NOOB factory V6S rolex green water ghost series men’s watch Once and for all

Rolex coupled model was born in 1953, is the world’s first waterproof as deep as 100 meters (330 feet) from the wrist, then add three clasp lock chain crown patent, strengthen the sealing get heart always love you, increase the depth of waterproof to 300 (1000 feet). Small make up today is to introduce the river legend as “rolex green ghost N factory V6S version” of which 116610 – LV – 97200 men’s mechanical watch, together and see it! Relative to the V5 version of the more obvious problems of green water, are corrected.Wholesale cheap rolex watches from Noob factory.

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Mainly reflects in: 1. The ceramic bezel of silver grey, not before the pale, and lettering coarsen darker, font and the original same, now don’t fine coarse. About 2. Ghost face plate on the water “ft length of foot”, officials are actually different manufacturers (rolex watch factory assembly must be out, but some parts still have outsourced manufacturer, only few) and different period of production face plate, fonts and printed slightly difference is not surprising. Before the face of the old plate, version more. Now the FT length of feet, for example, two different versions of the crown, the official also have the two versions, the rolex’s official without explanation, everything is sorting data on senior law fan own speculation. Can only be interpreted as production, sales regions are different. To sum up, the official has the crown size, length of foot FT two versions. Both are orthodox! 3. The V5 watches mirror highlight the serious problem has improved. 4. The strap compared to the previous version, there has been a polished texture. 5. Watchcase lateral inscribed as authentic anti-counterfeiting code in other ways, such as watches circle crescent is more exquisite, head Logo, clasp, needle surface effect is more exquisite. Movement can be equipped with 2836 stopwatch 3135 (below 3135 movement as counters) 300 meters of waterproof Super way may have a friend very disdain said, this is copy watches! Let me tell you one thing, some BBS abroad, RWI and RWG, foreigners called Rep Watch.


Rather than a simple Fake! When foreigners can respect what domestic, although this watches is a not bright, but it is, after all, Noob factory work, regardless of whether or not he first infringe intellectual property rights, in terms of his craft and technology, absolute than the authentic tissot, beauty, the seagulls on the brand names in the chart, several times, in general is not as good as Noob watch cooking, but also not absolutely! This is my personal views on the watch, watch the water is deep, need a long time to learn to study!


Putting the street essential three-piece sunglasses, pigeon eggs and rolex

Re-count putting red for almost two decades, although she had been out of the entertainment circle, in recent years to concentrate on running your own brand, but all of her movements is still the entertainment headlines, go out photos has never been broken.she likes to wholesale cheap rolex watches


Through her street photo, you’ll find that putting not only keep the good shape, the habit of the street is always does not change, always little not sunglasses, pigeon eggs, and golden rolex. Putting out street three-piece sunglasses, pigeon eggs and Replica rolex Submariner necessary for putting out street three-piece sunglasses, pigeon eggs and rolex putting out street always wear this oversized sunglasses, more than ten years, she says she is not good at and journalists face the camera, so I like to wear sunglasses to go out. Putting to admit that you like to collect sunglasses, she has a lot of Carrera aviator sunglasses, and Gucci sunglasses.



Putting the street essential three-piece sunglasses, pigeon eggs and rolex for putting out street three-piece sunglasses, pigeon eggs and rolex putting street snap tool is the second hand of pigeon egg! Other people’s pigeon eggs are placed in a safe, putting the pigeon eggs which is always want to wear which, even just a casual wear, hand the pigeon eggs can also blind your eyes. According to British media reports, Victoria, a total of 13 gem ring worn, worth more than four hundred pounds ($forty million), so putting is the real winner in life. Putting out street three-piece sunglasses, pigeon eggs and rolex necessary for putting out street three-piece sunglasses, pigeon eggs and rolex for putting out street three-piece sunglasses, pigeon eggs and rolex in addition to the sunglasses and the pigeon eggs, putting the rolex watch is also a love too deep, one rose gold of fights with quite high, has become a Victoria with money. In addition to the timing chart, another popular rolex watches Day – calendar Date week also often appear in the photos


Rolex accurate theory of evolution

This rolex launched several new oyster type and cut lini wrist, and all watches over the brand in 2015 set a new standard test and certification for top observatory precision meter for cheap rolex submariner.

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Conform to the standard gauge, the average error of plus or minus two seconds per day, compared to the average at the time of authentication precision meter accuracy more than two times. watches top box attached to the green seal is observatory chronometric symbol, along with the global warranty guarantee for five years. From this we can see a rolex made unremitting efforts in pursuit of precision. Introductory paragraph oyster type motion in the introductory paragraph, there are two distinctive model have been caring for the watches fan, rolex will be modified to the to the market this year, cause a lot of discussion. Type of air overlord continuation of the original model of the air source of the wrist watch, will watch case from older 34 mm diameter increased to 40 mm. The integration of green and gold Replica rolex submariner synergies logo design, make the dial style more fashionable.


