Rolex Greenwich watches

Noob factory rolex Greenwich watches has been praised by people like.It is as a watches and name of factory, N factory has all styles.Before the V5 version upgrade the strap details, especially the clasp, cutting more
fine, open the clasp, black LoGo LoGo more clear, if you had enough of a simple style to rolex, GMT style is also a worth of version.

The GMT Master II, always don’t like ghost sales. Less reason is to know the people.And the Internet of GMT green pointer position and the real thing wrong version.So many students with ocd directly pass away. In fact, GMT work quite well, and buy a lot of people abroad.
First look at the watch parameters:

Rolex GMT watch of wrist of type II series 116710 ln – 78200
watches size: 40 mm
Material: stainless steel, screw-plug Cerachrom black word
Movement: ETA3186 automatic machinery (N factory with 7750 to 7750 movement changes)
Watch button: folding clasp
Waterproof depth: 100 m
First photo a, give a suspense, you can see who really who fake?
On the left side of the v5 version N factory is new.On the right side of the real thing to wear 1 year or so,
apparently wear trace. See from strap quality goods still more obvious traces of wea.Quality goods using 904 l
steel N factory with 316 l stainless steel.The appearance is difficult to recognize on grinding process. But
if harsh assessment, feel is in 904 to how to say. ome deep, feel the bass. Frankly if it is not the real
thing to hand carefully than single from popular science visual Angle N factory actually do very in place, but
simple sense such things, you must with the naked eye is hard to get started with.let’s specific contrast.

original rolex watches

Dial contrast:
The proportion of the dial can see must be authentic mould.Otherwise can’t reach such accuracy, from the thickness of the ceramic ring.And all kinds of Angle and size all watchcase eat very accurate.It should pour a
interchangeable in precision. Inside dial scale and proportion are also very accurate.It can see very attentively. Two there deep and shallow the color of the dial to the same color saturation there is no color difference.

Pointer is spurious and the proportion of the material, especially steel needle and white color coating process is in place. Is the same as the axial hole ratio, but the hour hand ring is slightly superior to the real thing.

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Dial in the logo and fonts are with quality goods the same text, this is difficult, because the font is on the one hand, the key to master the font and proportion, the gap between this N factory Greenwich watches
convincing. Authentic calendar window also clear blue coating, N factory also did, just can see from the side, N calendar window than the real thing is a little small.Sapphire mirror:
Sapphire mirror, 9 completely achieved, then there is the ratio of pass and process N is completely spurious
on the vision, just touch the bland, but the real thing more.
Pointer comparison:
Already it’s hard to tell, but I feel GMT needle green shallow a tintin N factory to slightly more than the
real thing. Font color on the ceramic ring and v5 important correction, done in a variety of light conditions
are consistent, nice.
Looking for heavy look at the below dial the lettering of the medial circle mouth, quality goods with parallel
dual laser engraving technology, the overall lettering stereo sense is very strong and clarity.
The inner ring of lettering, N factory should also CNC, but if a 10 x magnification, can see the differences
of the real thing and, burn is not so clear and the real thing has stereo feeling.
Ceramic ring font contrast:
Font size proportion is consistent, quality goods ceramic circle to font than N a bit yellow.

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Clasp contrast:
N factory flexibility as well as the real thing, is also quite strong, radian is round.
Here to say, the real thing is worn over a period of time, inevitably some scratches, so ah, also want to
remind the broad masses of customers, don’t say bring your own watches soon have a lot of scratches, this is
common sense, is also has a piece of gold scratches.
Clasp small crown:
Small crown proportion and scale are no problem, very delicate.
Clasp in number, I think N than the real thing, nice clear scale deep, the real thing is fine, because of the
quality goods worn, a little discoloration. I was out here again, because the watch we take in hand, contact
with the skin, sweat is corrosive, wear for a long time, how much will be a little rub off, rub off on the
back like this, don’t we need to find your seller crowd quality goods also is such, they are just a commodity,
we learn to tolerate some disadvantages.
Clasp sandblasting logo and consistent with the real thing
Clasp internal after polishing, not because it is the inside ignores the grinding, it is really very
attentively, authentic polishing place N factory are not steal labor save small details.
Luminous contrast:
I think both of luminous effect is the same as you.Do you agree?

