In October 2016, the Swiss watch exports fell 16.4% year on year

According to the Swiss watch industry federation (FH) data released today, the Swiss watch exports in October 2016 to 1.68 billion Swiss francs, down 16.4% year-on-year. Had expected in the fourth quarter will present the recovery, but in fact exports decline in annual high. At this point, first ten months of 2016 the Swiss watch include cheap rolex watches exports fell 11.0% year on year.


Exports, watch of wrist of precious metals (27.7%) continue to produce important influence on the result of the whole. Between Replica Rolex watches (+ 2.1%) edged up enough to change the big picture. Fine steel exports, wrist (17.8%) and other material wrist (27.2%) of a sharp drop in deep influence on the overall trend.


Export price is lower than 200 Swiss francs products exports (exports – 21.7% – 22.6%), the largest decline. Export prices between 200 to 3000 Swiss francs products decline between 14% and 16%. Decline of product exports export price is higher than 3000 Swiss francs (16.2%) a steep decline in exports (10.2%), confirmed to a drop in the average price over the past six months.

Most of the market’s decline is serious, a few countries and regional growth and momentum. The Hong Kong market in September (21.5%) or more reduced by half, but it is still a very negative. The American market (16.5%) also fell sharply. China (+ 2.8%) for the signs of improvement since July. Thanks to the slump in the pound after the referendum, the British (+ 9.0%) once again become the most dynamic markets. Other European and Asian markets fell sharply, in addition to South Korea (1.2%), the latter a strong recovery since the summer.

Rolex watch company share why rolex green water people like ghost

Swiss recycling rolex watches, has a “law” in domestic ever escape, thus rolex watch how the popularity in China. Cheap rolex submariner watches fire more and more in recent years, its special dial color by the personality of young people chase after hold in both hands.


A few days ago, I succeeded in starting a green water ghosts, completely satisfy their vanity. Idle nothing today to introduce my beloved green ghost for everyone!Green water ghost official called “rolex coupled with calendar type series 116610 lv green dish wrist watch”, because of its unique color watches fans affectionately called “green water”.
Green dial and ceramic outer beautiful and glamorous, compared with the ordinary watch black or white dial give a person a kind of feel shine at the moment. wholesale cheap rolex watches high hardness blue crystal glass lens, solid durability ensures the wrist watch. Dial inner ring anti-counterfeiting LOGO engraved with rolex, the outer ring is ceramic material scale gradual rotation of outer ring, can see the decompression time at any time.

cheap rolex submariner

Shell and chain adopt the 904 l stainless steel materials, corrosion resistant properties of 904 l stainless steel has a very strong, suiwatches for various concentration of sulfuric acid under 70 ℃, under ordinary conditions of any concentration, temperature resistance of acetic acid and formic acid and acetic acid in mixed acid corrosion resistance is very good also. Provides a favorable diving wearing quality assurance. Pull head engraved with rolex logo, this logo was watches fans known as “laugh”, and also is one important anti-counterfeiting approach of rolex products,

Ensures that when diving stainless steel mill at the end of the resistance to pressure, let you can easily descend to 300 m, and will not affect the normal walking function. 940 l stainless steel strap appearance is very smooth, it is very comforwatches to wear.


Rolex submeriner watches replica on the market, is very popular design, so his recovery discount is relatively high, when we are short of money for something, to sell the green water ghost also can yet be regarded as a good way to working capital, this piece of green water is recycled by me ghost I get.


Wearing rolex watches for you to increase

Since then more than 100 years of time, accurate, rolex has always been unswervingly the tabulation of philosophy. And “observatory” these three words, also with rolex made over one hundred years of fate. Since early English JiaoShi observatory, the Swiss government observatory, rolex consistently accurate, tell people what is perseverance.


With most brands will only movement by the Swiss government observatory detection, usually marked observatory on the disk to play after qualified, it is said that in addition to the movement to the Swiss rolex official observatory detection, also to test after packing the whole watches, although laborious, but apparently it makes more sense. Because in the process of loading machine core shell, maybe there will be some unexpected situation.

Rolex movement, from early 1570 to 3135, is now widely used all through the strict test of time, and battle-hardened. The movement not only keep good time, and also very swatches, so the accumulated a good reputation in consumers mind. Movement in the late 3135 equipped with rolex on its own research and development, seismic antimagnetic Parachrom hairspring blue.

