Precision and durable series comb the rolex explorer series

Rolex explorer series, as its name implies, is designed for explorer of wrist watch.You have any ability to explorer series.It can watch to ensure that the precision is running under extreme environment.Explorer series since its launch in 1953, have undergone a change? Watch today’s home in detail to you a comb, let people better understand rolex explorer series wrist watch.

23As mentioned explorers series mainly include the explorer I series and explorer II series, in the official series of rolex this is two separate series.But because is called explorer series.We still together for them. Explorer I series and explorer II series are old and new.Now we are on the market buy the new explorer I series wrist watch and the new explorer II series wrist watch. What’s the difference between the I and II, and what is the difference between the new and the old one, the wrist watch today’s home will be detailed explanation for everyone.

Explorer I series wrist watch
The first explorer I series wrist watch
Rolex in 1953 launched the first explorer series wrist watch, to commemorate the first explorers mount Everest and create success. Since 1953, it had become iconic classic wrist watch.

Old explorer series wrist watch, 36 mm in diameter, 3, 6, 9 Numbers are all made of luminous display, Chromalight luminous indication, persistent luminescence, duration is about ordinary noctilucent double time. Rolex explorer series wrist watch in extreme cases can maintain accurate travel time, in the case of minus 50 degrees Celsius when still can keep accurate going. Absolutely is the first selection of explorer wrist watch.
Rolex explorer series wrist watch. 214270-77200
The rolex watch of wrist of new explorer in 2010, the new rolex explorer watches made some changes on the basis of the old, the first is the diameter of the watch by 36 mm diameter increased to 39 mm in diameter, more in line with the trend of the big watches size. And then cancelled the luminous effect of 3, 6, 9 target, and the wrist movement to replace the new suspension and balance spring, movement changed from 3130 to 3132 movement.

Is rolex explorer II series wrist in 1971 launched a new watch, watch the original pointer is mainly to design a 24 hours, mainly to solve the polar expeditions in front of the polar explorers polar days or nights, 24 hours show obvious is very practical. This design also can be used to display the dual time zone.
Rolex explorer II type series 216570-77210 Bai Pan wrist watch
The new explorer II series wrist watch looks change and the old one is not very big, this is in 2011, the rolex redesigned and watches s, a new case to 42 mm. Dial with Chromalight night-light display, make the watch no matter in any environment, clear, easy to read. This designed for extreme environments wrist watch, fully embodies the rolex and explore the world.

For the entire family explorer, mainly is so several styles, the other is also have the difference between the disk and white black. As for wrist watch their difference and positioning. I also said that you yourself know here. First say is the primary difference between I and the new explorer I old explorer. New one compared with the old agent casing diameter increased, instead of 36 mm increased to 39 mm, because the watches size diameter .
Increases with the wrist watch pointer does not increase, so the new look from the disk of a wrist watch the pointer to the short.Minute hand is especially striking. Then a wrist watch dial 3, 6, 9 luminous time scale is cancelled, turned into a stainless steel to build time scale, internal change is the stopwatch movement upgrade from 3130 to 3132, adopted new suspension and balance spring. New old a price 42300 USD, a price of 51100 USD, you don’t, don’t consider the price or more recommended a new agent.

New 2 compared to the old agent 2 have some detail changes, first is the wrist watch diameter increased by 40 mm to 42 mm in diameter, appearance is the first 2 the pointer passed from red to orange, and more thick. The same wrist movement also upgraded, equipped with a rolex patent blue Parachrom hairspring and Paraflex cushioning device. Price on the old two price 56300 USD, the new agent 2 quotation for 64200 USD.

Explorers rolex series is a very important series, is designed for research and development of explorers series wrist watch, in the case of minus 50 degrees still can keep accurate travel time.

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