ETA movement could have prices rose sharply

Swatch group has issued a statement, said ETA movement for cheap rolex submariner watches will usher in the sharp rise in prices for cheap nixon watches. The statement is as follows:

Based on the 2013 swatch group and the competition commission (Comco) signed a friendly solution, ETA company to the third party customer supply obligation, until the end of 2019. However, these third-party customers not to buy agreed supply. The upcoming 2017, some customers did not give any orders. But since the supply of mandatory obligation, ETA company must continue to provide about 1.5 million mechanical movement ability. Swatch group, therefore, request to the competition committee, allowing the ETA to all third party customers and sales is not buy movement. Swatch group proposal have not departed from the direction of the friendly to solve, but considering the misuse of customer behavior, with its perfect complement. But the request has been the competition commission rejected.

Swatch group to the competition commission decided to regret, and that the decision is completely impractical. Swatch group was forced to keep production capacity for third-party customers – consuming financial and human costs – although in some cases, third party clients have greatly reduced the order quantity, even completely give up the order. Competition commission’s decision to make ETA and swatch group must again assume customer economic risks.

In fact, the main customers such as Sellita and Tudor 2017 orders fell by about 700000; The difference between the effective order and spare capacity has reached nearly 900000, ETA must ensure that the next few years the production capacity, to fulfill its obligations to supply as prescribed by the competition commission. As a result, the competition commission decided to punish the ETA, inc. – a development of innovation and industrial capacity to invest a lot of market participants, and other market participants can only to concentrate investment in the marketing of their products. In order to make up for the additional costs due to compulsory supply, ETA company will significantly improve the movement price had to be taken into account.

Rolex hike wrist watch British market price by 10%

Rolex is the last one to raise the large luxury tabulation of wrist watch the market brand, the main purpose is to narrow the gap in the UK market and the price of other major markets. In June this year the UK after take off the referendum, sterling exchange rate fell sharply, allowing visitors to the UK trip to 25% below their price to buy luxury watches. This summer, British market experience of prosperity at the same time, relatively strong currency countries such as America and the euro zone, as well as the currency is pegged to the dollar countries (such as China and the Middle East), dealer is struggling.


Richemont and LVMH has boost the UK market product price in September, almost at the same time, in one hundred the spirit and other independent watchmaker response. But rolex and insist on for two months, because compared with other market or the market has more attractive price competition brand, so the UK retailer rolex sales have risen sharply.

A 10% rise in prices is not enough to completely offset the value of the pound against other major currencies fell, and Britain rolex will continue to maintain the competitiveness of the market, unless the pound rebound.

Rolex to launch its first race series special edition watch English premier league

Announced a partnership with the premier league after six months, Rolex launch its first race series special edition watch English premier league.Cheap rolex submariner watches the premier league is a full range of: on the pitch, the fourth official board now USES the tiger elegant card laila series shape design. The judges have begun to wear Connected smart watches, through the exclusive application to provide help for them. Rolex logo appeared in the TV show, brand is the famous pressure test contests, warmly welcomed by the fans.


Rolex launched the movement style extremely the special edition watch English premier league (model: WAY201D BA0927), 43 mm in diameter, carrying Calibre 5 mechanical movement. Watch case application of pure steel quality, tie-in black ceramic bezel, half-court 45 minutes figures painted white, overtime is decorated with red 15 minutes.

Elegant anthracite color dial by the rising sun wen retouching, at 9 o ‘clock position with new premiership lion logo, disk central engraved words “MatchTimer”, reveals the meter football origin. Bar when the coated white SuperLuminova ™ fluorescent layer, improve the night watch in the identification of the pitch during the game. Clockwise through rhodium plating processing, minute hand and second hand USES red design. Date display window in 3 o ‘clock position, and equipped with a magnifying glass, which sports atmosphere, and to further improve the information to read.

Rolex competing latent series of England’s premier league special edition watch equipped with screw-plug watches bottom cover, exclusive lion logo engraved in the premier league and “Official TimeKeeper” (Official timing), with an elegant stainless steel bracelet.