ones, to be honest I also didn’t help, will help to bargain with them, incidentally in check now.

We are ordinary people, not cause big rich children to recognize.Buy rolex watches will be from the heart also meat pain, like cut the kidney in the fruit cell phone. So be sure to know why you buy the rolex watches, even if less sunshine, even if it is to satisfy his vanity, so as to better hit their inner demand, can truly feel to buy a rolex watches rich in happiness.

Do you care for a wrist watch warranty

Buying watches is a happy thing. Probably, this is the first life took a large amount of money to buy gadgets (luxury). For a long time, most of Germany like jade collecwatchess – autograph, gradually.There are more and more people like to watch, even if it collecwatchess – autograph is generally compared to a slightly higher price. When going through a long period of groping, inquiry, select, struggle and hesitation, finally one day,
determined to buy the idea of a paragraph that watch, then, it all seems to be satisfactory. However, when you really have a wrist watch, only to find that. This is just the beginning.

Obviously, wrist watch is actually a consumables, used in our process. It is constantly depreciation, in order to make it longer “service”.We need to maintain regularly,even in daily wear.It needs to be careful. Because
it is relatively weak, so watch manufacturers often to provide quality assurance for the product. Short for quality assurance is our quality assurance. It actually contains two meanings, on the one hand is to guarantee the quality of the products, which indicates that it is the real thing, on the other hand is a promise to provide warranty service.

Spirit certificate in one hundred
Each watches, purchased from the formal channels should have complete accessories, which contains more than two items, quality certificate/of certificates of country of origin as well as the warranty card and so on. Of
which the former is a very important anti-counterfeiting mark, all of the fake watch it can imitate the appearance of the brand watch, movement, and even many details, but when you go to buy fake watch, it is not
real insurance card, even if have, also can through the network channels to verify whether it is true. Now, many brands have to integrate the quality certificates and warranty service card, this card when you buy
watches, can be activated, and thus enjoy after a series of brand service free of charge.
Now, the most important dozens of clock and watch brand, mainly distributed in several group, richemont and swatch, open cloud, rolex, seiko, citizen, GuanCheng clocks (mainly for the Germany market), each group generally has its own after-sales regulations, group under different brands will be slightly different. In general, the quality assurance is from several aspects, namely the brand does not provide warranty scope in
appearance, normal use depreciation, movement not the quality problem of damage (such as human, accident, force majeure factors, etc.). Most brands only for movement to provide quality assurance, in addition also
contains some additional clauses, such as water-resistant if no within the time required for waterproof testing, so if there is a problem, after will not provide warranty service. Therefore, when you buy a watch,
it is better to know about the quality guarantee, attached so that you can clear with the rights and interests of its own.

Rolex to reaches observatory certification insurance card
Quality assurance has a valid period, most of the brand, is now two years warranty, including quartz and mechanical watches. Quality assurance to some extent, also reflected the brand confidence in quality. In 2012,
the spirit will brand in one hundred the independent movement list, increased to 5 years warranty. Launched in 2014, omega developing movement quality, the ultimate observatory certification, at the same time will be after the new observatory certification of wrist watch has been increased to 4 years warranty. In 2015, the rolex launched top observatory certification for rolex submariner watches, and quality assurance period increased to 5 years. In addition, Switzerland is very small, senior tabulation brand Richard Mille warranty for five years.Improve the quality assurance period, for the watches friend is a good thing, after all, you can enjoy a longer warranty service time, say your wrist can get for 4 years, 5 years warranty time, means that you may be able to save a lot of costs. And for the brand, this is a lot of money, after all these brands sold every year so many watchess, especially the rolex and omega, sold every year hundreds of thousands of watch, improve the quality assurance period is not simply an oral promise.

Waterproof test water-resistant typically take two years test at a time
Need to know is, of course, quality assurance and maintenance is not the same, if you watch appear problem, in the warranty period can be free, if it is quality problem, you can get free maintenance. Maintenance and
maintenance, it is need to spend money, contains the project and the quality assurance of the project is not the same, maintain a look clean and movement detection, but is not responsible for the maintenance.
Today, most watches friends buy watches through overseas channels or buy watches online, of course, this can save a large sum of money, however, most people may not have considered after-sales problem. Most watches friends heard that there is the international brand of group, so when the wrist watch appear problem, is used to find the brand formal after-sales resolve the problem, however, when really went to after-sales, only to find that overseas act as purchasing agency may not pay tax, after-sales request has taxed to provide services, online shopping sometimes even the most basic of attachment is not complete, insurance card without formal authorization, no service, to regret. When you have to pay for maintenance, will be more than the money you save.

