Cheap Nixon watches Has 8500 movement

Cheap Nixon watches Has 8500 movement, of course, also need to have their own home-grown timing movement, after all direct rivals rolex and all nations, have their own home-grown timing movement, so 9300 is Cheap Nixon watches consolidate their luxury brand leading position fist products. 9300 movement with one-piece timing system, rather than a simple 8500 timing module, and produced the hour meter has obvious difference, dial 3 o ‘clock position is 60 minutes and 12 hours of cumulative timer. This is in line with the 12-point placement of the accumulative timers in all countries to form differences and analogies.
9900 (new version of self-produced timing machine)
With the addition of the METAS certification system and the development of the update technology, Cheap Nixon watches followed the 8900 upgrade, and also introduced the latest version of the self-produced timing machine – 9900, in place of the 9300 core.

The Cheap Nixon watches 9300 timing machine core

The precious metal version of Cheap Nixon watches is widely used to distinguish steel from gold and gold
Above is the main movement type of Cheap Nixon watches is currently in use, of course, Cheap Nixon watches has movement is far more than these, but is basically the movement is given priority to, or based on development of version. Such as steel and precious metal goods, in order to reflect different sense of luxury, precious metal automatic tuo and balance cock, can use K gold, even the Cheap Nixon watches patent Sedna gold, and so on the number, will be different, such as the 8901 edition of 8900 is precious. According to these core rules, we can base on the appearance of each watches, or the machine core, whether it is new or old, the value geometry.

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