When the eastern beauty come across western classic wrist circle

Celebrity endorsements wrist was already the norm.Personal temperament is doomed to and aura of similar brands have a contract of fate.It likes a sentient beings, after all will walk hand in hand. This past June, wrist circle has two brands are incorporated into the couple.Can you calm in the face of all this?

Wu queer fire recently don’t, he continuously surpass ourselves in terms of performance.The little mermaid”, “interstellar agents: thousands of star city”. “The old gun son”… A film as a different kind of “small wu ye”. With soaring popularity, the numerous well-known brands are integral to the advertising campaigns of his figure.It includs ray-ban, glory is all that I know mobile phone, dell computer, and Mercedes.Smart.Adidas Originals and maybelline, luxury brands bulgari is also included.

Wu queer collided with bulgari, can be said to be the eastern new bumped into the west classic.This is the first to use the Asian actor interpretation for bulgari brand spirit.It standing in the business point of view, just three words: eyes!Wu queer affinity with bulgari is not an accident, flip the past data is not hard to find, as he had worn the earlier Diagono different styles such as Magnesium, Octo bulgari watch to attend the activities, so today’s hands are based on the deep affection.

The new generation of small ye and has more than 130 years history of Italy between senior watch brands will sparks of how? Only from the recently released large advertising and publicity in the video, you can feel.
Images of the queer wu is full of charm and temperament, and full of fashion, reveal personality of alternative at the same time, more conveys the depth of the bulgari brand connotation. Look to the future, a story of new classic brand for young people, it is also a bulgari choose the representative of the young heart.

Next, again say another new small master. She attend, 2005 “super girl” was crowned, has been with his unique personality and style in music and film and television to occupy a place, in recent years has been the major
international brand, she is li yuchun.

Late last month, also from Italy’s high fashion brand GUCCI GUCCI announced li for a wrist jewelry image ambassador in Asia, a sensation throughout the fashion news, someone says: li opened the asians in the correct way to GUCCI. Of course, there are many fans, said Chris scored after image ambassador, wallet will start to lose weight, can see that the popularity of li, have the effect.

Like queer wu, li became the gucci image ambassador of the Asia also is no accident, as early as last year .Alexander zhuo mountains, open manage office gucci creative director, li yuchun has put on his handsome
uniform jacket design by recording the burning youth! And wearing Gucci patch coat film poster shows. And after several activities and daily life, li repeated a gucci dress appeared in public view, perhaps already a

Through the gucci official advertising blockbusters, li yuchun a handsome suits, capable in the United States, according to the east in the lens of the medal GG2570 series wrist watch is also will not stick her free and
easy temperament perfect show. Out from the day she was with a hard to resist the neutral wind swept fashion, and now the rocks has become a trend, there are changes in tone also happens to gucci, it is said that next
year the brand even merge men’s line, so it’s only a matter of time before the in hand, and circle seems to be no who can than li yuchun is more suiwatch for contemporary fashion beauty of gucci.

Comprehensive Metholds to Check the quality of Rolex rolex watch is original or not

Real senior cheap rolex watches never give buyers to leave any regret.From the appearance to the movement of each place is exquisite workmanship to let a person touched. Then, rolex watches really reached the value. But at the same time,it is filled with the fake also slowly to huge market. Identify the valid of the wrist rolex watch, believe in love rolex watch may help you.

Cheap replica rolex watches

♦ observe the rear case, any original rolex watches, especially men’s rolex watch. Many English letters are on the rear case, indicate the rolex watch brand, country of production.All steel or steel waterproof, antimagnetic, shockproof, or the name of the shock absorbersappearance, have a rolex watch and signet brand special logo. In addition, also engraved with some Numbers, which is used to indicate the rolex watch machine core and shell. Fake rolex watches engraved with the pattern on the back cover and letters very rough fuzzy, mostly unknown shell, and movement. Original rolex watches on the back cover are usually with a film, and the
plum flower rolex watch on the back cover labeled with a green plum flower form tag. Gold-plated shell rolex watch made in Switzerland, in the case file location (andinstall the strap of the spring rod relative)
engraved with letters, such as PLAQUEGI0, said gold plated rolex watch case is 10 microns. Counterfeit rolex watch would not have this kind of tag, many fake rolex watches, such as titanium nitride process pretending to be gold-plated rolex watch case.

cheap rolex submariner

♦ dial, all Japanese rolex watch, words in the dial 6 set bottom end with a line of small Numbers.It said the movement and plate.Counterfeit rolex watch does not. Some famous brand rolex watch made in Switzerland, like
the plum blossom.The nag has some special mark on dial. “Empty bully” (airmaster) of the plum blossom male rolex watch at the bottom of the dial, TITOFLEX printed with red letters, and the vast majority are set with a glass or metal quality diamond. The British nagl rolex watch bearing the words sTARJEWEIS letters at the bottom of the dial. There is no such letter fake rolex watches dial. Although some fake rolex watches on the
dial sWISSMOVT letters said Swiss movement, SHOCKPROOF such letters to indicate is SHOCKPROOF rolex watch, but this kind of rolex watch is usually more defects and defect on the dial, such as word set straight, imprinting fuzzy, words or letters, designs on the dial is not tight, disk surface have more scratches and discoloration and peeling night bright point, etc., and nights bright point is added on the in side of the plate of words, night bright point is bigger and appear uneven, also has a luminous dial and Pointers taking night bright color not consistent. Some day, week fake rolex watches have such characteristics: from the calendar window look, calendar lean back the outer edge of the carriage, or calendar carriage is plastic. Week carriage is indicated in Chinese (except Japan rolex watch) or week words in English on the right side, left by Numbers.

♦ observe rolex watch, his head fake rolex watches logo or letters mark rough fuzzy or printed with 100% W ~ P, and all steel rolex watch use half steel head.


