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When I was child, there is a very popular sitcom called “I love my family”. Whenever this is a summer vacation homework must review, accompanied by laughter. When more than 20 years, so far those characters in my heart can not go beyond. This is a kind of authentication, experience and common growth after 70, 80, 90 or even have some feeling. I always remember when fortune after Zhang (played by nanny a corner of a word lines: “hand wear a Rolex watch, lying in the Simmons bed”.
A generation of memory situation comedy “I love my family”
At that time. Rolex gave me a dream feeling, the reason is very simple.I did not wear the watches, but the bed you sleep every day. That era of popular soft mattress, very comforwatches. This is also a kind of brand awareness of the enlightenment. I think that time for advertising implants is not very investment, perhaps this is a real natural social situation.

Wearing a Rolex watch on behalf of your success. Senior watches often have a symbol of identity, or that is a cause of the success of the reward.
A close-up of the Rolex watch in the Hongkong film 90 years, Hong Kong and Taiwan films are very popular in the era, I dare say that the current Hong Kong and Taiwan film is very difficult to go beyond that era. Hongkong people for Rolex submariner watches is very popular in the repertoire.There are often some close-up. For example, send a Rolex watches as a souvenir, the feeling is casual. I am not in Hong Kong, where lived, so at that time can only be felt Rolex watches badly, but human breath or whether it is a commercial operation, can not make improper comments.Rolex 16233 2000 or so.

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I entered the watch industry. At first Rolex watch, I saw a lot of a lot of. Then give me the first feeling, just feel very old. How are the same style of oyster. Most is the model for the 16233 gold models of the Datejust log type, or else is 18238 of the double calendar 18K gold watches. Indeed, the case of heavy head, with a lock, not very pleasing. Compared to those of the ultra-thin style, the shape of some of the other brands, the appearance seems to be much better than Rolex. Generally speaking, Chinese people like things have two extremes, a kind of like particularly clever of, at a glance you can feel his intentions is exquisite, another like extremely durable, saying is very rugged, anti made, I want to Rolex should belong to the latter.
Dazzling 10 years time, circulation time, I from the early exposure to watch factory, to the watch quality performance testing division, watch appraisers, later played in Switzerland, Richemont group as a watch repairman who, these work experience so that I have a very in-depth understanding on the cognition of the Rolex. Zheng Guofan’s very good training: “there are two end, people see the near, I see it far, said the. People see its thick, I see its fine, said the smart”.

At first, the feeling is not necessarily the right feeling, just like a man to see a woman, pay attention to the appearance of more, less attention to the internal. Rolex can focus on the inner world.
Mysterious brand
Introduction to the history of the brand, I would like to now through the network access will be very simple to get the appropriate information. Rolex brand founded by time in the whole Swiss brand count time later, founded in 1905, 1926 stereotypes of oyster models watches, although it after the reform almost remain the style. This is very rare.
Early Rolex calendar

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Here I would like to focus on the introduction of ROLEX this English, some English common sense of a friend. You will find that this brand of English is composed of two English words, ROLLING plus EXCELLENT, what do you mean? The direct translation of Chinese is a wonderful operation. The clever combination of the word gives Rolex a charm. Trademark crown logo is five fingers, palms evolved, represent hand-made significance. The combination of the two means that the wonderful operation of hand made. The meaning of this brand is very little of the Swiss brand.
The practical significance of the series of points – to choose suiwatches for your RolexRegardless of other brands of overelaborated series, Rolex you can simply log and Shanghai air force. This is the four series Rolex main sales, as a special Cellini and Prince watches can almost ignore the doctor. The reason is that when you visit the Rolex store, the latter is almost a special variety of species rarely seen.
Rolex 116610LV

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The armed forces and the log type are oyster type, the function and the crowd is not the same. Navy watches in the Rolex is called submerged person, and a call type yacht, watch function is generally with 300 meters waterproof, three needle instant needle, minute hand, second hand, plus a calendar. We are also called Hymenocallis, currently sells the fire is green dial the green ghost 116610LV.
Army in the Rolex called explorer, Greenwich, watch function is generally has 100 meters waterproof, four needle is commonly used three needle, and a root is GMT needle, the purpose is to show that the function of the second time zone, plus a calendar. I have heard some of the watches friends will be able to use the Explorer can read the function of the three time zone. Currently sold more good is the old saying called coke circle 116710BLNR. Explorer also has a common three pin without calendar style, relatively low.

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