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The shen, June has been scorching sun. The sun, I go to the bund 27 Roosevelt mansion. Of course It doesn’t salute to President Roosevelt, but attended the rolex 2015 Basel new show. Home of the exhibition by the wrist and rolex.Network, and magazines, existing rolex Basel new product images and text. Graphic is one thing, however, real object is the same thing. As a watch enthusiast, total want to see real, can be at ease.

This year has four series of rolex, week calendar type, yacht mingshi.Ladies’ log and oyster type constant dynamic type. One of the most important is rolex submariner watches , should be week calendar type. Compared with several other series of fine-tuning in design and innovation on the strap.Week calendar type earth-shaking changes. Not only watch adjustment to 40 mm in diameter, disk design is more elegant.The most remarkable is that the launch of a new series, outstanding movement – 3255.

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Powerful “inner core”, representing the rolex unparalleled research and development strength. Powerful “inner core”, representing the rolex to breakthrough the bottom spirit. So to speak, because 3255 is not a movement of improved version, but a brand to develop the blockbuster products, can be regarded as movement upgrade milestone.

At present, the main rolex movement in 3135 was born in 1988.This movement quality is excellent.It is famous for its fine durable, wide praise players. In fact, in the long years. It has been improved, such as change the balance spring and shock, with rolex developed Parachrom hairspring blue and Paraflex shock. Replace the early Nivarox balance spring and Kif shock absorbers. Replacing the balance spring and shock movement.It will be at the end of the wrist watch models. But, it is only partial improvement, is not a comprehensive upgrade.
So, the 3255 “big changes” in movement, is the rock. Before, I believe, rolex is the deliberate and careful planning, because, from the perspective of the history of the brand, it’s never play didn’t grasp the fight. Rolex is not only an independent brand, but is an independent thinking ability of the brand, never repeats ideas, follow trends. This, in its 100 years of development, has been clear to show it.

Rolex to stick to the principle of on their own, sometimes have to the point of “ridiculous”. When back through design, for example, has become the mainstream of the mechanical watch suits standard, on the rolex brand, in addition to cutting lini series of individual style, never appeared back through work. Even the new cutting lini series last year, is still the watches back covered up, and let people hard to catch a glimpse.
As we know, rolex at present all movement is produced. Here please note that many of the so-called homegrown movement, it’s not strictly produced machine core, or ETA movement in the depth of grinding, dubbed “homegrown” in the name of self-deception, or buy another movement, when boasting “sell”. And rolex, comprehensive produced from the inside out, not only the movement produced, even the watch case, bracelet, etc part is completed by brand. This is natural also continued into 3255 movement, and pick up this movement type calendar watch new week.

As a fully developed by rolex movement, with 14 patents 3255 inherited the excellent quality of the rolex movement, and in some ways. The escapement movement USES system named Chronergy, it is the optimized lever escapement, in the escape wheel and tackled on the longitudinal fork used a not too new, but it is common in senior watch processing technology journalist on (namely German lithography, electroforming and injection), and reduces the thickness of the escapement fork, increased the escapement gear tooth contact surface, thus, friction is greatly reduced, and the escapement efficiency is increased by 15%.

In addition, rolex also has carried on the innovation in terms of box spring. Increase the power storage, generally speaking, there are two ways, or increase the number of clockwork box, or increase the length of the spring. However, rolex is a different approach, the use of new materials and new technology, would reduce the thickness of the box spring forcibly, let the wind make full use of interior space, movement of the dynamic storage so as to easily reach 70 hours, than the previous generation week calendar type carrying 3155 machine more than 20 hours!

Besides take etc are di high-end design, the rolex watch has been using the pin rod bearing. After long wear, there will be a balance wheel scratches splint. Although the small problem will be resolved through regular maintenance, but for some watches friend, is always a piece of “heart”. This design have been criticized, finally disappeared completely in 3255 movement. Instead it is now in a lot of wrist watch and hit the ball bearing. In order to ensure the efficient transmission of gear in 3255 movement, rolex also USES its research and development of lubricating oil.

3255 will play to hard to see what the fine durable, it was said to have twice as many Swiss precision official observatory. So, in terms of walking, should do not have to worry about. Mechanical watch after a long development, precision is hard to have any breakthrough, at present in view of the mechanical movement observatory standard (worse – 4 + 6 seconds) is the limit of many brands. 3255 is not a rolex basic movement, say from mechanical principles, relatively more difficult to keep good time. However, rolex is let this movement to stir up the beam. Moreover, rolex is not just the movement to the Swiss government observatory test, and test of shell after the whole watches.

May be because of the size adjustment to 40 mm, the new week calendar on hand, do not feel too heavy. Careful see, it’s done with the eyepiece also keep the rolex consistent excellent. Rolex watch, although most rugged appearance, but in detail processing, is any don’t careless. This, I’m sure many have rolex watches friends. Due to the Basel new product did not officially for sale, carrying 3255 movement week calendar watch’s performance in actual wear exactly how, remains to be watches feedback.
It is worthy mentioning that in this new type log pearl lady wrist watch, has quietly changed the 3255 movement to simplify, three needle 3235 movement with a calendar. I believe, before long, 3235 series will be popular in other rolex watches, become the main rolex future movement.

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