Generally the most easy to expose false rolex watch is LOGO, especially on the surface of LUGO, can use four times ocular carefully to see their work, if is the metal LOGO really rolex watch generally if brightness is
new, fake rolex watch LOGO edge short-tempered, and some less rules, if the words, true rolex watch edge smooth and no burr, the trace of false edge paint the rolex watch slightly open, and font has depth, with
eight times the eyepiece you can see very well.
♦ rolex watch mirror
Commonly used rolex watches sapphire rolex watch mirror, with the progress of science and technology, fake rolex watch also started to follow suit. Fake rolex watch sapphire is easy to see through, for false rolex
watch in order to reduce the cost of not plating on rolex watch mirror reflector, not to mention the double coated, so the light reflection is serious, though not drop, but just need to take light exposure to the sun’s
ultraviolet rays, reflected serious; True rolex watch with antireflection coating, without too much reflection under strong light, with purple or blue glare.
♦ weight
Fake rolex watch now, especially the ROLEX J, in order to guarantee high simulation, will be in the circle of false exterior-interior use lead weight of the fake rolex watch, but you can try the other parts of the
weight, such as bracelet, much relatively light weight. At the same time, general fake ones are comparatively light, and even using the lead lap “ballast”, but in the hand feeling is strange.
♦ head
In general, the most easily betrayed his head fake rolex watch. Fake rolex watch head will use the same kind of process, polishing uneven plating parts, plating, or gold-plated, but always have two-tone, careful
observation can still see the thief. Done relatively true rolex watch case is not easy to detect, you can rolex watch your head. In addition, a lot of rolex watches his head all have their own specification, and false rolex watch is almost the same, the only need to see the appearance of the true rolex watch will make it easy to see.

♦ back cover
Fake rolex watch the back cover is not in accordance with the rolex watch production, some, such as OMEGA, AP, tc.) will be the original screw cap made gland, interested friends may wish to pay attention to yourself.
There is part of the back cover star or a few screws back cover, fake rolex watch are produced in order to save costs of neither fish nor fowl screw cap shaped gland.

♦ literally
Literally available eight times the eyepiece easily found traces of handwritten

♦ number
Factory has its own fixed label name rolex watch rules, and has a serial number, number according to the specifications of the form can find even manufacture date and sale, and false rolex watch is just a number,
not even number, is easy to be distinguished. Some true rolex watch number is to appear in different locations in the rolex watch, and how false only appears on the back cover.
♦ bracelet
Chain work can clearly see the trace of the manual must be fake ones, although they are some fake leather strap hook do delicate, but in activity corner with rough details without burnish, as long as careful you can
find the flaw.

♦ the clock
Whose hands the eyepiece fake rolex watch carefully, tiny traces can be found, that is installed with tweezers printing, true rolex watch do not see the trace of similar at all. The shape of the clock and rolex watches
have obvious difference, even if I have seen is really J rolex watch, the second hand can also see that problem, fake rolex watch the second hand of poorly made, and relatively short, this is the biggest problem,
true rolex watch general seconds longer than or equal to the length of the minute hand.

♦ movement
Voice: in addition to the Swiss movement of 2824283 6 fake ones, such as other movement is the frequency of the 21600, you just need to pick up in the ear to hear, are almost always slow ticking, now really is more
than 28800 frequency rolex watch are mostly, but a lot of place of true rolex watch also has a slow, so this is just one of these.
Grinding: this need not wordy, generally false rolex watch is not polished. But there are many in the market now have burnish false movement, but with an eyepiece can be easily found that the processing of rough.
Structure: (each rolex watch core has different structure, rather than ETA can simulate the flow of a 2824)

♦ identify fake rolex watch brand
Brand of fake typically occur in the high-end brands. In order to obtain high profits, counterfeiters often in trademark, appearance imitation of the real, got the same manufacturing, rough look invulnerable, even all
packing, specification and production license is complete. But its use is with the brand do not form a complete set of movement, or the inferior parts material grade. This kind of fake brand-name rolex watches in
the internal sales, often cost a lot less than the real thing, in some rolex watches to detect sound city and non-standard stores have sales. The domestic market, once appear fake rolex, such as radar, fiyta rolex
watches. Some rolex watches in order to improve the sales, making false propaganda on product features, on the back cover marked “100 meters of waterproof, rolex watchcase never wear” and so on, in this publicity, the
consumer must be rational judgment.
♦ identify a fake and inferior appearance
The appearance of a high proportion in the rolex watch prices. Such as French production “Cartier rolex watches, the price of 3.52 million yuan, with 36 carat diamond, calculated at $60000 per carat, light diamond
is worth more than 200 ten thousand yuan. Therefore, a counterfeit should be attention to appearance.
♦ identify natural diamond, synthetic diamond, diamond drill (glass)
Natural diamond is the hardest of all objects, a level 10 hardness. Artificial diamond is 8-9; Diamond drill (glass) is lower than the hardness of natural diamond and synthetic diamond, and fragile. Synthetic diamond
and diamond prices are cheap, every grain of only 0.1 0.2 yuan. Therefore, when buying with natural diamond rolex watches, must pay attention to the authenticity, when necessary to the relevant departments of
detection.rolex watch how to identify true and false? High imitation rolex watches thing?
♦ identify K gold, gold plated, gold plated acid
K gold, gold plating, the surface of the acid gold plating color is yellow, not easy to distinguish, it is difficult to difference in the absence of instrument to detect. Some fake products labelled 10 K gold shell of
18 K gold shell, some even will false K gold plating shell shell. In addition, its gilded shell plating layer thickness is difficult to determine. Some rolex watches marked gold-plated 3 micron, actually doesn’t even
have 1 micron, rolex watch to use more than one year, gold color faded completely. What’s more, the acid gold plating of aluminum alloy shell, is introduced into insurable years do not fade, actually use less than half a
year, becomes black gold, even lost the antirust ability. When consumer is buying gold rolex watch must ask.
♦ identify rolex watch glass
There are three kinds of currently used glass rolex watch: organic glass, ordinary quartz glass and sapphire crystal water. Is confusing and difficult to distinguish between quartz glass and sapphire crystal glass, both
have very big difference in quality and price. Sapphire crystal glass, once said “never wear glass”, has now changed to “is not easy to wear glass”. It is about the price of ordinary quartz glass of dozens of times,
therefore, only in the high-end rolex watch sapphire crystal glass.
In the absence of testing instrument, can use a simple method to distinguish between ordinary quartz glass and sapphire crystal glass. Put a drop of water rolex watch on the glass

surface, and then standing with them, all that water ball does not scatter as sapphire crystal glass, on the other hand, the water flows down the plane ordinary quartz glass is dirty.
♦ identify rolex watch movement of fake and shoddy
All imports of Swiss rolex watches, its use of movement is Swiss production. If discover the movement is
Japan, China or other countries production, the rolex watch is fake and inferior products.All imported Japanese rolex watch, its use of movement must be made in Japan. If discover the movement is
Swiss or other countries production, the rolex watch also must be a fake and inferior products.Domestic production of rolex watches, the movement is very miscellaneous, such as Switzerland, Japan and
domestic machine core, consumers must pay attention to: some counterfeiters use some fake movement in a wristrolex watch shoddy. Relatively speaking, buy high trust brand, will not appear these problems.

