An aerial “comeback” appreciation of rolex submariner watch

Mentioned type air overlord, believes that many old fan can tell me a story of a popular. Once pay tribute to the pilot’s rolex submariner watch of aviation products, after the silence for many years.Unlike in the past, this
time, the air fighter type wrist size increased to 40 mm, movement using a rolex top observatory attestation of type 3131 automatic winding machine, air master both in design and performance than the old, have improved.

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The new type air overlord wrist watch case is 40 mm in diameter, with 904 l steel forging. Black dial rich individual character, 3, 6 and 9 o ‘clock position marked extra-large digits, minute scale conspicuous prominent, so that can clearly read when sailing.

“submariner” on the dial (Air fighter type), the font used in the 1950 s for the original watches and design.The new type air overlord rolex watch reflected in the 1930 s contact with the industry’s unique. In the
golden age of aviation, aircraft performance with each passing day, expanding route, long-haul flights are also introduced.

Air fighter type wrist supplement 904 l steel solid link oyster type strap, equipped with folding oyster type buckle, buckle is installed easy adjustable link. This rolex patent extension device design is clever, can
easily let wear about 5 mm longer strap, in any case, wearing comfort.
Hot submariner, there is another important reason, is the first to use the golden crown and rolex green trademark such classical collocation.

There is no doubt that the new type air overlord will like other oyster type wrist to attention, and will be one of this year’s annual hot money, its position in the rolex entry-level pricing, will also attract a lot of
young people loves rolex watches.

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