Rolex submariner green water ghosts watches VS Noob factory v5 contrast quality goods

Had done a lot of water contrast, everybody also saw too much.It mixed messages about water ghost.We do keep the opinion.Every time we will tell you their real know science.It is said its opinions or reserved for everybody. This issue bring you water contrast detail of true and false of the ghost.

First take a look at the real thing parameters:
Model: 116610 LV diameter: 40 mm Material: 904 l stainless steel outer ring: using Cerachrom green ceramic outer ring, with platinum scale display crown: three buckle lock (Triplock), watches shoulder protection crown mirror: blue crystal, small window lens equipped with antireflective coatingWaterproof: 300 meters
Movement: 3135 automatic chain machine (copy watches N factory has 2836, 3135, seagull movement, ETA2824, ETA2836 movement, demanding additive to watch ETA movement in 1200)
Frequency: 28800 times/h: kinetic energy reserves surface: 48 hours hour number and pointer adopted Chromalight fluorescent material band: 904 l stainless steel oyster type strap (high imitation is to use 316 l stainless steel) buckles: Rolex submariner Glidelock easy adjuswatches link
First to a group photo, guess true and false (GEN – the real thing, REP – replicas)

Weight contrast:
Let’s look at weight, This will make many people jump a broken glasses. Due to show fair, has in advance will be authentic and replica is two watchess into the strap length.
The whole watches weight, authenticity is 148.4 g, reproduction is 143.2 grams, 5.2 grams of gap (some error of measurement for you ignore)

Everyone love poking fun at the real thing is 904 steel, 316 steel and name, the real thing than the sink and name a few, in the midst of my sales career, many customers would say, after receiving the goods and name of the strap is too light, too fake. The time is long, I also have such a stand, until today, after test type, I suddenly found that the original saying strap light, perhaps didn’t even touch the real thing. Number the same day, strap, authentic 904 steel is 66.6 g, and 316 steel is 67.4 g, and name than the real thing sank 0.8 grams. Yes, this is right.
Attached to the steel quality is introduced: the real thing, 316, 904 and 304 almost no difference on hardness, almost no way to distinguish to the naked eye. But the common terms would have been 904 polishing of platinum as shining effect, platinum edition version and steel di tong, platinum darker feels more heavy Steel version of feeling more bright white light. Platinum edition than steel weighs about a third – quarter but platinum edition as easy to wear away.

Ceramic ring off color contrast:
Ceramic ring off color problem, GEN pure bright, the color of the REP to show composed of points (under the same exposure, although two with the physical color has a gap, but the basic GEN and REP can ignore the color, very small), the color, I need to do a boss knew, ceramic raw materials according to the proportion of different composition are the colors of the adjustment, in addition to black, transferred to the same basic it’s hard to do color, unless there is a Rolex submariner official formula, not only so, to control is also very difficult, even N factory, different batch, color also has a slight degree of difference.
Outer circle of the ceramic fine words contrast:
After 20 times, increase the font is consistent, but the padding even V5 version revised later still somewhat different (v4 version to white before filling). Authenticity is a platinum component, and name it looks is silver plating. Padding qualitative differences, caused the filling effect is not the same. Just the naked eye under normal circumstances is difficult to distinguish.

Literally contrast:
See literal ways I need not go into too much detail, figure 1 is the overall figure, in order to let you contrast to clear, I specially made a figure 2.
Official also added that Rolex submariner to turn many version and take the authenticity is bought last year, is likely to N factory do is a version of the module. Does not exclude that there may be.
Under the letter of the contrast, actually choose which font has no place to pick, N factory water rare place should be the old saying: details of decision quality.
Have to say, really.
Calendar lens contrast:
Authentic and replica have pale blue purple coating, are very weak. Only a specific Angle can see come out, is not very obvious, originally N factory version 1 and 2 of the V4, blue coating is too obvious, have taken to this day, very close.
Calendar font contrast:
Calendar of the font, font is OK, I will not from 1 to 31 were cut out, 1-10, is typical
Head contrast:
Head, first of all to disprove a rumor, don’t know what the real thing which is a great god began to say small crown crown is positive, this is absolutely a rumor, I not only read the green ghost quality goods, I also saw two black ghost quality goods, under the conditions of crown tighten, are all crooked. After carving, too. So now, some buyers to find I buy a small watches, and name is the crown of I also drunk, you should request counters to do first. The images were made with complex moment tight state. Be worth what carry is, have to watches and name it works really well, crown on the process of basic consistent, very delicate.
Strap contrast:
Strap, I really can’t see the difference between authentic and replica, what 904 than 904 wear-resisting of what, I don’t think there is that.
Raw ear common to both.
Clasp contrast:
Do have a slight difference, especially the length ratio of this clasp, or is there a difference, I did some shop help line show it to you.
Your V4 length as well as the real thing, V5 unexpectedly is a bit long.
After filling the V4 just with contrast:
GEN V4 steel belt contrast
GEN a watch chain is to more than 10000 a oh!