It Was born in 2015 in the 2015 movement, becomes after the upgrade of rolex male “core”. The machine has passed the certification of rolex’s top observatory precision meter, was “to see the mountains small” walking, reach the poor, plus or minus two seconds, far more than standard observatory by the Swiss government. In addition, the 3255 movement also has 14 patents in escapement, box spring and other components are made great improvement, believe that before long, 32 series can fully replace the 31 series, shine brilliantly in the rolex watches. Carry 3255 movement, is 40 weeks calendar type. Understand the rolex’s friends know, full name and calendar calendar model not only has a week, and with all precious metals to build. So, both in function, and material, rolex week calendar type is rolex’s high-end series.

Rolex watch brand story

ROLEX is the king of the watches today, is the first watch that most players and the last is a watch; Rare is their home there is no long history, two high-profile marketing, all can have today’s status is built up by the quality of the product itself and word of mouth, the strength can be said to be rare in today’s watches industry. Rolex, the founder of Hans Wilsdorf was born in Germany in 1881, when I was young/office in Switzerland to pull the seal factory, responsible for the UK watch exports. In 1905, Hans Wilsdorf with his righteousness brother Alfred Davis in London opened a watch shop “Wilsdorf and Davis,” at the beginning of the creation is the use of Swiss import equipment production, selling watches and clocks. In 1907, they founded in pull seal/office, next to “ROLEX” in local registered the trademark, as Wholesale Cheap ROLEX) because the word pronunciation is the same in all over the world, and thus they will ROLEX positioning into international brand from the start.


Hans ・ Wells, want to watch a streamline readable name, any language is easy to remember, and on a wrist watch machine core and surface is beautiful and pleasing to the eye. He said: “I tasted almost all letter combinations, and eventually reach hundreds of names, but no one to my satisfaction. One morning, I sat in the upper deck of the stagecoach, passing through the city of London cheapside, I like to hear a little voice whispered in the ear:” rolex “.”

In 1912 they will be A British colony in the export business of Bienne, moved to Switzerland and will provide their production equipment factory original JEAN nearly changed its name to “ROLEX WATCH CO nearly s. a.”, two years later even head office was moved to Bienne. In 1920, they founded in Geneva, Switzerland MONTRS ROLEX s. a., henceforth ROLEX formally take root in Switzerland. Use the crown logo, rolex started in 1926 in the same year also for their famous Oyster Case Oyster type waterproof casing has obtained the patent. After numerous rolex important invention launch, including the first to use all the watches in radial automatic chain institution “Perpetual” (1931), and today rolex classic design also in the decades after one by one.


Rolex developed in 1931 of the world’s first patented automatic chain mechanism motion thallium. The original system is the foundation of modern automatic watch each design.
For decades, the rolex watch with “accurate”, “durable” gradually accumulated exports watchest; Rolex watches is the world’s first certified observatory watch (1910), and to this day, every year C.O.S.C. observatory rolex brand is always the maximum number of certification. The part of durable, rolex is the most popular style activity; Although no official propaganda painstakingly, but according to the manufacturer and the user experience, wearing rolex tennis, golf is no problem (and is the most basic), brand suspension technology. Under the accumulation of generations of mouth, rolex is now the most users trust the brand on the market, it could see that from the auction and second-hand market; The rolex wristwatch is one of the few to preservation and increment of wrist watch, even the new depreciation rate is high, a rare antique watches turned up several times and even frequently is dozens of times.

But relative to their noble status, rolex as a brand is abnormally low profile; Although has the advanced technology, but rarely to introduce their products to do more, don’t even willing to show movement – one hundred rolex only a handful of style with transparent bottom cover to do. Part of marketing in addition to fixed advertising and sponsorship activities, rolex is almost not dealing with the media, annual Basel World’s booth in addition to the dealer, VIP, and very few media do not open the media interview. But all this has gradually changed in recent years. Rolex in 2007 for the first time for the product provides a multi-angle pr figure, after arriving in Basel World open media interviews, large-scale activities, even in 2011 even always secretive watches factory also has opened the door to let reporters made, rolex finally with a more open attitude to face the market.


Rolex independent laboratory
Rolex internal standards and main emphasis on research and development in laboratory, and almost all programs are related, such as laboratory will design a mechanical arm, can simulate two days a year to wear the most severe condition, durability test chain belt.