So, buy watches, know best quality assurance. Most online shopping, it is difficult to have a quality commitment, because they do not have the brand authorization, overseas purchase, did get involved tax issue,
is not necessarily can enjoy quality assurance in China. So, in order to let you love watches can have been around you, the quality assurance should really care about you.

The daily use and the service maintenance guide for Rolex watches

This is A best experience book from the center of the rolex maintenance repair guide.It is introduced in detail.Rolex watches maintenance program and daily use of the note. All my pictures and translation and share, translation have a wrong place.Welcome to point out mistakes. I summarizes the text on the 4th floor, look more convenient on the 4th floor, 3 floors are in both Chinese and English in front of the photo.

rolex watches 1

Rolex service guide
Rolex owners of respect
Rolex service program design, is to ensure that each wrist left the rolex works in accordance with its original function and aesthetic norms. Thorough to each movement; Platinum and watch carefully renovation, restore its luster. Timing accuracy and water proofing property through rigorous testing to ensure compliance with you for rolex watches quality and reliability of the natural expectations.
After the maintenance services, for the first time to wear before, it is important to manually on the chain. To do so, unscrewed the rolex watches put the chain on the position and rotate clockwise 20 times or so. Please remember on the chain after properly tighten crown, in order to ensure waterproof.

rolex watches store

Identification of rolex watches
Your watch machine core number and the serial number is the only one. It not only can let the rolex watchmaker, in order to make sure you watch the original configuration, also the process of each stage of the service history record and tracking.

Technical analysis
To carry out the service before, well-trained highly skilled rolex watchmaker to diagnose thoroughly check your watch. Carefully check the watch case and strap, comprehensive testing and inspection machine, to determine exactly what kind of service will be the necessary procedures, to ensure your rolex watches meet stringent performance requirements.

rolex watches cheap

10 steps:
1 – apart
2 – cleaning machine
3 – to replace components
4 – lubrication
5 – time calibration
6 – renovation renovation
7 to reassemble
8 – waterproof test
9 – the final quality control
10-2 years of service

From watchcase strap. Open the case, take out movement. And then completely apart watchcase.
2 – cleaning machine

rolex watches store

Movement is broken down, every component in the special configuration of the solvent to ultrasonic cleaning.
3 – to replace components

Rolex watchmaker, carefully check the movement of each component, and determine which parts need to be replaced.
Provided directly by the headquarters in Switzerland rolex use original spare parts.

4 – lubrication
Lubrication and reassemble the machine core
Using the most advanced lubricating oil, careful lubrication will movement each feature in order to reduce friction and prevent wear and tear. This ensures that the rolex watches movement will continue to be precise.

5 – time calibration
Rolex watch movement of the heart is its balance wheel, the frequency of one of the more than 690000 times a day.
In order to ensure the timing precision, the watchmaker, carefully adjust the balance wheel and use electronic test the timing accuracy. Your rolex thoroughly test and observe carefully through for a few days, to verify its performance.

rolex watches

Rolex new dual time zone plate cutting lini palm wrist watch

The rolex in assembling a list on the vision of the future market Until 2016. Positioning is still some not clear, because in its Watches series.There are two dial the “power” in the rival: bo Lin is week calendar and oyster type log camp, but on the other side of the han, is cut lini. Although the two sides played,there is a problem here. Rolex week calendar type and oyster type log type wrist watch is not entirely to assembling a list, at best, a half tone, and cut the old lini. The truth is much less.

In the same year, however, rolex has released new cut lini wrist watch which is round with elegant appearance. Send out a full-bodied classical watch. Once it is launched with all the rage.This series contains design almost the only black and white and dichromatic disk. But this year cut lini really becomes a lot of beautiful. This is mainly due to the dual time zone and blue brown calendar the arrival of the two kinds of new style.