We take the things more than two thousand compared to 60000.Living is general nobody put down.It can do so much and name it imitates the process is not easy.It is also constantly update correction.we are buying replica watches and don’t put these defects root.It is with a good state of mind to experience more pleasant. We will also to do the quality inspection work more meticulous.let everybody have a comforwatches shopping environment.

Which Classic watches are worthy?

Classic watches are worthy? The so-called classical has never been surpassed.It can only be copied. As large pilot, don’t need too many changes. Large diameter of the dial, onion head crown.It was enough to move people. As it is not gone, gone to turn into a “weak” prince.Like the J12 have the phases of the moon, the tourbillon structure style.Still pleasing or J12 classic black and white and dichromatic of ceramics. But it is not so simple, in the creation of the classic designs are wonderful artical excelling nature is not only the original watch.More is the product of time and time again.It cannot be eliminated by time will become a classic.But it
always at the beginning of the classic need people to find a pair of eye.

A classic is not changed
What the classic are meaning? Classic first is the mainstream.It is able to obtain public recognition. So from the perspective of big ideas.The more classic doesn’t change. Watches is still so, classical rolex submariner
watchcase has become the symbol of the strong.It won’t have too much to change, change is no longer a rolex.

In 2016, the Basel exhibition on the watches, look at the new watche.On the art of watch design innovation is not a lot.It contrarys to the original series are in place.Each do giants family let us shine at the moment.
Giants family launched the green shell of disk ladybug watches to a rich family always resplendent last year.Mgnificent rolex submariner style, small and pure and fresh route was in place.We always thought this was a
rich family that work on a whim and green shell disk is not fai.But in 2016 the Basel exhibition on the watches is still let us very interested. The surprise as ladybug watch and Divas Colibri hummingbird watch is
said to be a sequel of ladybug watches.It say this watch let giants family established the nature of this theme.

Actually the most let a person easy to overlook the most let a person look forward to is the “spin” series of giants family watches watches. Familiar with a rich family, basically be the “spin” as a keyword rich family.
After the magic world giants family creation series watch design reached new heights of jewelry watches, from a circle to dial watch watches.From a watches ring even in the middle of the rotor, every part of the surface
is covered with the different size in the shape of a diamond. Dial with concentric design, the center special modeling a little pointer collocation can rotate gossip. Show originality is outer compose the dial four
rotawatches square decorative window.The window respectively have four kinds of precious stones, diamond, sapphire, emerald and ruby) set and into. And the four gem is not a simple window, with the wrist movements,
four color gems will transform with the movement of the wrist.

When it comes to turn, have to mention is the giants family Polaris watch series, embedded in white gold dial, nearly 577 square drill, and use inlaid Mosaic way is hidden, all weighs 23.88 carat diamond. On the dial as
surrounded by a 2.15 -carat ZhongXingPengYue square diamond, builds a boundless Polaris give directions to the pedestrian in the night sky. And this watch is not big qiao don’t work, from the bottom of the watch ear,
watch and watch button you can see, in the use of these details giantsfamily have the diamond decoration, in whose hands axis and crown is decorated with round diamond, great in the beauty of nature round place. In the small dial 3, 6, 9 and 12 o ‘clock on the scale of using the turquoise inlay to highlight time clear when reading. Good watches is also limited, has another ruby, sapphire, two kinds of style, seems more like by
everybody, blue style name, because some of the Polaris watch blue is more suiwatches for the colour of the night sky.