Rolex oyster type motion explorer unique type of wrist watch this type of 3, 6 and 9 Numbers are coated with Chromalight luminescent material, and a pointer to the hour mark also sends out long blue light. Pointer to wider extension, to show more clear. Carry on the 3132 type automatic chain movement. Rolex oyster type motion type air overlord watches 3, 6 and 9 o ‘clock position marked extra-large digits, minute scale is conspicuous, so that can clearly read when sailing. “Air – King” on the dial, the font used in the 50’s specially designed for the original watches and. Carry on the 3131 type automatic chain mechanical movement. Watch of wrist of assembling a list rolex most suits series “slice lini” make more breakthroughs on colour this year: cut lini time design the white paint dial match 18 ct white gold or rose gold case, eternal cut lini calendar type blue dial and strap on collocation, while cutting lini double when added brown dial and strap, provide consumers with more choice.

Classical oyster perpetual motion type log wrist watch again will come from the 1945 classic diamond combination of design, originated in 1933 and has 14 patents of type 3235 movement into a furnace, presented two new product. Rolex lini time cutting type wrist circle arc triangle grooved double outer ring and long time scale, pointer to highlight elegant, carrying rolex automatic chain machine, ensure the wrist watch of error of plus or minus two seconds a day. Rolex oyster type constant operation log type 41 wrist capsule with 3235 new patent type machine core configuration rolex Chronergy.Wholesale cheap rolex replica escapement system in precision, power reserve, shockproof, antimagnetic, wear comforwatches and reliable in all aspects are very good.


Sports rolex visible attempt in colour respect over the past two years, this year is on the watch of wrist of sports has a bold design. Universe meter type di of wrist watch with black and white colours, developed by rolex and proprietary black ceramic Cerachrom outer ring is striking, convey the cold and pioneer of temperament, type and classic nautical watchess – yacht mingshi wrist watch for the first time with eternal rose gold + steel with chocolate color dial.

Rolex oyster type constant dynamic universe type di tong with wrist carry 4130 type automatic mechanical timing chain movement, the movement by the development and manufacture rolex, greatly reduced the number of timer component, equipped with a guide pin wheel and wheel vertical timing clutch device, can make the timer starts, to ensure accurate timing. Rolex oyster type constant moving yacht mingshi type 40 wrist capsule with 3135 type mechanical movement is equipped with automatic chain rolex made in patent blue chrom hair, the hair spring in unique metal and without magnetic field interference, even in the face of changes in temperature, still very swatches, seismic force of more than ten times higher than that of traditional balance spring. Gem watch even women’s jewelry, watches, rolex, the basic shell mold and the design of disk will be concise and rational men’s watch a consistent style, and on this basis to fully demonstrate the rolex on stone setting skill, make the watch does not have a minute free and easy temperament.

Rolex oyster type 28 wrist motion ladies log a new generation of oyster type constant moving paragraphs couture type log watchess have gold + steel and eternal rose gold + steel, watchcase redesigned, to 28 mm in diameter, carry 2236 type movement and rolex patent Syloxi silicon hair spring. Rolex oyster type motion Pearlmaster39 wrist watches with 18 ct eternal rose gold, dial, watches circle and chain belt are set with diamonds. Carry 3235 within the crust movement, in terms of performance and male watches adhering to consistent quality.

Why do you say understand watches and ignorant of the loves rolex watches?

why do you say understand watches and not understand loves rolex watches? Release date: 2016-08-04 source: author: YF661 browsing number: 856 core clew: why do you say understand watches and not understand love cheap rolex watches?

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why, understand watches, do not understand, love, alex, net friend, doubt, alex, have, what, netizens question What’s the hell rolex charm? To understand the watches and don’t understand the watches then love. What’s the hell dose 1 rolex charm? To understand the watches and don’t understand the watches then love. First of all, say why understand watches love rolex. 1 the pursuit of steadfast of mind Now watch market, big dial watch is popular, the tourbillon popular everywhere, most of the wrist watch the original title: why say understand watches and don’t understand love rolex watches? Keywords: why, understand watches, don’t understand, love, guinness, netizens doubt rolex what charm? To understand the watches and don’t understand the watches then love. What’s the hell dose 1  Replica rolex charm?


To understand the watches and don’t understand the watches then love. First of all, say why understand watches love rolex. 1 the pursuit of steady state of mind now watch market, big dial watch is popular, the tourbillon popular everywhere, most of the wrist watch brand in all sorts of complex functions show, the use of new materials science and technology, rolex can not forget the beginner’s mind, always follow the founder Hans Wells, proposed aim – that movement is more precise, wrist watch more durable, but not change to cater to the public. Is this kind of simple, the pursuit of perfection, let many people all know the watches. More than one hundred years, rolex almost exclusively in precision and durable guard and forward on these two goals, a lot of people this rolex a wear, is for the rest of your life, time, is a lifetime. A lot of improvement, to be error can reduce 0.1 seconds, understand watches, may be like the pursuit of 0.1 seconds. 2 to simple preference as inner steel sheet, with three needle for simple timing, alternative rolex can sell tens of thousands of yuan, and it can give thousands of tissot was. Rolex really is so simple, but there are so valuable. Try to ask, that sell thousands of yuan of tissot watch, can have that under the condition of rigid chronometer rolex precision and excellent waterproof performance? These two points are aware that great difference of things, of course, the gap is far more than these two points. The seemingly simple things, but few like rolex perfectly.