Some other points you need to know about Rolex watches

Rolex is watch brand new star in Swiss.If you want to buy Rolex watch, then you can pay attention to a lot of fake products.The market now if you don’t know how to distinguish true and false,it can easily cheated to buy fake ones.

1, the true watches back cover not only has this model, and there will be engraved on the fuselage number below.Each one is different.And false watches is only one of the same size. You can take the fuselage and the fuselage on the warranty card number of the watch you check, true watches model and serial number should be consistent with the warranty card.

2, look from the shell and at the second hand, watches mirror, dial, etc. Watchcase sand holes and no apparent Nick, angular symmetry.On the back cover and spiral shell part should be closely.Distance apart is exactly equal to the length of each with two watches ring watchcase.Install the ear Juan hole should be centered in position at the end of the casing feet unbiased, the depth of the hole properly, make the watches ring is not easy to fall off.

3, watch the dial needle uniform rotation should be flexible, reliable, and pointer. Check the check points should be paid when wheel and the center shaft friction with firmness. When dial needle, if there is no loose or tight feeling, show points wheel friction and normal oil amount, on the other hand, the dial needle part defective.

4, look at the watch head: elite watches watches head a trademark letter. False Rolex, watch watches head, some has no alphabet and some tags are letters, but mostly very rough fuzzy.Buy cheap rolex submariner watches Now!


Is bank card password leaked associated with smart watches and bracelet?

Binghamton university, in the United States and Stevens institute of technology, the researchers found that wearable device can be used to steal the user’s multiple passwords.

Researchers at the university of the two published titled “friend or foe? Wearable equipment exposed your personal identification number of the paper. They collected from wearable device. It includes smart watches
and bracelet in the embedded sensor data and using computer algorithms to crack a personal identification number and password. Try to break the success rate of 80% for the first time, and the success rate of more
than 90% after three attempts.

Binghamton university, school of engineering and applied science, an assistant professor of computer science Wang Yan, Yan Wang, sound), said: “wearable device can be breached. The attacker can restore the user hand trajectory, then gain access to an ATM machine, electronic entrance guard, and use the keyboard control enterprise server password.”

The study of other participants include Wang Chen, Guo Xiaonan, Liu Bo, and Chen, head of Yingying from Stevens institute of technology. The team associated with mobile devices in information security and privacy
protection in the project cooperation.When the Swiss art master abro (EPOS) – Emotion emotional series Roman holiday – white version

All watch price is USD 5770
A real threat, but methods can be complex
Wang yan said: “the real threat, but methods can be complex. There are two types of attack methods can realize: internal attack and sniffing attack.”

“In the internal attack, the attacker by malicious software to access the wrist wearable devices embedded sensors. Malicious software for users to access security system based on password, and send back the sensor
data. Then, an attacker can use the sensor data to detect the victim’s personal identification number.””The attacker can also put wireless sniffer devices in information security system based on password, near to
steal wearable device sensor data that are sent to the associated smartphones.”
The researchers based on three kinds of information security system, including ATM, in 11 months by 20 adult users, using a variety of wearable devices tested 5000 times the password input.By using the accelerometer and gyroscope in wearable devices and magnetometer data, the research team successfully recorded the movement information of millimeter, and whether users hands in what position. Then, using the interference to the personal identification number sequence algorithm after “, “the researchers to restore the key data accurately.

The research team feedback this is the first use of wearable devices for personal identification number, do not need any environment of information technology at the same time.The study helps to understand the outside world, wearable devices will bring what kind of information security risk. Currently, the size of the wearable devices and computational ability to also cannot assure powerful security measures, it also leads to data security more vulnerable.

In the current study, the team did not solve problems. But they said that the developer can ask people to join the “noise” in the data, make hackers cannot hand movement information extracted from the data, but
still can effectively track the movement.

What is the effect to swiss watch as Britain takes off european?

Now talk about the UK after take off the development direction, even if the future really will be out of Europe.It is too early. However, the British out of Europe already has a short-term impact on Swiss watch especailly for cheap rolex submariner watches.

Stay or leave? On June 23, 2016, the United Kingdom held a referendum to decide whether or not from the european.The next day the news hit the country’s political system and economic life. According to Google in the UK, according to data released in the referendum, June 24. “What is the EU? (what is the eu? Search heat jumped quickly, quickly on the Google UK hot topics on the second place. Some people think of search they finally voted out exactly what it is. After more than two weeks, Britain is still influenced by referendum aftershocks, trapped in a dilemma with no clear direction.

Almost all experts forecast, from the European Union will have a negative effect on the UK economy.But the voice of the “left” to rely on to incite populist, rejected the opinions of the experts. Officially announced before the referendum, the pound is at its lowest level for more than 30 years.The assets of the stock exchange after the opening.The bank of England evaporation by a third. In general, the former can be regarded as the luxury goods industry news, as chief executive of bulgari Jean – Christophe Babin before a referendum on the economist, sterling devaluation can promote the tourism marketing of the brand.

As long as the visitors pouring in, everything will be thriving. However. Warwick business school professor and marketing and innovation of Warwick luxury & Wang Qing, director of the center for innovation (the Qing Wang some questions are put forward.

“For visitors from emerging economies such as China and the enterprise, the UK is open and enthusiastic, but to take off the euro will be harmful to the image. The political stability, legal framework to improve transparency, many Chinese companies and investors will be British as a bridge to Europe. In the trade with emerging economies such as China, Britain’s” soft power “positive image has been playing an important role. However, after take off the referendum, in reducing the influence of Britain in Europe, its uncertainty and risk is on the rise, Chinese enterprises have to re-evaluate its international strategy.”

But the domestic market does not only include travel sales and exports (in 2015 the Swiss watch of Britain’s exports account for 5.4% of the global total), after the pound, clock suddenly a lot of expensive for local residents. Industry observers from Vontobel Rene Weber, estimates that the British market of richemont and swatch group respectively 5% and 3% of the sales, both will be affected by the currency exchange rate changes. Britain is one of the Swiss watch performance better global markets, Europe will not be off and hope to hear the famous brand of giant group, especially in this challenging year.

Although the currency and the impact of the stock exchange is visible, but as long as the British parliament in a stalemate, then long-term outlook is still not clear. Rene Weber explained: “no one knows the future what form is adopted in the UK and the European Union, if the activation of the Lisbon treaty article 50, started to take off the program, so there will be a two-year middle consultation period, so far, the UK what on earth is still up in the air.”