Elegant new prince – new dual time zone plate cutting lini palm wrist watch and calendar watch blue plate
Before 2016, the rolex’s products, cut lini (Cellini) is almost synonymous with the Prince series (Prince), a casing for the rectangular shape, is the first and only a trainspotter rolex watches. Although a variety of different let people very curious about it, but Prince series be not best not fire, puzzling. In 2016, the Basel exhibition on the Watches, rolex launched a series of new Watches, appearance is one of the traditional round, and the name, only cut lini three simple words, and in addition to these three words, people don’t see any mark of prince, may say, since then, the prince series became the “past tense”. Although the prince went away, but the arrival of the new cut lini let more people know the classic series. In this year’s Basel exhibition on the Watches, “a little crown again launched a new” lini cut wrist, further the stability of the brand in the market for assembling a list of steps forward.

Jade – cut rolex series dual time zone wrist watch
Elegant new prince – new dual time zone plate cutting lini palm wrist watch and calendar watch blue plate
Watch of wrist of a double time zone is the flagship rolex cut lini series Watches, concise appearance, is very lovable, colour and lustre of the show is very soft, can say is a combination of rolex week calendar type used in recent years as well as the Sky – Dweller on the wrist watch a lot of advantages. Watchcase material is used by their eternal rose gold rolex (rolex developed an alloy, with excellent wear resistance, peculiar to the rose gold red also longer duration), chocolate brown on the dial of the iconic “Rayon flamme DE la gloire” emission lines is very eye-catching, Pointers and time scale also with the watch case material is very match. And equipped with a crocodile leather strap color foils to dial, using is dark brown. For both the wrist watch, the most pervasive estimates must belong to the motion of rolex GMT type II, however this cut design on the wrist watch is different. 6 points of dial represents the second time zones, and it also has two hands, and through the crown to independent regulation. On this pair of dial 9 point at the same time, there is an instruction window day and night.

Elegant new prince – new dual time zone plate cutting lini palm wrist watch and calendar watch blue plate
Elegant new prince – new dual time zone plate cutting lini palm wrist watch and calendar watch blue plate
Besides use downy colour and lustre, the brown dial/rose gold rolex material cutting eternal lini series double time zones on the wrist and the same commendable disk ACTS the role of grain, compared to some of the same series of black and white style, obviously a lot more lively feeling, however, due to assembling a list of elegance is still not lose a cent. New watch of wrist of 2016 rolex cut lini double time zone (ref. 50525) prices for 50525 euros.

Technical parameters
Case: 39 mm – 18 k rose gold material – eternal – 50 meters waterproof sapphire crystal mirror
Movement: Cal. Rolex 3180 – automatic chain machine vibration frequency power reserve – 28800-48 hours
Band: a brown alligator strap – gold pin buckle

Ice – cut rolex series calendar wristwatch
Elegant new prince – new dual time zone plate cutting lini palm wrist watch and calendar watch blue plate
Finished watching the dual time zone above cut lini soft color, then a new rolex watch of wrist of cut lini calendar is the existence of the opposite. Platinum material platinum and dark blue dial, is sending out the high cold composed of breath, and the classic colors became never go out of style. Dark blue dial to the rolex is usually associated with platinum or pure steel qualitative case, rarely linked to gold. Wrist watch is the same, with dual time zone on the dial of this watch also has radial decorative, Pointers and time scale also match the watch case material. The front of the strap is dark blue to and dial color photograph echo. Date at 3 o ‘clock position is in the dial plate, through a pointer to indicate, also known as the Cyclops with us the lens is different… After all, it is cut lini, not oyster type. And in small make up view, use pointer to indicate the date of this design, anyway, it is better than other watch is some kind of more delicate and elegant.

Elegant new prince – new dual time zone plate cutting lini palm wrist watch and calendar watch blue plate
Elegant new prince – new dual time zone plate cutting lini palm wrist watch and calendar watch blue plate
Contrast brown cut lini dual time zone, this watch seems to be less then a minute formality in formal social occasions, it is more of a daily. It can be easy with a pair of jeans, or other dress to match, of course, a suit is still the best partner for it. The all-new 2016 rolex cut lini calendar watch (ref. 50519) prices for 50519 euros.

WAR2414. BA0776
Technical parameters
Case: 39 mm – 18 k platinum material – – 50 meters waterproof sapphire crystal mirror
Movement: Cal. Rolex 3165 – automatic chain machine vibration frequency power reserve – 28800-48 hours
Band: blue alligator strap – gold pin buckle