Replica Rolex Submariner watch is best for different sports

Strong, durable, casual and versatile Replica Rolex Submariner watches are becoming more and more popular. Today I’d like to share with you some of the watches that have been made for sports. Different sports have different demands on wrist watches, so let’s take a look at their past lives.

 Replica Rolex Submariner watches
Replica Rolex Submariner watches

Rolex yacht series m268621-0003
Product model :m268621-0003

Domestic public price: 99900 yuan

Wrist watch diameter :37 mm

Core type: automatic machine

Core model :2236

Case material :18k rose gold, 60 min progressive scale bidirectional rotating outer ring with convex figures

Waterproof depth :100 meters

 Replica Rolex Submariner watches
Replica Rolex Submariner watches

Wrist watch review: department list for sailing infested, the brand and the sailing sport origin, dates back to 1950 s, sailing first condition is accurate, precise navigation environment of turbulence, also has asked for the stability of the wrist movement. The watch is equipped with a date display automatic chain mechanical core, fully developed by rolex and has 55 hours of power storage. The bidirectional rotating outer ring is made of precious materials. The matte frosted outer ring makes the number and scale more prominent. It is also convenient for the wearer to time, such as calculating the distance between two buoys. The watch is 100 meters waterproof and fully meets the requirements of water sports.
Jijia flip wrist watch series 2548520
Product model :2548520

Domestic price: 43,000 yuan

Wrist watch diameter :40.1*24.4 mm

Core type: manual machine

Core model :822A/2

Case material: fine steel

Waterproof depth :30 m

Wrist watch review: to meet the needs of the British army officers in 1931 a can to be tested marseille movement of the wrist, against the movement of impact, so the product family workshop to create the Reverso turning wrist watch, reversible watchcase to make this replica rolex submariner mirror surface on the wrist, metal outward at the bottom of the replica rolex submariner, in order to protect the dial. For polo players, they finally have a watch they can wear in polo. It is still the pleasure of leisure and a historical witness. Durable fine steel quality, let the wrist watch is more strong, unique rectangular dial, using automatic chain machine core, with 30 meters waterproof, no matter in daily wear or to attend various occasions, can very good control.
Chopin classic racing series 168571-3001
Product model :168571-3001

Domestic public price: RMB 51,000

Wrist watch diameter :44 mm

Shell thickness :13.79 mm

Core type: automatic machine

Case material: fine steel

Waterproof depth :100 meters

Wrist watch comments: for the car with the replica rolex submariner, watch of wrist of anti-shock performance requirements will generally high, racing is a fierce campaign, the Chopin classic street racing series wrist watch into many elements and functions of the buttons such as engine piston, non-slip surface shape of the brake pedal, rubber strap came from the tire pattern. Dial in 6 set when 12 hours timing set, plate 9 set small seconds, 30 minutes 12 set when timing set, with the timing of collation, velometer scale, and other functions, fully meet the requirements of motor sports, to play when the wearer is easy to read. The watch is equipped with an automatic chain drive and has a power reserve of about 48 hours. It has been certified by the official Swiss observatory and is capable of handling the fierce racing.
Conclusion: different sports need the wrist, on the functional and performance requirements is different also, of course, also have to admire the watchmaker’s wisdom and technology, a small wrist watch has a “door”, sturdy “wrist watch masters”, will be your good choice.

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