Some magical beads Hiding in the interesting movement

Every time talking about the movement of cheap rolex submariner watches, feels a little boring.Because it is not a very romantic thing, It always want to be involved in a lot of science with honours students to concern.But the topic today, believe me, even if just look at the map, you will feel surprise and fun.If you really like machinery. Today want to introduce is the mechanical movement inside some of the beads, in most people’s impression: “joke, in the movement which have beads, I hadn’t seen it.”

Rolex put tuo ball bearing automatically
Yes, when we are taught to appreciate the polishing of movement and structure, many small things can be ignored.The bead is one of them. Where is the movement of the beads? The most common, in automatic pendulum tuo of the bearing. This point I think general watches friends all know, but also know more? What are the advantages of ball bearing? In addition to the ball bearing, what magical beads in the movement?

The rolling ball bearing and love beads
What is a ball bearing? Baidu encyclopedia wikipedia and explain the very professional.It is easy to say it is a bearing with the beads. What’s the use of ball bearing? First of all, reduce the friction shaft and fixed layer, the second fixed and supporting parts. Said the structure of the bearing is not very complicated, simple is the middle of the inner ring and outer ring and the beads, there are some of the details, but it belongs to the category of mechanical precision manufacturing, we just need to know about it.
Its principle is very simple.In the past, still no rolling bearing (not only refers to the clock domain), general bearing shaft and fixed plate are direct friction.In order to use, just wipe on lubricating oil, lubricating oil in the long run will consume, and this is the sliding friction, once the lubricating oil, it will produce wear, finally can only in shaft. Ball bearing is the rolling friction, high school physics teacher said that the rolling friction than the sliding friction resistance is small.So the advantage is obvious.It is not only won’t produce high temperature, also can greatly reduce wear and tear. The first modern ball bearing patent records, is 1794 a welsh inventor and steel experts, used for axle.

Silicon nitride ceramic ball bearing
Ball bearing is the key to what? Is the magic ball in it. Ball is the most important part of the bearing, it determines the quality of the bearing, ball bearing on international have corresponding standards, from the G3 to G2000, ball surface more smooth and more good, more and more good. Ball, at the same time, different materials have different characteristics, such as the majority of the steel ball, need lubrication, high chrome steel and bearing some of special alloy steel, and silicon nitride ceramic ball, there is no need for lubrication, the coefficient of friction resistance because it is the best one, of course there are some other material also can reach this level, but its rockwell hardness is 70, is the highest hardness in mainstream ball bearing material.
Let the bead strings for you
Ball used in the movement, mainly automatically put the ball bearing in the vedas, currently on the market can meet most of the automatic pendulum tuo, using all of these ball bearings, specific what time to start, I don’t have any more, I don’t know is there any watches friends know? But one thing we all know, rolex and one of the most famous automatic movement Cal. 3135 with pin bearing, pin bearing use for a long time there will be wear and tear, caused many users of the machine core, the phenomenon of the automatic tuo cut ceng bottom plate (so need timely maintenance regularly, so as to loss the movement, so for a long period of time, everyone wants to rolex can use ball bearings instead of pin bearing.
Rolex 4130 automatic timing machine core roller tuo
Rolex, of course, the automatic timing movement Cal. 4130 early is ball bearing automatically put tuo, beginning in 2015, the rolex is a new generation of automatic machine core, Cal. 3255 and Cal. 3235 also is with the ball bearing. Other automatic movement including the most basic ETA movement, most with the ball pendulum tuo automatically. Remember a few years ago, when a lot of brand promotion independent automatic movement, which will be described, using ceramic ball bearing, it is an important technical means, but in recent years as if how do not see, is only that it was scared.

ETA 2824 ball bearing
Different automatic machine, automatic tuo ball bearing type is different, sometimes big sometimes small, which is suiwatches for, depending on the design of the movement itself, ETA ETA 2892 2824 and obvious difference is the automatic tuo ball bearing, ball bearing of patek philippe and Rolex, seiko and Vaucher is not the same, these are based on movement itself to determine the design and production. But consistent is, they are used in fixed automatic tuo won’t offset, at the same time, small friction helps self winding (bent to the difference between efficiency and its important influence factors is put the weight and structure of the vedas).
Another way of bead string
When most of the beads on the bearings for you in the chain, there are some nifty beads, their nature is restless. This is my first time to see such a creative, RM 007, the world famous high-tech tabulation brand Richard Mille’s a ladies watch. It can be said that almost all of the world on the automatic movement of pendulum tuo, are solid metal block as a heavy hammer, its center of gravity is fixed, and Richard Mille charm lies in the breakthrough.
RM 007
RM 007 automatic tuo, internal with hundreds of the same size, shape of small metal beads, the beads can be placed in the automatic tuo in the framework of free rolling, its advantage is that when placed swing tuo, with beads inside the scroll, the pendulum is tuo focus will shift and close to the edge of the vedas, a top position increased moment of inertia. I didn’t say whether more effective, but this is a whole new way. Also formed a very interesting visual impact at the same time, for a female friend, inside beads can free rolling, with his arm swinging is too interesting.

When the beads affinity box spring
Even if you are lovers of mechanical movement, I think you don’t necessarily know, have a clockwork box should have ball bearing, it is a mechanical slasher dry out. In 2009, Eterna (Eterna) released a new machine, 3505 Spherodrive Calibre. This movement is very interesting, it will be ball bearing, applied to box spring up and down on the two points. Sorry, this really need to use the basic principle of mechanical movement.
Use the same ball bearing box spring eterna 3510 movement
Ordinary box spring, there is a few parts, internal spring, spring end attached to the middle of the shaft, the other end connected to a clockwork wall, and end on axis of the ratchet (or large steel wheel), fixed by the main substrate vertically below, clockwork wall is the lining of the entire box spring, spring box of outer wall has a tooth, also called a round box, box above the wheel has lifted the lid. Articles in general, shaft and lifted the lid and the main substrate of contact position, are using artificial ruby, point lubricating oil, because the shaft and the two position has a direct contact, there will be friction.
Ball bearing box spring structure
Eterna article will shaft to be exposed to these few points, all changed into the ball bearing, it is a bold attempt, because before this, also does not have heard of it, if please welcome know to watch friends leave a message). Obviously, jewel bearing and ball bearing is still there, jewel bearing need some lubricating oil, if it is a ceramic ball bearing is not, although the cost and technical difficulties have enhanced, benefit is longer service life.