A classic is not simply split
At the beginning of the classical creation should be very eye-catching, and create classic stitching is not a simple element. In the Basel show this year launched its own new generation female watches CEA, including my
colleagues, people have seen this watch spirit does it one brace up, bulgari female watches to return.Cursory glance, bulgari LVCEA design have qualitative feeling very much, look at the shape of the shell from
bulgari classic BVLGARIBVLGARI series, cylindrical section rounded, familiar bracelet watch? A wave of bulgari “snake” watches charm bracelet. But this is just a simple glance under the first feeling, clearly is not so simple.

According to the bulgari brand introduction, LVCEA female watches design inspiration comes from light. Round watchcase and simple design case base is the representative of a sundial, which itself is the tool to keep
track of time, therefore this design represents the LVCEA itself is a combination of time and beauty. “LVCEA” name is actually represented in Italian “luce (light)” and the Latin “lux” (gorgeous) combination, therefore.LVCEA at the beginning of the design is to show a beautiful time.
, of course, this is a brand design train of thought, women from our many buyers perspective, aesthetic feeling, this watch can be called a classic. First of all, let us think of first is not so ancient sundial,
impressed us LVCEA the overall geometry design feeling. Round watchcase watches a lot but do big round and a trace of the few, and LVCEA on circular case is not a complete circle, together with the cylindrical casing
BVLGARIBVLGARI series of Rome as there is no difference between, on the contrary it left a rounded lines at crown triangular module, collocation, precious stones, crown is not abrupt, flexible, and has a lot of
changes. As to place of LVCEA watch bracelet get inspiration is the classic SERPENTI series, scale structure of the spiral wound is certainly does not conform to the structure of the watch, so every piece of bracelet is
on second line processing, so that the chain section trapezoidal section with, this is the beauty of the clock line combination, also makes the straight line with round watchcase blend together very well.
The most critical is LVCEA not only has a precious metal material, which makes its collocation is proper, is very important for promotion. LVCEA series has as many as 12 different material collocation, contains a
stainless steel to dense set auger rose gold style, dial adornment also is different, also have Roman numerals assist and the collocation of the VI.

Classic is constantly changing
Classic style, two word constant change is the new function, new situation and new materials. Watch this design many, like the Reverso series, the same is the meaning of the word “flip”, change is integrated into
the power storage, display, day and night star phases of the moon, and so on function, and there are a lot of classic design, tanks and blue balloon series is also enough to hold up the simple to the complex watch style
of classic series, seen from them is the extension of classical watch style change constantly.From the design, the worthy Cartier first-class level, classic watches of Cartier has too much style, blue
balloon, tanks, pasha, mountain santos, etc., we raise the Cartier examples to illustrate the birth of the classic blue balloons. Montego phil blue balloon in the French mind this name is a symbol of innovation,
kadeya is one of the most important design blue balloon and was designed. Design let people like Cartier blue balloon, the classic round shell mold, achieved the effect of general wear for men and women. And Cartier blue balloon is highly successful in business, let the blue balloon this series is still growing, since the launch of the annual SIHH blue balloon can always bring us surprise, Cartier blue balloons this year is no longer that the simple round watchcase, blue balloon watchcase material to cover today already stainless steel, gold, rose gold, platinum, diamond, and between all kinds of styles of gold. Different material of the watch case represents the price very reasonable distribution of blue balloons, covers three files, including a populist style, there are colorful art style. And wrist thickness for different wearing crowd, the watch case of blue
balloon diameter consider very considerate, 42 mm, 36 mm and 28 mm the diameter of the three basis to choose from, so for a man who like the big watches with tiny woman can enjoy wearing comfort of blue balloon.
Part blue balloon style chooses the large watches of 46 mm diameter, such as blue balloon jump seconds the tourbillon watches dual time zone, in the gallery of a variety of complex function at the same time, the big
watches 46 mm diameter does not affect too much the wearing comfort level and the overall visual effect. Blue balloon movement also has a mechanical and quartz two choices, one of the wearer of a blue balloon most human girl, not very strict to the requirement of movement, instead they would prefer walking accurate set-up don’t have to remember every moment of the day to watch.

