Love and hate interwoven watches and magnetic force

In the early 1970s, quartz Cheap watches swarmed into the market and quickly won favor among young customers. Their arrival has shattered the Swiss watchmaking industry. In the wake of the crisis, traditional support efforts to clean up the mess, but it will take some time to regroup, until a few years later, the tide has surged. Suddenly, the watch is back in the spotlight and is the antidote to the electromagnetic waves of everyday life.

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IWC wan national watch engineer automatic watch
IWC wanguo welcomed the opportunity and partnered with Mercedes AMG in 2004 to release the engineer’s series again (the soft iron inner shell was later eliminated). In 2007, rolex relaunched Oyster Perpetual Milgauss wristwatch in nineteen years. Once, the Oyster Perpetual Milgauss wristwatch was welcomed by many engineers, including engineers at CERN. In 2017, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the famous “seahorse iron hegemon” triad tool watches, omega will again focus on the magnetic field. Due to reaches the application of coaxial machine core, omega progress even further, will watch on the resistance of the magnetic field from the (more than) 1500 gauss to () more than 15000 gauss, the magnetic field is equivalent to a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners.

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Omega seahorse 300, iron bar and hyperbar watch
The watchmaker takes magnetism very seriously and for good reason. Swatch is investing in the technology, and its after-sales service has to deal with a large number of magnetized watches every year. In 2013, Mr. Monachon, the vice President of product development for omega, revealed in Geneva that the magnetized wristwatch represented 15 percent of the total return. He reminded the audience that modern mechanical watches must be able to withstand 75 gauss’s magnetic field to meet the requirements of the Swiss industry and watches standards (NIHS). The ISO 764 standard also provides for wristwatch anti-magnetic requirements, and the ISO 6425 standard goes further, specifying that any diving watch must be antimagnetic.

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Embrace the enemy

The panahai Luminor Submersible 1950 47mm 3-day power storage of the magnetic titanium wristwatch
Since the 1930s, the number of products that have been used daily, and the number of products that rely on magnetism, has risen sharply. Today’s wristwatches must be able to withstand the magnetic lines of airport metal detectors, mobile phones, handbag clasps, children’s toys and refrigerator doors. In a world surrounded by magnetic fields, 75 gaussian is like a drop in the ocean, so more and more brands are choosing to develop better anti-magnetic wristwatches. The panahai is one of them, the Luminor Submersible 1950 47mm 3-day power storage of the magnetic titanium wristwatch can resist the magnetic environment encountered by professional divers. Other brands have joined in, especially in the non-silicon material of key parts. The latest example to date is the Nixon wristwatch, which has a revolutionary and efficient escapement and a low-amplitude wheel that is completely nonmagnetic.

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Centennial super sea M2000 clock black steel limited edition
There are also some brands that have less interest in circumventing the magnetic force, instead focusing on the effective use of its features. Turn the clock back, and Hamilton Pulsar is the first LED display with no moving parts. In the original series, which began in 1972, Pulsar 101-102 and 401 wristwatch time and date Settings were implemented by inserting magnets into the back grooves (marked as HR). The centuries-old super sea M2000 clock reproduces the idea that the magnetic buttons on the wristwatch can be operated safely underwater, and the timing functions can be controlled with precise control over the inner metal of the shell.

Christophe Claret X-Trem 1 wristwatch
The Christophe Claret x-trem-1 wristwatch USES the mobile magnets for time display, and the unique design makes it not interfere with the normal operation of the core. Two hollowed-out fine steel balls are separated from each other, and the sapphire crystal glass tube on the left and right side of the case is moved to display time information. More impressive is that if the connection between the ball and the magnet because of the impact fracture, causing the former falls to the pipe, so only need to gently shake the wrist, ball can be returned to the right place.

Breguet Classique: Chronometrie 7727BR wristwatch

Another pure mechanical timepiece that USES magnetic properties is a 10-hertz gem Classique Chronometrie 7727BR wristwatch. This watch has a classic appearance and is operated by magnetic induction control. The wheel is swatches with the artificial gravity generated by the magnet and is not affected by the position change, thus ensuring the precise rate.

Use invisible forces

Grand Seiko Spring Drive 8 power storage watch
Therefore, the magnetic field can have a positive effect on the timing precision and can also have a negative effect on it. Some quartz watch is magnetically protection, such as longines Conquest VHP wrist watch is equipped with sensors that detect the end magnetic field pointer, and in the “dangerous” after the automatic adjust the pointer back to the right place. The Analog Kineti wristwatch is completely different: it relies on the magnetic rotor to provide power, and the rotor coupled with the stator drives the wheel. Other watches also use electromagnetism to function properly, and the Grand Seiko Spring Drive watch is an example. Launched in 2003, this revolutionary watch perfectly integrates mechanical core and electromagnetic regulation to create what is known as a three-stage synchronous modulator. It rotates at a speed of 28,800 / hour (4 hz), displacing the wheel, synchronizing control of the three different energy sources generated by the clockwork, the output of mechanical power, electric power and electronic magnetic energy.

Earl’s Emperador Coussin XL 700P wristwatch

In 2015, the count launched the Emperador Coussin XL 700P wristwatch, with a built-in main clockwork and electromagnet, which is similar to the Grand Seiko Spring Drive wristwatch. The electromagnet generates power, causing the quartz crystal to oscillate, which in turn stabilizes the booster frequency to a steady and precise control of 5.33 times/s.

Tagtag’s MikroPendulumS watch

The breakdown diagram of the Carrera MikroPendulumS wrist watch

There are other possibilities for this invisible force, and another example comes from tag heuer. In 2013, the brand launched Carrera MikroPendulumS with magnetic oscillators. The use of new materials and new designs has also enabled the wristwatch to overcome the hot and sensitive problem of magnetic fields.

Is magnetism the future direction of the tabulation industry? We can’t say for sure, but to be sure, electromagnetism has become more and more widely used in our daily lives and must therefore be taken seriously. Some watchmakers respond more quickly than their competitors, grasping the importance of controlling the magnetic field and even making it a friend

How do you maintain the Cheap nixon watches

Generally steel band watches and Cheap nixon watches have longer life, but the maintenance of steel belt watches cannot be ignored. If not properly maintained, the steel belt, known for its easy maintenance, will be a great deduction for your appearance. So, how do you maintain the Cheap nixon watches? The home of the wristwatch tells everyone!
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1. The steel belt table will be worn for a long time, and the sludge that is stored in the joint or the surface of the watch section will smell bad. When encounter this kind of things like, can take soft toothbrush son with limited toothpaste brush strap or cleaning agent, and the joint after the wash, to have a nap after wiping cloth available blower will strap blow dry.

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2. In the process of cleaning, however careful, there will still be water seepage, and if you can’t get the water out of your watch because of the cleaning of the strap, you will have to arrange the watch committee by the master.

3. If the metal strap is wet (water, sweat, etc.), it is not easy to rust. The metal rust or dirt is easy to seep through the seam of clothing, even cause skin allergy, so after removing the table or clear water to wash, please remember to use the cloth to wipe the seam dry again. In addition, after “disembark” of the water table, rinse with clean water, and the use of chemical agents can be harmful.

4. What happens if the strap is scratched? You can go to the clock shop “K gold clean table cloth” to deal with, if scratches can remove shallow, can also wait until on a regular basis to protect the former by maintenance master a thorough arrangement, but if the body is damaged JiaoChongZhe have to master to disposal.