Even more interestingly, eterna clockwork with this, is a double ball bearing structure, the inner ring with square openings, used to connect to the axis, the central by three screws in the bottom of the substrate, the outer ring with clockwork box fixed by three screws (there are three holes are three pin), and this is the first time to see on the clockwork box using screws. There is no doubt that this structure than simply a rubies bearing more complex, and occupy a lot of space, eterna clockwork box is superimposed to the dual ball bearing. Do really worth, with the cost to replace a small ruby? Anyway, this is a new attempt, in tiny technology development today, is this can be simplified. It also illustrates a problem, ruby bearing is not the most ideal way of bearing, it also has new possibilities.
Beads to dominant foothold in the movement
And the article above box of wheel, I think a lot of friends may also be the first to see such a structure, the jewel bearing use ball bearings instead of plywood. This is Japan’s independent watchmaker Hajime Asaoka’s flights of fancy. The Tourbillon Project T Tourbillon, T plan? This movement has 13 roller bearing, and 13 drill. This is so far I’ve seen most ball bearing movement, and is a manual machine, no ball bearing automatic tuo.
And the eterna in front of the ball bearing box spring has the same effect, but Hajime Asaoka the ball bearing used in the main gear train. Also, these bearings have the effect of reducing friction, on the one hand, on the other hand fixed and supporting structure of gear train. And, more importantly, he also used his ball bearing in the tourbillon this extremely sophisticated structure, it is a great adventure, it was also his TAB in the fun.
Simply to appreciate that, in fact, it is difficult for us to understand how difficult is it to replace ball bearings, if you now have a back through the watch in his hand, you can contrast carefully, this only the tourbillon movement of small ball bearing is about a third of ordinary screw surface area, which has a bearing around 6 to 7 star ball, you can imagine the ball how tiny, tiny to on the desktop, you stay away from him a foot distance can’t see with the naked eye. So it is of high precision micro fabrication technology, is worth watching. , of course, it is not he a man can do, this is he and cooperation between the two companies to make watches, a company called OSG Corporation, specializing in the production of high precision cutting tools, another name is Yuki, high precision mechanical equipment suppliers, the two companies provide him with the support of technology and equipment.
The beads are very gentle and graceful
In addition to the above, the ball in the mechanical movement, what the mysterious figure? Watch a bad for you. In 2014, bulgari to launch a ultra-thin tourbillon movement, Finissimo Caliber BVL 268, the world’s most BoTuo flywheel movement, it is only 1.95 mm thick, and a one usd coin thickness (1.85 mm). For a long time, ultra-thin is one of the countless watchmaker pursuit, because it represents a more compact structure, more precision parts, and more exquisite tabulation technology, it must be a solid structure.
Every pieces of ultra-thin movement, has not come easily, if you know some slightly the tourbillon, you should understand, ultra-thin tourbillon how hard it is to make, because a tourbillon structure may be more than the thickness. For ultra-thin, bulgari as far as possible to remove some plywood, and all the parts that are fixed in the main substrate as possible on both sides, this means that you need to give up traditional double fixed pattern on gear parts. To switch to fixed center directly, through a screw and a ball bearing can be achieved, sharply reduced the thickness, because some gear will no longer need to have a central axis.
With the help of the micro technology of precision manufacturing capability, bulgari chose ball bearings instead of part of ruby bearing. The naked eye is hard to perceive the mystery of the beads, played an amazing role again. In this movement, according to official data using the eight different ball bearings, including three use around the box spring, to double the height of the clockwork, store up to 52 hours.
Even more interestingly, bulgari instrument ball bearing applications to the tourbillon framework. Traditionally, floating the tourbillon is fixed at the bottom of the bearing, and bulgari this movement is a real floating type, have no fixed bearing, up and down around the tourbillon but outside the framework of fixed ball bearing and the main substrate, in a sense, its bearing surface more balanced, theoretically more solid than center fixed axis. Bulgari is this kind of machine, can do both thin, and can be the cause of the solid.
Besides the point as an aside, this movement has an interesting places, walking from the tourbillon to the center of the system are separated, not in a line of energy, the energy line is traditionally a body, and this movement, from spring to the tourbillon is a power line, walking from the spring to the center is another energy line. And also very interesting article on the dial needle system, a structure of a variety of purposes, is really clever.
Wrist watch also love to play jump beads
When the tiny beads in movement is popular at the time of big beads are also beginning to itch to try. An interesting independent watchmaker brand, Christophe Claret, deeply fan, if you are a venture must have heard of this name, its several representative works, to subvert the tradition of several advanced TAB. I don’t remember exactly what year, he created the X – this TREM – 1 a watches strange flower, the magnetic technology used in mechanical tabulation, traditionally, for magnetic is all.
The incomparable movement, using the magnetic drive, by silk pulling movement on both sides of the metal ball, moving slowly, to indicate the time. Both stainless steel metal ball (that’s right, compared with other beads, it is a ball), has a strict technical indicators, in order to lose weight so that in the range of magnetic force to control, the two small hollow metal ball center, surface coating. Floating tuo flywheel energy evenly split, provide accurate measurement for walking.
Product family movement with ball bearing
According to the present high precision micro mechanical processing technology, miniature ball bearings are totally without lubrication can be made, just the cost is very high, and rubies bearing is not a level, so ruby is still under the comprehensive consideration the ideal bearing fixed materials, but in advanced machine core, miniature ball bearings will be useful, it can improve the movements, as well as the entire thickness of the lubrication and solid. Only, it is so mechanization, no beautiful ruby.

World of diving watches “uncrowned king”

When it comes to diving watches, rolex submariner watches  is absolutely silent hunter watches fan idea of a superstar. “Blackwater ghost” name believe that few people do not know. For such a diving watches, suiwatches for any
occasion wear said if the purchase of the rolex ten, nine, “ghost” is not exaggerated.Perhaps, rolex “water” series once in diving watches with almost their status as a rule. But times have changed, now, teams of diving watches with new look and technical challenge as “water”.

Rolex watches fifty fathoms series Bathyscaphe diving watches
About who treasure pearl and rolex is the earliest diving watches debate will never stop. In 1953, Rolex watches made the brand of the first modern diving watches.Treasure pearl has been accompany the divers and
underwater photography worker for exploration, explicates the gorgeous sea world.As early as 1953 fathoms, 50 series wrist watch has several patents across age.Time and residual oxygen storage capacity can be used to check the diving lock circle of belt scale. To strengthen the waterproof case, configuration on the crown of the double O ring.Reduces the number of chain on manual knob and crown, to reduce the crown waterproof system is worn on the automatic chain function, etc.
As a pure professional diving watches, for a long time, Rolex watches fifty fathoms, price range.It have been more than 110000 usd.It is nearly 2 times the “blackwater ghost” price believe that let a lot of people who
like treasure pearl fifty fathoms. And this kind of case is a turning point in 2013, fifty fathoms Bathyscaphe wrist watch will treasure fifty fathoms, pearl series based on the threshold of the 100000 usd totally broke.