In 2016 Basel show, Cartier blue balloon art two not mistake, not only introduced a floating the tourbillon watches, also introduced a eternal life petals fret parrot Mosaic or watch blue balloons. Say is emphatically
the art style of blue balloon, blue balloon art style belongs to the blue balloon the high-end watch the entire series, the flower details inlay art watch represents a parrot kadeya is willing to put the own
development lost tradition results in a series of blue balloons. Cartier in raising actually save nearly lost of traditional arts and crafts, flowers fret Mosaic is just one of them. This traditional art fusion of
classical watch design practice in let traditional handicraft not lost at the same time, also shows the position of the classic blue balloons in Cartier.

Seen so many Cartier blue balloons change, we can see from the blue balloon is the same place, is the Cartier blue balloon design style of the soul, convex circle sapphirine crown, precious metal outer protector bow,
make the shell mold of blue balloon with yu light tanks for the moment.

Why rolex submariner series wrist watch has popularity?

Rolex submariner watches series is not only creative energy, but also filled with the pursuit of better perfect.For rolex submariner series, “character” is not just talk. Rolex type submariner series watches “sedat. Apply, not buckish” design style, is people in esteem. Precise and durability makes rolex series look submariner.

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Rolex submariner series each clock technicians all have the same confidence.It is everything to strive for perfection. They have the assistance of cutting-edge technosubmarinery.And it ensure that each production process are through strict quality control. Each watches is into the pressure chamber test waterproof performance.And then use two seconds each error one hundred atomic clocks do precision calibration.As long as the failed the invention slightly, abandoned in the namely, complete all quality test watches to the factory.

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Rolex submariner series watch is elegant and magnificent.All by 220 components improve the joint. Rolex submariner series watches in the process of assemble and combination.Each link is perfect. It is a rolex submariner series watchmaker.Rolex submariner series, in fact, every point of the watchmaker stern emphasized. in addition to the choice of the watch body material, precious stones inlaid with status and work are after repeated sketch design, meditation out after the final. In addition, rolex submariner series will be the traditional type and associated science and technosubmarinery.It developed a series of jewelry, watches, set precious stones to hard work, only the watchmaker has a good workmanship level, the ability be competent.

Rolex submariner series keep improving, seek perfect energy.It gives rolex submariner series watches of the highest moral character.It make the rolex submariner series enjoy other watches has no more honor. In 1953, mountaineer Edmund Hillary wore a rolex series watches boarded Everest submariner, the explorer Renault’s fee for wearing the same type rolex submariner series watches tamed the South Pole, a few years later, rolex type submariner series and submerge to a depth of 10800 meters underwater. The many, many exploration initiative all bear witness to the fact that the history of that is the good moral character, rolex type submariner series zhuo and extraordinary.

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What you need to do when Rolex mechanical watch doesn’t work

Automatic mechanical watches can be divided into fully automatic mechanical watch and semi-automatic mechanical. Although cheap rolex watches without batteries,have the wound.And the common manual winding mechanical watch the only difference is in the watches.It set up around a clockwork gear rotating hammer, whenever people hand in movement.It is swinging automatic watches with the hand, in the watches of the pendulum will be around the axis of rotation.It is located in the center of the watches machine and drive the gear transmission step by step.It finally turn will drive the clockwork ratchet, spring has been gradually tightening.

In the process of transmission, due to the effect of energy of the gear with shaft.Small power will be more and more big.So the pendulum will reach the level of can turn tightly wound.Its rotation range is smaller, step by step, in turn. As a result, pendulum rotation week, clockwork on only a little.But because the staff is constantly swinging, equal to one day and night constantly wind on the ground, the stored energy is sufficient watches is walking machine. watches pendulum axis in any direction (including clockwise and counterclockwise rotation has a wind-up effect of automatic mechanical watch.

The other is a pendulum turns, there is only one direction while the other effective direction is idle semi-automatic mechanical watches.Although semi-automatic mechanical watches do not contain battery,some simple maintenance is very necessary. To prolong the service life of the watch and keep good state of movement is very helpful.

Self winding the watch work lies in the motion of the arm will drive the machine core circle.So as to achieve the goal of automatic winding. Every day as long as you move the arm, it will record accurate time for you. If you want to wear every day, automatic watches, the best maintenance method is tight wind every two weeks, to ensure its normal smooth running gear. Gently rotate the crown (it can also adjust the time and date) until you can feel very slightly pressing.

