Do you understand luxury Replica Watches really exist? 

Low-key and luxurious, in the traditional concept, these are two incompatible words. Although “poor play car, rich play replica watches“,  no matter the car and watch; As long as the “luxury” two words, is not a simple product. more representative of the owner’s taste and status, with more added value. Of course, luxury should not only be a high-profile show off, introversion and humility is a virtue, which has a “low-key luxury.”

In the domestic luxury car market, the German “troika” BBA firmly occupies the first echelon. In recent years, however, the lexus brand has performed surprisingly well in the market. In the first seven months of this year, lexus sold 109,933 vehicles in China, up 31% year on year. Among them, the accumulative sales volume of smart · hybrid vehicles was 37,518, up 43% year-on-year. Such a high rate of qualitative growth is rare. It is worth mentioning that half of such sales are completed under the condition of markup and waiting, which is truly “quality and quantity”.

According to the author’s observation of lexus owners around them, they generally have one quality, which is “low-key”. Not long ago, the author in the domestic well-known watch BBS see, more than one lexus GS owners display their own Grand replica watches (crown blue lion) wrist watch, in the author’s view, “open GS wear GS” is not only a coincidence, but also a kind of attitude to life.
Lexus GS is a medium and large luxury sports car. In terms of the classification, it should be labeled as BMW 5 series or Mercedes E class, which are all rear drive cars. It is inevireplica watches that the rear car will cost more than the front car, which will also bring better handling performance. In the lexus family series, which is also medium and large luxury cars, the overall positioning of lexus GS is higher than that of lexus ES. In addition to the difference of power train, lexus GS is front-facing driving type, and lexus ES is front-facing driving type, which is the biggest difference.

The author’s initial impression of lexus GS can be traced back to the previous generation of lexus GS300, which has won numerous honors in the north American market with its classic four-eye styling. The author has also driven the lexus GS300 of the previous generation, which is not light steering wheel strength and has a very solid sense of control. Lexus GS has always been a representative of exquisite luxury sports, now lexus GS, adding a family type of spindle front grille, the main power from the original 2.5l V6 to 2.0t L4, from the original large displacement of natural air inhalation, to have independent water cooling four dual technology turbo, have its unique style.

Lexus GS sports luxury is more understated than the brashness of the BMW 5 series and Mercedes e-class. Consumers with a budget of more than 500,000 yuan may not always consider this model, but as lexus GS owners say, only those who have owned this model will understand its good. Coincidentally, these lexus GS owners have more than one lexus at home.

In the previous article, the author also mentioned that the owners of Grand replica watches Sale (blue lion) watches have their own understanding of the choice of watches. They do not follow the trend and do not advocate comparison. They have more than one box of watches at home. As an independent premium brand owned by replica watches, Grand replica watches is very much like Toyota’s lexus, both of which represent the top level of Japanese Replica watches and automobile industry.
When it comes to the Grand replica watches watch, from its unique Spring Drive mechanism and quartz “hybrid” technology, to its “samurai sword design” hands and gorgeous “snowflakes”, it has a unique Japanese craftsmanship. The Grand replica watches (blue lion) has a precision beyond the Swiss observatory standard, whether in the field of quartz watches, mechanical watches or unique “hybrid” watches. For those who care about time accuracy, it does have a different appeal.
Starting with the Grand replica watches’s main watch, entry-level mechanical watches and Spring Drive watches cost more than 30,000 yuan, and there are not a few models over 100,000 yuan. Their competitors are also traditional Swiss watch brands, such as rolex, omega, wanguo, jijia and breitling. The price is there, and consumers who can choose a “Japanese brand watch” instead of a traditional Swiss watch will not be “small white”.
When they drive a lexus GS and wear a Grand replica watches, they are not “ignorant”, but choose the one that suits them best among many choices. “Low-key” is not a cheap compromise, “luxurious” is a special enjoyment. “Low-key luxury” is no longer just a slogan, but a pragmatic attitude to life. What do you think?

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