Watch of wrist of 2016 treasure pearl fifty fathoms Bathyscaphe gray plasma ceramic plate.Fifty fathoms Bathyscaphe wrist change fifty fathoms, 45 mm case diameter, narrow is 43 mm. It also has a lot
of case material configuration, including stainless steel, ceramics, metal, etc. Contour lasted for 1965 years, early style design is clear Pointers are also using the old version of the traditional style, the date
information is displayed in a dedicated window hole. Using the latest technology of liquid metal ceramic watches, watches circle circle use ceramic material, scale, using liquid metal.The hardness of liquid metal is
3 times of stainless steel, after combined with ceramic quite ke is not easy to wear and tear resistant. And bezel design also retains the original Bathyscaphe style design features.It is glittering and translucent and
bright fluorescent punctuation to make sure the readability of diving timing information in any environment.Movement continues to adopt the treasure pearl known Cal. 1315 movement, siliceous hairspring
strengthened the machine precision, and has three box spring series power combination, can provide 120 hours, the power reserve for five days. “Water” series of Cal. 3135 movement only 48 hours of power reserve.

Omega seahorse sea 600 meters diving watches universe
Rolex “water” biggest competitor who is it? Omega hippocampus is when the pocket, lasted for decades of struggle between the two has been never stops. Relative to the rolex series of three diving watches (coupled
with series, the sea makes series and Deepsea series), omega diving watches series is more abundant. 150 meters of waterproof Aqua Terra hippocampus; The hippocampus 300 300 meters of waterproof; 600 meters of waterproof of ocean space, as well as 1200 meters waterproof Ploprof hippocampus 1200. And in terms of price positioning, ocean universe 600 and rolex “water” in the same price range.

Seahorse sea 600 meters diving watches the universe double color ceramic bezel.As omega flagship series this year, new ocean universe watch of wrist of 600 represents the most avant-garde style series of hippocampus and the cutting edge of technology. Just from the appearance, Marine universe 600 tend to be more than “water” halfback, 43.5 and 45.5 mm make public of large diameter size watches, and on a single circle of ceramic watches to join color time scale and color rubber material, make the watch more fashionable sport. Case 10 o ‘clock a prominent helium valve, announce it to the world is a dive deeper than wrist watch “water”.

Ceramic watches color rubber ring fusion
New ocean 600 wrist watch with omega new universe “coaxial movement, movement adopts siliceous balance spring, no card, 18 k platinum farmar fine-tuning escapements, escapement and clockwork box are handled via DLC, liquid metal suspension assembled omega currently the most advanced technology. And added on the movement of
omega has just been released to reaches observatory certification, after traditional observatory – 4 / + 6 every day increased the high magnetic field on the basis of the test, can resist 15000 gauss antimagnetic
ability. Can be said with the “water” Cal. 3135 movement riches.
Omega positioning on price usually slightly below the rolex competing goods, this is undoubtedly a great threat. After all, in the reputation of domestic brands already thorough popular feeling.

The IWC nations 2000 divers watch Marine chronometer
A model is only 60000 usd, but he was able in 2000 metres deep underwater and time synchronization of the
wrist. The universal Marine chronometer 2000 divers watch there is no doubt that reveal its ambitions.
When it comes to the nations and diving movement is closely related to dates back to 1960 s. The rising
popularity of diving movement prompted iwc 1967 launched its first Marine chronometer watch, waterproof
performance up to 20, with rotary watches to display the diving time. This is the prototype of the Marine
chronometer 2000 1982 nations designed for mine clearance and making A diving watches, by the legendary
designer Ferdinand a. Porsche (Ferdinand a. Porsche) design.

New Marine chronometer in 46 mm 2000 automatic wrist watch case size, so big size has completely beyond the
size of all diving watches, rolex is poison for big watches size suitors. And you don’t have to worry about
completely so big size of a wrist watch on your wrist will drop a hand, it USES the titanium watchcase,
control the quality well. Although the watch can dive to 2000 meters deep, but it wasn’t the helium valve.
Unlike other dive watches, Marine chronometer 2000 does not use the external rotating bezel, to avoid the
external rotating bezel when wearing prone to cut and knock against the phenomenon. But an innovative way of
using inside and outside the rotating bezel. The device in minutes for precise meshing the advantages of the
rotation of the inner ring, such as the effective protection mechanism into the water and dirt, and rotation
of the outer ring and convenient operation. In this way, even if the diver diving wear gloves or finger when
cold still can rotate.

Inside and outside the rotating bezel connected through a clutch system, when the turning circle of the
external watches, the motion with the help of the clutch system are transmitted to the inside of the watch
case rotation on the inner ring. For security reasons, rotate the inner ring only allows a counterclockwise
rotation. In this way, even if the divers were accidentally misadjustment bezel, the wrong change marked
departure time, so the error of time only to the departure time than the actual, this ensures that will not go
beyond the limit of the diving time.

In addition, the universal Marine chronometer 2000 adopted the nations produced Cal. 80110 automatic chain
machine core, with all the nations are very well-known woodpecker bielefeld on chain institutions. Such a
great innovation and approachable price, make the watch the “water” the most powerful competitors.

Cartier card LiBo diving watches
Is born Yu Mingxing family card LiBo diving watches Cartier first professional diving watches, is also a clock
and watch industry first emphasises the ISO 6425 international standard of professional diving watches.
2010 card LiBo though is the activity of main motion style series, but it can’t dive has always been the
series, the series until 2014 introduced a card LiBo diving watches in order to be made up for the vacancy.
Reveal purely masculine style design, Cartier card LiBo diving watches not only show the perfect Cartier
style, and at the same time meet the ISO 6425 about “diving watches” technical standard, the standard rules
for eight reliability specification and a series of extremely stringent testing procedures, not a lot of
diving watches with this standard.