If you are not wearing a automatic watch every day, and you should ensure that lacks at least once every two weeks to ensure the continuous running of watches.It guarantees the accuracy of the internal mechanism normal running. Let stand for a long period of time, mechanical watch spring nature relaxing to watch, stillness at this time, if you want to wear, you must first to wind, then the calibration time, while rolex mechanical watch at the time of spring the pine, hour hand, minute hand will appear the phenomenon of slow or fast, therefore, should first wind, lest after calibration of time, there is no standard power driven pointer, even if is automatically on the list, also should use first hand chain to eight full, and then to time calibration. Mechanical watch need not when, had better wound once a month, prevent oil set in the watches.

The maintenance of common sense for Rolex mechanical watch

Machines need to maintain.Watch, no matter how much the price of the watch, It also needs to have maintenance.It can effectively extend the service life of watches.Rolex mechanical watch, in particular, even more so. Here are small make up.I am here to share the mechanical maintenance method.

1. Wearing cheap rolex watches, hand sweat for watchcase corrosive.And often use soft cloth to wipe the watch case. Plastic watches when not wearing watches, should be fitted.

2. Don’t open the back cover as far as possible, in order to avoid dust into the machine core affect the normal work of the watch.If there are such operations during the coinsurance, It will affect you in the special maintenance station should enjoy the warranty service.

3. Do not place the watch in a closet with camphor ball, so as to avoid oil deterioration.
4. Don’t put the watch in mobile phones, audio, television sets and other equipment of strong magnetic field. in order to avoid to be magnetized influence precision as well.

5. It should be regular monthly last spring.Make parts not dormant for a long time, in order to ensure the machine running lubrication in the watches.

6. Ordinary mechanical watches by the tide,it can use dry cotton pressure on the watch, and electric light bulb bake for 5 minutes.Exterior moisture can evaporate all out. Watch for severe be affected with damp be affected with damp can be appropriately extend the time of absorption of moisture.

7. When sleeping, don’t wear watches, especially luminous watch, has certain laser radiation, must be off before you go to sleep.

8. Don’t adjust between 9 PM to 4 o ‘clock in the morning time.It cause damage to watch and calendar so easily jump is not correct. Another watch in time to adjust the time need to dial clockwise, don’t dial counterclockwise, it is easy to cause the watch hand counterclockwise dial watch, pointing to the deviation (quartz 2 pin type should be counterclockwise). At the same time also affect the accurate watch.

9. Pay attention to what you wear a watch waterproof type.Avoid by all means water, avoid by all means is wearing a watch to the sauna. Even if is diving watches, if closed circle after aging will still weeping,
To keep good watches boxes, boxes can be normally don’t wear watches the most secure protection.

Swiss rolex watch is good at sports marketing

With sports marketing “first time”

In the early 1920 s, rolex founder Hans Wells, is the first time to forward the design of brand spokesperson and sports sponsorship. It will be the world’s first waterproof watches. Rolex oyster type wrist watch as a sports marketing, and received very good effect. In 1927, mae sai di, gilly wire wear watch of wrist of oyster type across the English channel. After swimming for over ten hours to reach the end, she wear the wrist watch is still as usual.When the mae sai di, gilly silk swim across the English channel is the first successful British women.She is also the first rolex brand spokesperson.

And sailing affinity
As an important enabler top sailing, rolex support sailing has a history of more than 50 years. The world’s three largest offshore sailing race can see the figure of rolex.It includs “rolex Sydney to hobart yacht game”. “rolex sailing competition law, knight,” and “rolex Middle Sea sailing competition”. In addition to the offshore events, rolex also sponsored “, 40 world sailing championship” and “rolex sailing super cup” and other sports events.

Affinity with tennis
Since 1978, the rolex has been the four grand slam of the wimbledon tennis tournament official timer. Whenever see the oldest tennis tournament in the world, you will find the field fence layout Rolex classic Logo. While China tennis open.Rolex wristwatch exclusive sponsor and events. Rolex spokesperson including tennis star Switzerland’s Roger federer and Chinese players li na.

The affinity golf
Golf as a gentleman movement, rolex since 1967 has been committed to promoting the development of golf. Sponsored by the high places in the four grand slam “big three”, including the United States masters, the British open and the us open. Tiger Woods golf celebrity, Adam Scott, phil mickelson has become a rolex.Wholsale cheap rolex watches