NOOB factory V6S rolex green water ghost series men’s watch Once and for all

Rolex coupled model was born in 1953, is the world’s first waterproof as deep as 100 meters (330 feet) from the wrist, then add three clasp lock chain crown patent, strengthen the sealing get heart always love you, increase the depth of waterproof to 300 (1000 feet). Small make up today is to introduce the river legend as “rolex green ghost N factory V6S version” of which 116610 – LV – 97200 men’s mechanical watch, together and see it! Relative to the V5 version of the more obvious problems of green water, are corrected.Wholesale cheap rolex watches from Noob factory.

Wholesale cheap rolex watches

Mainly reflects in: 1. The ceramic bezel of silver grey, not before the pale, and lettering coarsen darker, font and the original same, now don’t fine coarse. About 2. Ghost face plate on the water “ft length of foot”, officials are actually different manufacturers (rolex watch factory assembly must be out, but some parts still have outsourced manufacturer, only few) and different period of production face plate, fonts and printed slightly difference is not surprising. Before the face of the old plate, version more. Now the FT length of feet, for example, two different versions of the crown, the official also have the two versions, the rolex’s official without explanation, everything is sorting data on senior law fan own speculation. Can only be interpreted as production, sales regions are different. To sum up, the official has the crown size, length of foot FT two versions. Both are orthodox! 3. The V5 watches mirror highlight the serious problem has improved. 4. The strap compared to the previous version, there has been a polished texture. 5. Watchcase lateral inscribed as authentic anti-counterfeiting code in other ways, such as watches circle crescent is more exquisite, head Logo, clasp, needle surface effect is more exquisite. Movement can be equipped with 2836 stopwatch 3135 (below 3135 movement as counters) 300 meters of waterproof Super way may have a friend very disdain said, this is copy watches! Let me tell you one thing, some BBS abroad, RWI and RWG, foreigners called Rep Watch.


Rather than a simple Fake! When foreigners can respect what domestic, although this watches is a not bright, but it is, after all, Noob factory work, regardless of whether or not he first infringe intellectual property rights, in terms of his craft and technology, absolute than the authentic tissot, beauty, the seagulls on the brand names in the chart, several times, in general is not as good as Noob watch cooking, but also not absolutely! This is my personal views on the watch, watch the water is deep, need a long time to learn to study!


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