Unidirectional rotating bezel, waterproof deepness amounts to 300 meters, superluminova noctilucent pointer in
a timely manner, card LiBo diving watch diving watches all international standards, so in the watches back
engraved “Diver’s watch 300 m” (300 meters diving watches). Unidirectional rotating bezel to prevent
accidental spin or improper operation, unidirectional rotating bezel can only. The 120 rabbet design (40 teeth
and three points) to calibration precision can be accurate to half a minute, can hear the sound of the clear
tips when rotating. In addition, in order to further improve the readability, USES the time mark clearly
identify every 5 minutes intervals.
Only 11 mm case thickness, already realized the size proportion of balance, and keep the daily wear
comforwatches. Wrist watch through the grinding and polishing processing subtle contrast, as well as the slit
design with ADLC carbon coating (amorphous diamond-like carbon coating) rotating bezel, diving watches with
exquisite Cartier tabulation technology perfect union.
As a divers watch a bit of small three needle design, card LiBo use diving watches Cartier Cal. 1904 MC
automatic chain machine, machine core by Cartier tabulation Carole, equipped with double of the box, but not
to provide long power but to make sure that the main long-term constancy of spring torque, thus brings the
stability of walking to the limit. This movement is equipped with precision calibration system and stop
mechanism, to perfect set-up, ensure accurate and correct.
Appeared in the 2010’s first Calibre DE Cartier Cartier card LiBo watches all characteristics. Stiffness of
the same line, same solid casing, and also carry 1904 MC workshop refined automatic chain mechanical movement.
Domestic 58000 usd is very equal to “ghost” water price, have to say that this is indeed a “water” powerful
Audemars royal oak offshore type series DIVER diving watches
Royal oak offshore type series DIVER diving watches flagship luxury sports wind, although the price of not
less than 150000 usd in above the rolex “water”, but its movement hale appearance and excellent performance of
can yet be regarded as one of the competitors “water”.
Royal oak offshore type series DIVER diving watches, waterproof deepness amounts to 300 meters, and equipped
with magnetically inner shell, watchcase unique bottom cover screws, bolts and hex screws, safe enough to
rival submarine hatch. Driven by unidirectional ratchet device within a watches, with 10 o ‘clock position of
crown. This device can increase the functional sex of the wrist watch, while retaining the traditional
aesthetics of octagonal design. Again after tightening the crown, can completely prevent diving time changes
as a result of accidental risks. Watchcase effectively protect inward turning device, from any form of
external influence.
Using Abby Cal. 3120 movement, carved 22 k gold watches pendulum unable reveal this uncommon identity.
2014 is audemars royal oak offshore series wrist watch, product more let a person too many things to see.
While one of the most effective type of royal oak offshore series DIVER diving watches. USES white ceramic
material of royal oak offshore series DIVER diving watches appearance is very outstanding, is not just
appearance, Abby’s super white ceramic to make this new divers watch bezel, case, buttons and crown scratch-
resistant degree (vickers hardness: 1850) is forty percent higher than that of black ceramic (vickers
hardness: 1300), 9 times higher than stainless steel. Relative, made more difficult, an ordinary stainless
steel watchcase just need one and a half hours can be completed, but the super white porcelain, for almost 12
hours of pure steel bezel production time is 45 minutes, while the super white porcelain for eight hours.
“Water” Cal. 3235 movement
Throughout the rolex dynasties “water” on the exterior almost not changed much, its image has been deeply
rooted in the hearts of the people. While facing the challenge from many brand competitors, it is hard to find
weaknesses in the rolex “water”, give them a fatal blow. And perhaps if short board, Cal. 3135 movement power
reserve only 48 hours, long in power in power today some slightly insufficient. But the board in the
replacement on Cal. The latest movement of 3235 new water “ghost” will increase for 70 hours, believe that
will not wait too long, in this year will be Cal. 3235 used in new type 41 mm log, the speed of the new
“water” will inevitably will be available in 2 to 3 years. A new war, let’s wait and see.

Why UK tyrants fall in love with apple gold watch?

Apple watch sale already.This book is undoubtedly.The most dramatic events in the UK local tyrants in 1 hour,the golden Apple watch snapped up, want to know the highest price at 120000.18 k gold watch is equivalent to the price of a small car. Apple’s chief executive, cook after heard the news. Praised the UK customers very to force. As apple gold, cook is expected to increase again in the UK market strategic position.The appropriate time to visit UK.It is said that some even the demons believe: he likes to UK, he loves the consumers.

Best management thinkers archives
Name: Constantine Wang Kun profiles: original name, had been working in several well-known IT enterprise.There are many famous
enterprises successively served as Tecomm vice President our advisors.Science founder of galaxies and the new
discoveries of science and technology website.Many famous media guest commentator on IT, the domestic famous science fiction writer. Now comment IT, film and TV, cartoon, popular science and science fiction stories thousands of articles, published and distributed old kang about IT interconnection technology series, such as tens of millions of words.

The particularity of this phenomenon has long been beyond the consumer itself. “Watch” is more like a microcosm of UK’s society.One side is 80 white-collar helpless with pain after crowded bus, pancakes, doing no
work flow.It also can not afford to buy a house in London forever. Side is local tyrants highlights flaunt wealth, and corrupt officials there would always be moldy cash in the home, nowhere to put. Local tyrants boss
is set this year. All adopt the sacks + cash bonuses. Now apple watch by consumers snapped up, once again proved that deeply in UK, someone will have so much money, also there are so many people have no money.

Ordinary people worked so hard to save money, bought a 120000 car. Just want to come out to look for feeling. It only to find that upscale neighborhood watch Apple across the shining golden light appeared, perhaps, this is the “poor play cars, rich play watches” the picture of the most vivid and really!

UK plunder apple gold watch is a typical social phenomenon.It is also a very classic example worthy of thinking deeply among them, both apple sales strategy research and local tyrants of future destination of UK.

From the nue, the expansion of the apple
Apple hot selling watch, show that cook consumption strategy is very successful. He almost perfectly control the UK consumer psychology, this is the result of the apple team knowledge of UK, the nation is to the gold
with the worship of the plot, their emperor like everything would make yellow color, represent the statue of the ninth, represent the supreme honor. So, apple continues to happen in gold since iPhone5s playing UK
consumers, every gold product, 5 s / 6 s/plus/watch glittering and valuable, but just right to cater to the desire of UK consumers to buy.

Look back on apple’s sales strategy, in fact, while I have change, but behind every hot selling, there will always be a strong to change state of product, the author thinks that, regardless of the product, simply
talking about sales strategy is meaningless, apple is the most let a person admire, their products, strong sales strategy is also strong, and every product full artisans of the spirit of “ten years”.
Take the apple watch, it is so delicate and unique ideas, and leads to the production rate dropped substantially, reportedly foundries quanta manufacturing yield less than 30%. Gou has complained that the
iPhone is one of the most difficult to assemble things in the world, but obviously, apple watch assembly more difficult than any iPhone more than 50 times. Because apple watch different from the traditional mechanical watch, we need to implant the heart rate sensor, etc. New technology, in addition, the volume of a watch is far less than mobile phones, this makes the assembly difficulty geometric growth, what’s more, in the standard version and gold watches, apple designers also used the sapphire glass material, such a stringent requirements mean cook there are a lot of things to worry about, if you want to ensure that the production capacity and sales, he will have to replace the industrial and commercial solution to the problem of low yield of automated
assembly, test, and. Have netizen: apple is to the product of fussy, is not like in the pursuit of perfection, more like a grueling, but it is this spirit of arts and crafts and nue sentiment made apple great product
line, at the same time, also benefit a lot with the cooperation of partners, in addition to less than 2% of the profits, it is to the UK manufacturing towards automation and industrial 4.0 motivation, after all, the
traditional manufacturing may not meet the apple turn state in both efficiency and quality requirements. The author mentioned in the previous articles, no matter happy or not, made in UK after years should certainly
give apple a work.