Rolex reflects the strong spirit of craftsmen, has been exploring a thing well done, is to make the movement more precise and more durable wrist watch. Those who understand the watches, natural know, the most simple things, actually is also the most complex, but rolex made it, they can refuse to any brand, but there is no reason to reject it. 3 insist to do the right thing, rolex has been proud of the two inventions – oyster type waterproof and automatic chain mechanism, has been in the last century 20 generation, can say, because the two inventions, just laid a rolex watch industry status of today. But carefully you will find that these two inventions, in fact has been improved, that is to say, rolex is not because of the two inventions and slack off, but identified themselves on the road, strive for perfection. Today, understand the watches you will find that oyster type waterproof is again a precession type bottom cover and precession type head that simple, automatic chain is not a simple tension spring, everything, everything are improved, and under the persistence of rolex becomes more attractive. Second, why don’t you know the watches loves rolex? 1 brand rolex watch of wrist of senior market in China earlier. Theory class, rolex than but at patek philippe and vacheron constantin this level of the brand, but when it comes to the brand influence, rolex is better. Due to an earlier time, watch of wrist of senior Chinese market and frequent appearance of film and television works in Hong Kong, Chinese minds early to rolex positioning for the “rich people’s wear watch”. So, when the part of people become prosperous first mastered after wealth, even if they don’t understand the watches, also will be very decisive of rolex, status symbol.

You wearing a PP, the estimate is not appreciate, but look at that crown logo rolex, know that you didn’t know the watches should all know that rolex, know that you are a rich man. 2 quality, buy a rest assured if I am a people who do not understand the watches, before buying a watches I wouldn’t go to study what watch waterproof structure, movement swing frequency, number of gems. Please, don’t discuss these with me, people speaking. I only care about those who watch Dai Jiu will rub off, walking a few years later the watch must not, and so on. And rolex on these, do good quality there for all to see, so you don’t have to go to study, just look at friends wearing rolex, didn’t what’s the problem for several years. Buy a tens of thousands of watches, you don’t want to buy quality is poor, so finally chose the rolex, also can figure a heart steadfast. 3 exquisite workmanship, materials trust over the years, rolex stick to sell machine core, and the movement is certified by observatory. If you don’t know what is the observatory certification, it doesn’t matter, you can tell a watch as accuracy.

Through the movement observatory certification, there are two special, precise and swatches as well. We buy watches, will use it to see time, mechanical watch as right, really. And rolex whether tens or hundreds of thousands of money, machine core difference is not large, as “quasi”, reassuring. When it comes to materials, stainless steel or gold, rolex never ambiguous. Stainless steel 904 l steel, while gold is gold, truly never play what gold-plated, plated with gold. If one day watches is short of money, oh Lord, take a rolex watch can change back to a few money. Said these two points, is want to say that rolex gives person’s feeling is really, don’t play. People who do not understand the watches, not to study watches a lot of internal detailed things, instead of paying more attention to the visible and tangible reality.

Most sports temperament and elegant demeanor Rolex di tong wrist watch

In all rolex oyster type with a high visibility and reputation in the Cheap Rolex wrist watch. Unique watches can have both precise timing and accurately calculate the average speed functions in one, with timing second hand, integrated minute and hour meter and button control plate, and engraved with the outer scale can also be read speed in real time. Rolex’s exclusive crystallization technology since 2000, oyster type motion type meter di tong universe with wrist assembly wholesale cheap rolex watches independent research and development and manufacturing of new 4130 timer movement. The machine adopts with super magnetic and shock resistance of PARACHROM hairspring, motivation for the wrist watch store 72 hours. Chain the wrist watch is automatic, and equipment after the Swiss Chronometer Testing center (the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute, COSC) certification plumb the motion of pendulum movement. Waterproof deepness amounts to 100 meters (330 feet).

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watches made from sapphire crystal lens, shoulder design comprehensive protection three lock chain crown. With gold oyster type insurance clasp, on the basis of oyster type buckle design, add the extra insurance lock in opening and closing position. Warm and comforwatches leather strap, is especially suiwatches for winter wear, become another remarkable feature the wrist watch. Attractive design aesthetic feeling Oyster type motion type meter di tong universe with wrist watch is not only superior function, watches design is classic, a variety of models meet the demand of different personality. A prestigious “steel di”, remove the rolex to select a 18 ct platinum and rose gold material, eternal and bold to join jewelry and leather element in the design, make this professional excellence wrist watch show distinctive aesthetic feeling. Selective diamond, ruby, enamel and other rare material, both by the best craftsmen inlaid with masterly craft, make the combination of material and watch the bright bring out the best in each other, magnificent of multiplication.