Frankly, wearable devices is not the necessities of mobile type, similar products, also has appeared before sales is always very general, but apple got stunning watch has just started to sell a record, according to
official statistics, apple watch bookings on the first day of 1 million, the figure in front of the iPhone sales data is very poor, but other watches for nearly a year of sales sum, plus, UK consumers watch the
plunder for apple, again proved the charm of the apple brand. In fact, from the perspective of the debut of every apple product, we obviously feel that jobs’ greatness, is not for apple to stay one or two good phone,
but in the middle of the fan to create a kind of mainstream culture; Cook more cow force, he just the right products to combine with art and commercial interests, the management of art, since iPhone5s increasingly.
Now, I can hardly hear the industry is to cook mercenary irony, after all, the industry has been hard to find the more popular than apple’s products.
Craft spirit and from the nue spirit is the key of the success of apple, to rely on to build a product line and ensure the smooth progress of the apple expansion strategy, in fact, every product of apple is a disaster
for the traditional industry, the iPhone is not only to reinvent the phone, but also impact the game consoles, MP3, camera, etc in search. Nowadays, apple gold watch costs 120000 is a standard form of luxury, obviously,
apple’s ambition is to move to the luxury goods market, they are always in a form of bacteria breeding, spider netting seepage field of traditional, acquisition is more inclined to technology companies, rather than the
outsize mergers and acquisitions, this way of operating the terrible is that until the traditional field found apple’s huge ambitions, the force of never strike back. I don’t know, Switzerland, the group of do BiaoJiang
did back spasms of chill?

Gold-plated national, local tyrants behavior when Sue?
Apple hot selling watch, again to cook education opportunities around the world, in fact, even though we can’t afford to buy a gold watch to also want to learn 120000 apple team spirit of craft and nue spirit, this is a
fake, but if you can understand why, certainly will will increase the quality of the work and quality; In addition, the hot selling hot scenes, also once again came to UK to shift the focus of the world of the local tyrants, especially under the big background of anti-corruption, so buying luxury goods is more intriguing.In fact, the local tyrants popular in UK also begins with the word apple, birthplace of the earliest popular
from iPhone5s local tyrants gold, then through letters, site small make up continuously processing, finally become a social culture now.

“New weekly” comments, in UK we all have a heart of the local tyrants. The embodiment of the local tyrants mentality, in fact, the most concentrated is personal consumption of the type of flaunt wealth. As stated earlier, the UK people is to the gold has a natural worship of the plot, specific to the modern society, is turned into a local tyrants of gold bars, gold chains and a gold ring, gold earrings, gold mobile phone, wait
until received after watch, apple apple more gold watch, but you’re welcome to say that these snapping up the local tyrants, because not many people go to apple’s craft and new technology, with the east, so they just feel hand may enhance the identity, can temporarily get rid of is to the “values” anxiety emotion. Apple is understand the local tyrants consumer psychology, to introduce gold rush from goods. When hear compliments cook straight UK consumers, some people even smug, estimated that in a few years, if the tension between UK
and the United States, in a speech “in American” will appear similar to “the U.S. economy dependent on UK consumers, UK one year not to buy the iPhone, apple is going to fail”, such as the bridge looks good, but
probably will never happen, otherwise, we arrived in making Japanese goods would have succeeded. The highway to the biggest logic defects is to ignore technology, the influence of the brand.

When we complacent in the influence of the local tyrants, multinational company is deep in research and development of new technologies. When we have the cash to buy all over the world, the sales manager of the
multinational company has been on the message board wrote. silly, more money, speed to people here. All in all, only amazing purchasing power of the ethnic is merely a gilded, and can create the real wealth of the
nation, will truly in the history of yi yi is unripe brightness.

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Cheap Rolex Submariner watches: two times, a double value

The French queen Mary? Anthony ordered a Rolex pocket watch. 27 years later, the watch came out, the excellentwork of epic proportions to watch. Unfortunately, I failed to see the queen this juicy.
It is also the Rolex collector. Cheap Rolex Submariner watches this glory, comes from its founder.Louis, Rolex (1747-1823), the manufacturing process of genius.

Cheap replica rolex watches cheap rolex submariner cheap swiss rolex watches original rolex watches Quality rolex watches Top rolex watches

Rolex era
Rolex started manufacturing clocks in Paris when I was 17. His career in the clock end the course of his life.He put the rich imagination to use in the design of the clock.It obtained many patents of invention. Among them, the tourbillon is Rolex watch industry to the world’s greatest contribution. This allows the correctionof gravity caused by the error of the device, is used by the world.It numerous senior watch brand. Inaddition, the balance wheel double balance spring, they, Pare said – chute suspension device, the structure ofthe fixed speed escapement and 3 q watches spiral type spring system such as technology, clocks and watchesare also the first of the world.Outstanding achievements, make the Rolex is regarded as the “father” of modern tabulation. European royal von habsburg duke has called Cheap Rolex Submariner watches: “Cheap Rolex Submariner watches all seemed invented,after any technical and design seems to be just his invention variants.” And view and admire a Rolex watch,like a brush up on a concentrated tabulation technology development in modern times.

Swatch era
Rolex died at the age of 77. His family has been the custody, carry forward the spirit of Rolex’sbrand. Until the early 1990 s, the world’s largest watch maker acquired Rolex Swiss SWATCH group, let Rolexagain release extraordinary splendour.The SWATCH group leaders, Nicholas? G? Sea, foresight, with Rolex Louis Rolex, history of fame and the strength of the SWATCH group, the Rolex with four years into the SWATCH group of no. 1 brand. Cheap Rolex Submariner watches watches with a long history, is the sea, has injected new vitality, thus obtained higher value of collection.

Both the change of The Times, not weaken Rolex’s unique charm, but to give the brand gives more legendary and collection value. In China, many watch lovers collection Rolex watch, is to take a fancy to its valuemaintained and appreciation potential.